I will dispense with the usual photos, educational qualifications and personal accomplishments that accompany most ministry introductions as they are irrelevant. As Paul says “we know no man after the flesh…”. What is relevant is to know my standing in the body of Christ, my personal background and my prejudices as they affect how I present my teachings. So..
As to scriptural qualifications; I am an elder, my household is in order (my wife and children serve the Lord), I am the husband of one wife (Paul was not referring to polygamy but divorce and remarriage which is not permitted to those in the Five-Fold ministry). My gifting is as a teacher (I really wanted to be a prophet, but I am not) and a ministry of helps (helping others develop their ministries). Like Paul I support my ministry with several businesses that my wife and I own. My wife is a true Prov. 31 woman who runs our household and businesses with Godly wisdom. I was born in South Africa in an Afrikaans family but our family spent many years in America where I went to school and college. I have been involved in both ministry and business and so I understand the problems and issues in both worlds. With Paul “I know how to abound and how to be abased..” (in my younger years helped to launch YWAM here in South Africa …also known as Youth Without Any Money!) but in all things have found my contentment in the Lord (any my wonderful wife).

I have prejudices which you will see coming out in my writings:

- After many years experience in America I believe the American Church is infiltrated by false prophets and false teachers and although there is still a wonderful Godly remnant there, for the most part I don’t trust much coming out of there. The anointing for Kingdom leadership has shifted to the Third World Church in Africa, Asia and South America.

- I don’t like the rise and dominance of organizations (ruled by one man) that have taken over the ministry of the local Church which is a living organism administered by the Five-Fold ministry leadership. Church organizations need money to operate and have turned the house of God into a place of merchandise with special offers of “miracle Jesus junk”, money pleadings, materialism and aggressive self promotion.

- I think Christians are overwhelmed with information overload, there is far too much talking, meetings, conferences, books, tapes, TV and not enough fellowship and real work for the Kingdom.
-I think today’s Church has evolved into new form of entertainment in an attempt to draw crowds rather than a training ground for Kingdom warriors to destroy the works of Satan.

- I think the days of Church as a Sunday morning meeting presided over by one man and supported by pocket change in a passing plate are over. The future is Covenant Communities led by elders and the Five-Fold ministry.

- Like Paul who ministered to the broad Church but held a special calling for his nation the Jews, I minister to the whole body of Christ but have a special calling for my Afrikaner people who I believe the Lord will use to win Africa for Christ.

Actually I have lots more prejudices but you get the idea…

Orlando Mostert

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