American Elections: A Prophetic Turning Point

I was wrong. And I am very glad I was wrong. I saw a Hillary Clinton presidency and disaster for America. I had lost faith in the prophetic voice of the Church in America. This miracle election has enormous prophetic implications for the Church.

Leading up to the election for the last year I have been intensively following certain world trends in both the church and the world political/economic spheres.  And I saw disaster ahead. But as you know from my blogs I also have been saying this is the Kingdom Age and we are going to make it and the glory of God is going to fill the earth.  But I was fully prepared to accept that great discipling of the nations will probably only occur after a great world conflagration.

Which is why I was following the US elections and what is happening in Russia.  Every political commentator in Russia was saying if Clinton wins the presidency then war is inevitable.  I will explain why in a moment.

I was following the leading prophetic charismatic movements in America and around the country the prophetic voices were saying "Thus saith the Lord...Trump will win....".  You can see numerous Youtube clips of prophets predicting long ago a Trump victory (Trump: The Coming Landslide 2,5 million downloads:  ) I saw a number of times clips of preachers meeting with Trump at his office laying hands on him and the several of the charismatic ones prophesying over him.  October 11 after the bad tape of his dirty talk came out and everyone was predicting a Clinton landslide Trump is at a mega-church in Las Vegas and the ministry team surrounds him and lays hands on him and then the prophecies ...."Thus saith the will win....I have chosen you..."

  And this was a double tragedy for me.  If as I expected Trump is well on his way to losing then not only is America on its way to disaster but the American church does not have a prophetic voice that can be relied upon.  God is lying to His prophets as I explained from Ezekiel 14.  And that is a huge tragedy for the church.

But something very miraculous has happened.  All the national media are astounded. The pollsters cannot explain it. The word "miracle" is used to describe this election. I believe a Jonah-Nineveh moment has happened.  A moment in history when a great world power was heading for destruction but a faithful remnant interceded for mercy and a miracle.  Like Abraham interceding before the Lord for Lot in Sodom. Like Isaiah 1:9 "If the Lord had not left us a small remnant we would have been as Sodom..."

But what is the prophetic significance of this?

Well firstly Donald Trump is known to be loyal to those who are loyal to him....and when nobody stood by him, not the media, not the Republican party establishment there was one large constituency that visibly said, we stand with you because God chose you...the charismatic evangelicals. His Vive President Mike Pence is a committed reborn Christian and the inside information I am getting is that Pence is praying with Trump regularly who in fact has given his heart to the Lord and is discipling him.  The evangelical church now has a powerful influence right at the top of the American government.  And this is vitally important for the major structural reforms that are needed in the coming political and economic storms.

And what was their message to him?  I go through all the prophecies and the one thing that stands out about God's message to this man is this..."Clean out the corruption in Washington!".  

But I want to give you some more insight as to what I believe is the major new prophetic movement in the church worldwide and the miraculous intervention of the Lord in the world's economy and political situation....and it has wonderful implications for the coming world revival.

But first let me just tell you what America and the world avoided but let me also tell you straight the big problems coming that cannot be avoided.

Here are the headlines in Russia after the election:

Kremlin: Clinton Victory Would Have Led to World War 3 Between Russia and the US

" Putin’s advisor Sergei Glaziev went as far as to officially suggest that Trump’s victory saved the world from WW3. “Americans had two choices: WW3 or multilateral peace. Clinton was a symbol of war, and Trump has a chance to change this course.”
Vyacheslav Volodin, an aide to Putin, expressed his excitement with Trump as well. He stated that with “the end of the Obama administration there will be an end to the problems it caused between Kremlin and Washington, including the sanctions.”

Why was war inevitable?  Because of geopolitical realities.  The great Eurasian economic integration of Russia, China and the far East Asean nations, the massive "Silk Road" China infrastructure investment to unite the Eurasian economic bloc; all this would create the new world economic super power combining the raw materials of Russia with the manufacturing of China with the 2-3 billion consumer population and combine that with the whole economic block moving away from the US dollar for trade.

The American "geostrategists" look decades ahead and see the inevitable. The end of American world supremacy, the end of the dollar as world currency, the end of a prosperous America based on printing trillions of dollars to buy a lifestyle for Americans from free money that the world accepts for goods and services.

