Abaddon and the Days of Noah Strategy

I am presenting a series of blogs on the strategic dead end the church finds itself in with regards to the "end times".  One of the worst mistakes revolves around the search for "the Antichrist".

One of the first and obvious mistakes to note is that the only mention of "antichrist" in the Bible is by John in his first epistle.  The reality he presents there is that there are many antichrists (1 Jn 2:18) and that they come from out of the church as false teachers leading the church astray.  It is well known that while Paul was battling the Judaizers in the church, John was battling the Gnostics and their false teachings whom he identifies as "antichrists".

That we still  have these Judaizers (Christian Zionists) and Neo-Gnostics (Masons) infecting the church is a subject for a different time.

My problem with the current church infatuation with finding "the Antichrist" is that church leaders miss the entire point of the dangerous Satanic deception now engulfing the world and instead have led us into totally unprofitable idle speculations that have always proven to be wrong. The history of failed predictions is testimony to this: Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Kissinger, The EU leader, Saddam Hussein, or some other Islamic leader, and recently Barack Obama.

This entire Antichrist deception is part of a package of interlocking deceptions. The package has been sold to the church to convince us that we will never have to deal with destroying the Devil because we will be raptured out of here before the Antichrist appears; we will never have to disciple the nations because the Jews are going to do that during the Great Tribulation; we will never have to endure tribulation because that is for the world. We can never bring salvation to the world because that can only happen sometime in the future when Jesus comes and in any case the Devil rules the world and Jesus will only be Lord one day when He returns to earth to rule in the Millennium for a thousand years....but there is another problem with that!

Solving the Millennium Puzzle

The Millennium problem is this. Under current theology after the Second Coming of Christ and the rapture the glorified saints return to earth and rule with Christ for a thousand years over the remaining people of the earth while Satan is bound and at the end of the 1000 years Satan is loosed from the Abyss and deceives the whole world which then rebels against Christ and His rule and then God just destroys the whole lot and starts all over with a new heaven and a new earth.

The first obvious problem is how do you have unlimited growth of say 1% for a thousand years and accommodate 83 trillion people and secondly most importantly what does it say about our Lord Jesus that if He is personally present on earth in Jerusalem and all the earth and its people get to know Him, meet Him, interact with Him and His glorified saints for a thousand years that people are so disgusted with Jesus that the first opportunity to rebel they do so en mass.

Does this whole scenario not sound utterly implausible to you? It does to me. In fact this is precisely what Paul warns about that the church will be infected with the "doctrines of demons". If demons could preach from the pulpit what else would they say but that the church is powerless against evil, we cannot evangelize the world, we cannot defeat Satan, and even if people get to personally know Jesus, just a 1000 years with Him and they will want nothing to do with Him....never mind eternity!

My Millennium Solution

So forget about all this 7 year tribulation, Antichrist guessing game, when is the rapture? etc.  Get back to the Kingdom of God agenda which is this...

- The Kingdom of God on earth started at the resurrection of Jesus Christ in 33 AD when all power in heaven and on earth was given to the risen Christ.
- The rule of Christ is for "thousands of years" (which is what Rev.20 says in the original Greek) and that rule is to accomplish the following goals;
- Manifest the presence of God on earth with the Church as the Temple of God where His presence is to be found and manifested on earth until the glory of God shall cover the earth as the waters cover the seas.
- Disiciple the nations into the Kingdom until every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord.
- And lastly to destroy the works of Satan and bring the fallen angels and demons into judgment and cast them into the lake of fire to be destroyed.

So assume with me that we are not only now in "the Millennium" but that in fact we are now reaching the end of this Millennial age...which means that the great Abyss in which Satan has been bound has already opened.  What does that mean for us today and how do we recognize whether this is indeed so?

The Identity of the Beast of the Abyss

Rev.9:11 tells us that the king of the army that is released from the Abyss at the end of the age to deceive the world is a great angel called 'Abaddon" in the Hebrew and "Apollyon" or Apollo in the Greek.  In Hebrew the world means "destroyer" but his proper name is given in the book of Enoch as Azazel.  This by the way is what Satan's proper name is....not "Lucifer".  The term "lucifer" comes from Jerome's Latin Vulgate translation of the Bible where he took the Hebrew word for "bright shining one" and translated into Latin as "luciferos" and the English translators mistakenly took that as a proper name and just left it as "Lucifer". Please note...there is no "Lucifer" name in the original Hebrew like Michael or Gabriel.

