Our latest book, calles The Radical Gospel of the Kingdom is now available in ebook and hardcopy.

All over the world the Spirit is moving…

Over 700 million evangelical charismatics in the world and growing. In China over 130 million in house churches… and growing. By 2020 half the population of Brazil will be charismatics…and growing.

Revivals in Africa, Asia the America’s. The evangelical charismatic phenomenon will be the dominant worldwide movement of the 21st century!

All over the world the Babylon world system if falling…

Financial institutions are bankrupt…nations are bankrupt…cultures are dying. As the oil runs out the

Islamic world will collapse. Demographic collapse in Europe, Japan, and Russia as the babies are aborted. Bankrupt consumers stop buying…corporations die out. The political ideology of Liberal

Democracy is dying. Ecologies are polluted, water scarcity and earth changes threaten the food supply of billions.

This is the Gospel of the Kingdom…Jesus is Lord now…the Church will destroy the works of Satan and disciple the nations…the meek will inherit the earth … the glory of the Lord will cover the earth and the kingdoms of this world will become the Kingdoms of our God and of His Christ!

Feel free to download our ebook. It is available by chapter. To download right click and "save as" on the chapter titles.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  Warning Radical Gospel of the Kingdom Ahead

Chapter 2:  All Over the World the Spirit is Moving….
The Azusa Str. Revival, the Charsiamtic Renewal, China, Africa South America

Chapter 3:  All Over the World Babylon is Falling
Prophetic significance of 9/11,  the two origins of America, the Puritan founding of
America, the Masonic Revolution, the Towers and Pentagram, the Isaiah 9 prophecy, the
End of Liberal Democracy and New World Order.

Chapter 4 The Seven Principles of the Kingdom Vision

Principle 1 : Jesus is Lord Now  

Not one day in the Millennium, mistranslations and misinterpretations

Principle 2 : This is the Kingdom Age

Not the End Times, end times from 33 AD to 70 AD. The New Testament writers
And the end times, Kingdom present or Kingdom postponed?

Principle 3 : The Church is God’s Army on Earth

The Church not the Jews God’s Kingdom proclaimers, Christian Zionism, Dual Covenant
Heresy, the Israel of God.

Principle 4 : The Defeat of Satan

The Church defeats Satan, Who rules the earth?, when is Satan defeated, the Satanic rebellion
In heaven. Cast to the earth

Principle 5 : Restoration of All Things

Restoration of Eden, restoration of glory, restoration of heaven on earth. Restoration of the feasts of Israel.

Principle 6 : The Dominion Mandate

Dominion over all the works of God, unto thousands of generations.  

Principle 7 :  The Return of the Lord

When is the Rapture? The Resurrection? What is the Parousia?

Chapter 5: Countdown to the Messiah and His Kingdom
Daniel’s prophecy, Isaiah’s prophecy, Jeremiah’s prophecy, the four beast empires, 70 Weeks
490 Year prophecy fulfillment, birth date of Jesus.

Chapter 6 The Return of Israel 143 BC (not 1948)
History of the return, Jeremiah’s prophecy, Ezekiel’s 390 and 40 year return prophecy, war of the
Maccabbee’s, Abomination of Desolation,

Chapter 7 Gog, End Times and Armageddon 37 BC – 70 AD
Identity of Gog, invasion of Gog 37 BC, Matthew 24 fulfilled, end times, Armageddon 70 AD.
Jesus coming in the clouds, Zachariah 12 & 14.

Chapter 8 The Kingdom Growth Strategies
The launch of the Kingdom, the Mustard seed strategy, the leaven strategy, the Kadosh strategy, the salt strategy.

Chapter 9 Antichrist: The Empire Strikes Back.
History of false antichrists, many antichrists, Revelations, the Beast, 666, the Man of Sin, the historical Antichrist empire of 1260 years, the Inquisition,  Catholic paganism.

Chapter 10 Reformation: The Kingdom Rises Again
Coming out of Babylon, Why the West?, Luther and Calvin, Defeating Feudalism, Restoration of the Church, Spreading into the world, the spiritual, social and economic reformation of Europe.

Chapter 11 Opening the Abyss: The Return of the Gods
UFO’s, alien abductions, Seraphim, Cherubim, Nephilim, fallen angels, demons, Abbaddon and the opening Abyss.

Chapter 12   The Radical Kingdom Church: Discpling the Nations
The Church and the Kingdom Agenda, 8 problems in the Church, Church or Ekklesia? Covenant Communities, third covenant movement.

Chapter 13   Megatrends: The 2010 to 2030 Great Transition
The New World Order trend, the Political trend, the economic trend, earth changes, climate, oil, demographics, the manifestation of evil, the collapse of Israel, the Church in transition, the coming New Reformation.


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