That is why war is inevitable.  The Russian and Chinese geostrategists know also what the Americans know. They also plan decades ahead.  The only question was who strikes first. That is important. That is why Israel on 6 June 1967 struck the Arab alliance against them first. War was inevitable....get your knockout blow in first.  All along Russia's borders NATO troops are being activated, sanctions on Russia to cripple her economy, exclusion from the world banking SWIFT money system, China getting encircled by American bases, America blowing up the whole Middle East for no strategic reason, Ukraine government toppled by an obvious external power to destabilize Russia's borders and place NATO troops into the Ukraine.

Everything looked like a road to war and Russia was planning a first strike EMP blast over America ...that is several very large nuclear blasts high in the atmosphere to cause a large radiation shock wave that fries out all computer chips...which means the whole electrical grid of America goes down, computers do not work, cars and trucks cannot start....and the nation is in total chaos two days later.

Donald Trump says he wants to be friends with all nations and wants to put trade first. Good. It means that Russia does not have to go to first strike....if Trump keep his word.

The Major Strategic Shift in the Church....

Something very important has happened in the church worldwide with this shift in world politics. Let explain the significance as I see it...

Point 1: The huge evangelical movement worldwide is going to make a difference

USA Today is the American national newspaper. After the election this was their headlines:
"Meet the evangelicals who prophesied a Trump win"

There is now a national recognition in America that the evangelical Christians were the cause of Trump's victory.  When aroused they turn out by the millions and they change elections and the direction of the nation.  They now get courted and they get respect.  The Republican party can no longer win elections without them.

Point 2:  Globalism is Dead!

Trump's foreign policy....America first!  And that is being echoed in elections all across Europe and the rest of the world. That is what Brexit is about. That is why the whole EU experiment of a mega super state is finished. That is why Italy, Spain, Greece and others will exit the Euro.

The Bible says "God has made of one blood all nations of men to dwell on the face of the earth and has determined the times before appointed and the bounds of their habitations." (Acts 17:26)

 That mean that God has set borders on nations and appointed times and a place for their existence and for His purpose.  God's purpose in making separate nations is so that the church in each nation can exercise its influence to disciple that nation into the Kingdom of God.  Satan wants one universal Babel so that he can rule the world.

Folks understand this:  IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.  Forget about your prophecy books and charts. Satan's dream of a New World Order under his control has been overturned by the prayers of the saints and Satan is waking up to the nightmare of nations breaking away from his grip as the saints of God prevail worldwide.

Part 3: Discipling the Nations is now on God's Agenda

This is important. I want you to watch a certain video clip on Youtube to understand this dramatic new direction that the Church in America is now taking.  It is a presentation by Dr. Lance Wallnau.  He is a charismatic evangelical Jew who is business consultant and a teaching ministry.  He is listed in the USA Today article as one of the major prophets of the Trump victory. He wrote a Amazon best seller "God's Chaos Candidate: Donald Trump and the American Unravelling".

In this video he is making his presentation of Donald trump and the new strategic direction for the Church on the Jim Bakker Show....this is important because Jim Bakker has been pushing the idea that the Great Tribulation has already started, the Antichrist is about to appear and making big money selling survival food to his listeners.  But he graciously allowed Dr. Wallnau to take the stage and make presentation as to why that is all wrong. (and all this before the elections months ago)

What I want you to catch in his presentation is his concept that I have also pushed that the Church is not a synagogue, Jesus did not say I will build my synagogue. He gives a great definition for re-defining what Jesus meant as the Church and then he makes the case that it is time to move on from disicpling people to discipling nations and then he gives a 7 part strategic plan for capturing a nation.

You can see it here:

Here is what I see....

I believe WW3 was averted with the trump election. This has given the evangelical church a new level of authority and influence for the Kingdom of God/

I believe that the great economic collapse has not been averted because the world economic system needs to be transformed to serve God's purposes on earth, but with the great disruptions coming it is vitally important that an experienced businessman who himself has gone through 4 bankruptcies will have divine guidance to navigate America through the coming economic crisis.

I believe the world trend now is back to borders of nations, that God is restoring national identities so that those nations can one by one be evangelized and discipled and a new world transnational power rises which is the Church of Jesus Christ.

I believe God is on the warpath to internationally to root out corruption in high places with a worldwide expose of sins and corruption of the political end oligarch elite and kicking them out of their places of power.  It is happening now in South Africa!

I believe we Christians here in South Africa are the only hope for bringing this nation together across racial and economic divisions and healing this land and ridding it of the corrupt and changing our culture and nation.  And this will be repeated all over the world as the church realizes a new vision for the "end times".....the end of Babylon but the rise of the people of God to heal the nations.  

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