This Azazel or Abaddon is mentioned in the book of Enoch as a particularly nasty fallen angel with a certain speciality for destroying mankind. And make no mistake...the satanic strategy is the destruction of mankind.

Azazel has a three fold strategy for mankind's destruction. Here is what Enoch says...

Enoch 8:1 "And Azazel taught men to make swords and knives and shields...and made known to them the metals of the earth and art of working them and bracelets and ornaments and the beautifying of the eyelids and colouring tinctures and there arose much godlessness and they committed fornication and they were led astray and became corrupt in all their ways..."

This is the reference to the fallen angels coming down on Mount Hermon in the days of Noah to corrupt the earth.

And as it was in the days of Noah so again today.  The three fold strategy of Azazel is this:
- give man secrets of technology to be used in advanced weaponry so that mankind can destroy himself.
- teach mankind all sorts of manners of sexual seduction and perversion so that they bring divine destruction upon them selves from God.
- deceive them to lose their way so that they can no longer see truth from lies.

My further thesis is that Rev. 9 tells me that this deception and destruction strategy of rapid increase of technology, gross immorality and moral collapse stretches over a period of some "five months" or 153 days or in fact 153 years.

So the question is this....have we ever seen a period of say 150 years when there has been an incredible increase of technological sophistication to such an extent that for the first time mankind is able to destroy itself off the face of the earth?

My answer is yes and say we are now in the midst of it and I offer the graphic below of the incredible and rapid increase of technology the last 150 years...

Second question....are we in an unusual age of the availability and practice of gross immorality and perversions?

I offer my proof of the great internal unspoken truth of the pornography addiction now spreading all the way from our young teenagers all the way to our pulpits through the freely available and ubiquitous internet. Now combine that with the world wide availability of all manner of drugs and the manufacture of synthetic drugs like crystal meth etc and we have a world pandemic.

Do we have a broad destruction of our society to contend with? By that I mean the very foundations of civilized behaviour that is founded upon morality, honesty, dignity of labour, property rights, sound money, just courts, rule of law....

At what time in human history has it ever become acceptable within a whole society as the norm that mothers can kill their babies as their "right to choose" or that same sex marriage is a cultural norm? Or that practicing homosexuals can be ordained into the ministry? 

But the destroyer is not only at work in our homes, our churches, our culture, but very evident in our politics and our economy.  He is now destroying our economic future with the world monetary system printing fiat currency by the trillions at zero percent interest rates busy destroying sound money and with it the middle class and with it the hope of any sort of retirement with a pension for this coming generation.

The destroyer is at work destroying our environment, our seas, our soils, our air, with a form of capitalism that places short term profits over sustainable societies and sustainable ecologies.

This is Satan's "Days of Noah Strategy"....God had to destroy the people in Noah's day because their hearts and minds were continuously filled with evil.  This mass propaganda of the new technotronic age has been able to fill the minds of our society with the electric plug in drug of mass media. And what fills this media is the constant glorification and justification of evil.

The media is filled with violence and murder. The answer of heroes to evil is more violence and mayhem. The families are always portrayed as dysfunctional. Fathers are effeminate or stupid or clowns. Mothers are unreasonable.  Everyone is divorced. Politics are dirty. Money and success is glorified.  Magic and occultism is offered as another means to obtain power and success.  Demons are glorified in the form of werewolves, fairies, vampires. Hybrid beings are heroes as X-Men and supernatural coming from the mating of gods and women.

If you cannot recognize that the Abyss has opened and the world is steeped in deception and ready for the unveiling of Azazel and his demonic hordes then you are asleep in this great hour of deception over the earth.

And the greatest deception is in our churches....where the search for the Antichrist continues, where instead of raising up an army to destroy the works of the devil we are provided mass religious entertainment, lifestyle coaching and the hope of success in a falling world Babylon system.

But the good news is this....all over the world the Spirit of God is being poured out and God is raising up His army to bring the powers of the heavens into judgment and cleanse the earth of wickedness. I frankly do not see it in the west...but there is a church rising in the east and the south....for the enemy truly come in as a flood but the Spirit of God has raised up a standard in the world against it. Rally to that standard and join the fight!

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