Brexit and the Gate of the Gods

There is something important happening in one of the great power centres of the world...London.  God's "wreaking ball" is in action and the powers in the heavens and on earth ate being toppled.  Let's take a peek behind the scenes in the spirit realm....

Repeatedly you hear that pollsters and pundits are wrong about what is happening in the political and economic realms.  Hillary was supposed to be president.  But before the big surprise of Nov. 8 prophetic voices such as Lance Wallnau and his book "Trump: God's Wrecking Ball" predicted otherwise.  The political and financial powers of America are stunned.

The Brexit vote in England.  Cameron was confident Britains wanted to be integrated into Europe, the voters said otherwise.  The financial powers of London were aghast.  Prime Minister May calls an early election, the pollsters say its going to be a landslide...the voters said otherwise. The financial powers of London are once again stunned.  And now you see the headlines...."Bankers relocating out of the City of London".

The Church needs to be aware of what is happening in the realm of the heavenlies....
God is waging war against the "principalities and powers in the heavens" and by that I do not for the moment imply that God is a Republican or Labour voter...rather I see a pattern all over the world....the Lord is breaking down what the Old Testament scripture calls "the high places of the earth". 

The "high places" of the earth is what Paul also describes as "We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places." (Eph. 6:12)

Here is a typical verse in the Old Testament about the "high places" that Paul wrote about...
"And the children of Israel did secretly those things were not right against the Lord their God and they built themselves high places in all their cities ...and they set up images and groves...and burned incense in their high places as the heathen did..."
( 2 Kings 17:9-11)

Here is the shocking truth that most Christians and  most of the world does not realize...

In the great city power centres of the world the mighty and the influential of the world are just like Israel of old, secretly setting up "high places and images: where they can acknowledge and serve the agenda of the rulers of darkness.  That is why I am doing this occasional series of blogs o the "gates of Babylon".  Because there are two things that are important now prophetically...
- these gates are real, and they are entry points into this world for Satanic forces to operate in the affairs of mankind.
- secondly and most importantly, the Lord is spreading His glory and His Church all over the world and these gates are to be exposed and shut down.  The things done in secret are being exposed all over the world, the light of the Gospel is shining in all the dark places.  We are not against people, we wrestle not against flesh and blood,,,we pray for people to come out of darkness.

So now back to London and the secret high places that are being shaken...

The City of London Corporation

In the powerful world of international finance everyone knows about "The City".  Within London there is a small legal entity called "The City of London Corporation". It has its own mayor and aldermen.  It is not under the crown rule of England.  It is many centuries old. The Queen of England ceremonially always asks permission to enter "the City".

Around the world there are a number of these quasi-legal small patches of territory that in the spirit realm are what Paul termed "principalities" from which various forms of "powers" operate from.

The City of London Corporation : A world centre of financial power.
Vatican City : A world centre of religious power (and lots of financial power)
Washington District of Columbia : A world centre of political and military power.

All such principalities of power have their symbols of ancient "high places". The dome and the pillar is an ancient symbol of the gods.  All gods require to be acknowledged by signs....they are terrible in their fury if they are ignored.

All those who want to have access to real power and influence in this world of darkness soon realize that they must acknowledge the ancient gods in some way or else their careers, their powers, their influence is take away from them.

You will see this in the world of mega-finance, power politics, Hollywood.....

Lets have a closer look at the secret symbols of the "high places" of the city in acknowledgment of the gods of money power in "The City".

As in most "high places" there is always some connection in ancient tiles to pagan temples and sacred groves...the same with the City.  This is an ancient map of the boundaries of "the City".

It was demarcated by the Roman priests of the god Mithras and named "Londinium" and a temple to Mithras erected in the centre (called a Mithraeum""  This Mithraeum was discovered in excavations made in 1954 and now being restored into a museum in the heart of "The City".

In the heart of "the City" as in most "principalities of power is the "dome and the obelisk" which is sacred to the gods. Below is the dome of St. Paul's cathedral and it's obelisk.  You will see the same symbolism in front of the Vatican and in Washington DC with Capital dome and the Washington monument obelisk.  These come from the gods of Egypt.


The Obelisk above stands in "Paternoster Square"  The arch or gate above is also on Paternoster Square and is known as the "the Temple Bar" which is the "Bar" to which all lawyers are the "Bar".

Paternoster Square

The "Paternoster" is a well known Latin term meaning "Our Father".  However if you are thinking that since this Paternoster square is there with St. Paul's cathedral it must be referring to our Lord's prayer "Our Father which are in heaven...." you would be greatly mistaken.

The "Paternoster Square" is actually an ancient Roman "magic square".  Magic square's originated in ancient Babylon.  Which is why there is a "gate of Babylon" in Paternoster Square. The "Our father" here is a prayer to Mithras for good luck and fortune.

A Paternoster Square was popular in ancient Rome as a magic amulet to ward off evil and bring good luck.  It worked like this....

The Sator Square (or Rotas Square) is a word=square containing a five-word Latin "palindrome"... (all the words are repeated in each line)

It was found written on walls in Rome and Pompei..


All the letters of the "magic square: of five words are then rearranged to form exactly a "Paternsoter Cross" with the letters "A" and "O" remaining (Alpha and Omega). This was a
magical "Paternoster Square".

The concept of the magical arch and magical square came from Babylon with their famous 666 magical amulet square....

The Number of the Beast of Babylon 666

The ancients claimed that God works by mathematics. Their religion was a conglomeration of religion, astrology, alchemy, physical and mental science, and mathematics. Ancient astrology divided the starry heavens into 36 constellations. These were represented by different amulets called "Sigilla Solis," or the sun seal. These amulets were worn by the pagan priests, and they contained all the numbers from 1 to 36. By these figures they claimed to be able to foretell future events. These amulets were usually made of gold, yellow being the sun color. While being carried, these amulets were wrapped in yellow silk, as it was thought that the bearer would thus receive the beneficial powers believed to emanate from the jewel.

These drawings from photographs taken in 1910, show actual amulets then in the Berlin Museum. They reveal the veneration the ancients had for the sun-god. On the front side of No.1 we see the god of the sun standing on the lion. This indicated the sun's position in the constellation of Leo during the hot days of August. On the back is inscribed "Nachyel," meaning "intelligence of the sun," and in 36 squares are arranged the numerals 1 to 36 in such a way that adding the numbers of any column either horizontally or vertically, and also the two diagonals crossing the square, the total is the same- 111. The sum of the six columns, computed either horizontally or vertically, is 6 x 111, or 666.

Thus in the centre of "The City" of London, the centre of world financial power the gods of both Egypt and Babylon are acknowledged and offered praise and obedience to....

But here is the good news....

The Lord God who rules over all is bringing down the temples and power centres of the gods of this world.  Their time of rule and power are over.  The time has come for the saints to posses the Kingdom.

Watch the powers of the City of London shaken and broken in the years to come.
Watch God's wrecking ball in Washington and the Vatican going about their business of breaking the powers of these ancient "high places".

And get ready for the greatest outpouring of the power of the Holy Spirit of God upon the earth!

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