Bitcoin, Banking, Money and the Second Reformation

My theme so far has been God has given us new technology for a New Reformation.  Critical to the vision of the Second Reformation is new world financial order to replace "Babylon is Falling".  The key to a new Kingdom financial system lies in the technology that created Bitcoin.

The amazing original cryptocurrency or e-currency called Bitcoin was in the news this last week.  Its value went over $7000 per Bitcoin.  Nobody knows who created the technology platform that became Bitcoin in 2009.  It is an open system available to anyone in the word with a computer and internet connection.  You could have bought a Bitcoin for S1.00.  The program algorithm that creates Bitcoins has built in it a limit of only 21 million coins ever. 

Now I want my fellow evangelicals to wrap your thoughts around these theological and financial facts and get out of your preconceived "end times" end of the world theology and also the contradictory pulpit preaching on money and prosperity. 

What do you hear from pulpit preaching....end of the world, mark of the Beast, evil bankers. Rothschild's and banking conspiracy.... and on the other hand....wealth of the world is ours, money and prosperity coming to you, the coming great wealth transfer, seed faith money for prosperity etc.

Lots of talk, and a lot of contradictory talk....but where is the action?  Where is the practical financial prosperity plan? (and please don't get me ranting on about "tithing" as the supposed key to prosperity).  However I will admit this, somewhere in all that preaching there is a kernel of  truth.  And whoever created Bitcoin and its blockchain technology gave us the key to a new world private economic system outside the control of the banking and government systems of the world.

This new financial technology tool will allow everything that we have been preaching about...the wealth of the world transferred to the saints and the Kingdom of God. Escape from an oppressive and exploitative financial system.  Escape from whatever you think is "the mark of the beast".  Escape from a collapsing money system based on debt and mountains of unpayable junk credit that is destined to implode.

Consider this: the value of 21 million Bitcoins created 9 years ago out of nothing is now worth over $140 billion.  That means people transferring billions of dollars in current real money in exchange for electronic blips on a screen.

Let me show you the context of what is happening prophetically in God's great plan of the ages by going to my graphic of last week as below and show you the historical transfer of the ages we are now going through and then relate that to the old order financial system and the new Second Reformation financial system that is emerging.

A) is the poverty financial system under kings and priests for ages of feudal order

B) is the private banking system that emerged in England and Holland after the Reformation when we Protestants broke the power of kings and priests who previously controlled the money power.

C) Is the new emerging "peer to peer" networked private money financial system (pioneered by Bitcoin) that is by-passing the world government and banking systems and replacing those corrupt and failing systems based on credit creation from debt creation.

Let me explain the progression to the new Reformation Kingdom financial world order.

The Feudal Financial System

For thousands of years in all civilizations around the world you had the rule of some sort of king/priest system.  And this feudal duopoly controlled the money and assets of the world. And one thing was common for thousands of years...everyone was poor except for the few at the top who controlled money and assets.

Kings and rulers would stamp their image on coins and you could not buy or sell or pay your taxes if you did not have "the mark of the beast".  Temples especially in Roman and Greek times were used as depositories for people's money.  Why? Because people trusted the priests.

What was also common through all the ages was that the peasants did everything they could to hide whatever little money they had from the prying eyes of priests and kings.  Priests wanted their tithes, kings wanted their taxes.  Roman and Greek priests and temples offered you "sacred temple prostitutes" for your tithe (which is why all the naked marble statues in the temples, a bit of pornography to whet the appetite for the delights in the temple) the Roman church offered you heaven after death for your tithes....the Islamic variation being 72 virgins later in paradise.

The other commonality through history of this financial order was you cannot ever trust kings to pay back any money you loan them and that all kings and priests were very profligate in their spending of other people's money.

The Reformation Financial System

When the Protestant puritan armies in Holland and England broke the power of the feudal system...first in Holland when the United Provinces fought the Catholic empire of Charles of Spain for their freedom and in England Cromwell and the Puritan New model army...this freedom from the king/priest feudal order had profound financial impact on the world. First Holland and then England became the financial superpowers of the world.

To illustrate from England in 1688,,,what was called the Glorious Revolution.

Although Cromwell won the power of Parliament over the king, the rule of law over the whims of the monarch,  they king still thought he could spend money as he wished and waste it the way kings always did waste money.  So in 1688 Parliament kicked out James 2nd (son of Charles 1 who had his head chopped off) and offered William of Orange the Dutch prince the throne of England (he was married to the daughter of Charles 1st,  Mary).  But they made him sign a very tough agreement...all finances were to be under the control of Parliament and the issue and control of money was to be taken out of the king's control and a private Bank of England was to be chartered. Which happened in 1694.

