Commentary on Failed Expectations

Sorry for the negative blog this week but sometimes I just need to comment on the proliferation of "fables" and bad theology in our evangelical movement. A series of false prophecies need comment and popular author of "The Shack" has a really bad new book called 'Eve".

Let me start with William Paul Young's latest bestseller "Eve".

His previous bestseller "The Shack" sold 25 million copies and became a hit with evangelicals.  I suspected a strong hint of New Age theology but did not comment. His latest bestseller however is just plain Jewish Zohar Kaballah dressed up in a nice endearing fiction of a 15 year old "Lilly" a victim of rape, prostitution by her own mother and trafficking.

What the story really is about is a retelling or re-imagining of what really was going on in Eden with Adam and Eve as he imagines it or as the occult Zohar imagines it..  And evangelicals are not going to be happy with this fanciful tale as it comes straight out of the occult world of the Zohar and other ancient traditions of 'Lilith" the real first wife of Adam and the eventual bride of Satan (or Samael).  Which is what 'Lilly" is all about in the story...

Young instead of relying on scripture for the inspiration of his novel instead turned to the ancient myth of "Lilith" found in occult sources like the Zohar.  The idea being that Adam and Lilith were created together and separately but she did not want to be subjected to Adam and instead became the bride of Samael (Satan) and then God created Eve from Adam's rib.

Young calls this book his most ambitious..."It's a retelling of the Genesis story that argues that man and women were first created simultaneously and equal but that this idea did not charm Adam. God then made a second woman Eve, who was more submissive to Adam.  Fiction gives you a huge amount of latitude. It opens up creative space. I hope this comes at you as a whole person, not just as a mind."

This will probably go down well with the feminized evangelicals who have bought into the cultural narrative of today.

And the failed prophecies....

Oh dear where do I start?

I might be a bit early but for two years now the Jim Bakker Show on TV in America has been predicting that the Great Tribulation will start in March of 2016.  As I write there are still 6 days to go but frankly I do not know what to look for to see if it has started.  In the meantime Bro. Bakker has been selling food hampers to take you through the Great Tribulation.  However if you believe in a rapture before the Tribulation, no need to stock up on food. However Bro. Bakker is a strong advocate of a Rapture after the 7 year Tribulation so obviously you will need to buy big time from his online store.

The possible start to the Great Tribulation was possibly going to be a Russian invasion of Israel as Gog/Magog which really looked promising when Pres. Putin started putting troops into Syria.  The prophecy blogosphere went ballistic. And I am sure Tribulation "preppers" bought food hampers big time.

Unfortunately Putin has declared "Mission Accomplished" and started pulling troops out of Syria.  He obviously did not read the Armageddon script where "the mission" was supposed to be Russia invading Israel. 

The other "Antichrist appearing" possibility was going to be Pope Francis appearing both at the joint session of the Houses of Congress in America in September 2015 and an address at the UN.  This was for the months leading up to September major "end times" significance. Why? Because September was the end of the "Shemitah" year along with the last Blood Moons in September of 2015.

Incredible "end times" signs last September....the Pope about to make major pronouncements that will shake the world...Russian troops in Syria poised to start World War set of Blood Moons over Jerusalem in September...surely the time had come for major world cataclysm?

John Hagee wrote the book "Four Blood Moons" back in 2014 (lifting most of the material directly from Mark Biltz who originally discovered it) and said in 2014 "God is trying to communicate with us in a supernatural way...I believe that in the next two years we are going to see something dramatic happen in the Middle East involving Israel that will change the course of history in the Middle East and impact the whole world."

In an interview with CNN he is quoted as saying, "The coming four blood moons points to a world shaking event that will happen between April 2014 and October 2015." Anything world shaking happen yet?

Other churches got into the act with even more detailed date setting for the end of the world.  Chris McCann of the large eBible Fellowship predicted the end of the world to happen during the September 27, 2015 supermoon lunar eclipse and when this did not happen changed it to October 7.

My summary and counsel to you regarding the above....

I have said the following before but will say it again:

- The "end times" is big business in evangelical circles.  It sells books by the millions, it is the hot topic for high viewer ratings by televangelists and is a perennial favourite for big conferences.  It is not going to stop...just ignore it and if you are in a church preaching this stuff leave it and find a Bible preaching church that majors on discipleship.

- The American church is thoroughly infiltrated by cultural relativism and preach for pay.  There are some good ministries there of genuine sound expository preaching but they are hard to find. There is tremendous pressure on pastors and church leaders to keep up with the mega church down the road that has a more entertaining music program, more exciting preaching and better social activities for the family. Be careful what you open yourself up to.

- The constant obsession by church leaders over Israel is necessary to keep  up the illusion of the "end times".  This illusion is key to keeping the present ministry industry going as it allows appeals for finances because it is almost all over so give sacrificially for one final push etc.  It also allows the continuation of looking at the church as a stop gap institution until Jesus comes to really set up His kingdom through the Jews....meaning there isn't much you can do to change the world.

-  There has never been any "end time" prophecy fulfilment from any of the preachers, prophets or myriad books, conferences that has come true in the last 60 years. All the most major positive world events during these years were never prophesied by the doom prophets e.g the fall of communism, the enormous revival of the Chinese church etc.  That is because it is all based on false teaching : namely, the church is doomed to fail in its mission to disciple the nations because the Antichrist will in fact end up discipling the nations into his New World Order. This is a dead end strategy infiltrated into the church.

- There are serious economic and societal problems ahead as the world order fractures and social, political and economic cohesion crumbles. The dislocations are going to be enormous. This is not a sign of the Rapture or the end times. It is a sign of the change of world control as it shifts from West to East...and the end of banker capitalism and its illusion of endless growth based on endless expansion of debt.

- You urgently need to be part of the extended family of God in a community of committed covenant related believers who will stand by each other in the times ahead. Trust that the prayer of Jesus will be answered in John 17 "Father I pray not that you take them of the world....but that you protect them from the evil one." You are not leaving here, you and your family are here to stay and to possess the land for the Kingdom of God.

- Plan for the next generation. Make sure you lay a firm foundation in your family and children for the future. Your first responsibility is to disciple your children and leave them a spiritual, social and financial inheritance better than what you received when you entered the world.

- Expect and plan for the literal fulfilment of the great strategy of the Kingdom of God as preached from Genesis to Revelation: Namely, the earth is forever, God's plan for thousands of generations into the future wherein His church will take dominion of all the works of His hands in this our universe and along the way will defeat Satan and cast his angels and demons in hell, defeat sickness, disease, poverty and death and will eventually disiciple nations into the Kingdom of God until every knee bows and every tongue confesses that Jesus is Lord.

That is the gospel or "good news" of the Kingdom of God.

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