Now something amazing happened in the world financial markets.  The moment people realized that a sober lot of Puritans were running parliament and controlling the public finances and an equally sober lot of men were in control of a privately owned Bank of England out of the control of the streamed out from under mattresses and hidden places and streamed into the bank from all over the world.

The new private bankers then bought out all the old bad debts of the monarch and consolidated all the debt under their control and issued new bonds which were called "Consols".  The flood of money into Consols increased their value and therefore interest rates dropped from 25% to 2%-3% (as the price of bonds go up interest rates fall and visa-versa) Why? Because people trusted private bankers to limit the supply of money and they trusted parliament to pay the interest on the bonds.

Consols allowed for 200 years for England to have the soundest money system in the world and the cheapest long term capital available for infrastructure investment, industries, commerce and readily available finance for wars and armaments.  It turned England into a world empire and financial superpower.  The common man could take his savings and buy Consols for his old age pension knowing that the interest would always be paid.  Consols were inherited from father to children.  People trusted their parliament to pay the interest and they trusted their bankers to limit the issue of money to the amount of gold backing it.  It created 200 years of stable prices and middle class prosperity.  Trust in the institutions was the key!

The Second Reformation Financial System

The second Reformation financial system is now inevitable and on the horizon.  Why? Because all trust in politicians and the banking system is breaking down.  We have a new feudal world money order.

We have the on the one hand governments who you cannot trust anymore to control their spending.  They are worse than the kings of old.  They promise voters great things like less taxes and more public benefits to get elected but they don't have the money to pay for it so they borrow the money...year after year until there is a mountain of debt for some future generation to pay....but they will not pay it...they are busy playing video games.

The bankers are worse than the politicians.  They discovered how to take R1000 deposit and by repeatedly loaning it out and depositing it again and loaning it again they can take that R1000 deposit and turn it into R10,000 of debt.  For a bank deposits are liabilities and debts are assets.  So to increase assets they need to create debts. So we have world wide the financialization of everything.  Making money by literally making money.  The financial/debt industries of modern nations is now the biggest part of every nation economy  in the world.  Creating debt and collecting interest.

The biggest Ponzi scheme in the world today is the "promise to pay" scam.

Politicians say vote for me and my government "promises to pay" ....and there you can add, social security, health benefits, protection, prosperity, etc etc

Bankers and financiers say. Lend me your money and 'I promise to pay"  and there you can add, interest on your money, or pension on your money or return on your money.

Consumers borrow money and they sign an agreement that says "I promise to pay".

And I can go on and on.  This whole structure of world finance is a Ponzi scam of one party promising to pay another party who needs that income to pay another party they promised to pay in an endless circle of promises debt repayment.  Now here is the important thing for Christians to realize....most of those promises are going to turn out to be lies!  This whole scheme of modern finance is house of cards built on sand.  I don't know which promise is the first that is going to it the politicians and governments that promised extravagant pension and retirement benefits to their bureaucrats only to find there is no money? Is it financial institutes like Deutshe Bank with about 60 trillion in derivates exposure with no counterparty guarantees to commitments made? Is it strapped out and maxed out consumers who are living paycheck to paycheck and finally just cannot make those "I promise to pay" payments on their debts?

Whatever the trigger is, it will come and the whole house of cards comes down in cascading cross defaults of one after another "I promise to pay" becoming "Sorry I cannot pay because I have not been paid".

It is now time again as after the first Reformation when we had to take the banking and money system out of the hands of kings and priests, we will have to take the banking and money system out of the hands of politicians and bankers.  They have abused the trust of people. That is why investors flocked to is a sign of the times.

And what sign is that?

That we now have the technology capable of launching a secure credible private money and banking system using blockchain technology and crypto-electronic systems to make our own world currency among the 700 million evangelical Christians of the world.  And Bitcoin has proven that you can make it available everywhere, outside and transcending national boundaries and financial restrictions.

And if we can create the stability and trust of the people of the world who have lost their savings in the paper fiat money crash of the world then the wealth of the world can flow into the receptacles we have created.

In the final analysis all financial systems are "faith based" systems. If people lose faith and trust in a financial system it crashes and is replaced by what people have faith in.  And we Christians are experts on "faith based" living.  Now we have the technology to add to our faith, our hard work, our honesty, our creativity and create a new financial world order.

It is coming....

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