Cosmic War: The nations and their gods

I have been watching the new TV series "American Gods" with fascination as it visually illustrates some important truths about the background plot to the cosmic war scenario that we see in scripture. A nice visual parable enlightening us to some difficult scriptural texts....

I read Neil Gayman's epic sci-fi novel "American Gods" some years ago with much interest as it illustrated for me very graphically the problems the fallen rebel angels of scripture are having as we near the end of their prophesied demise.

If you have not watched the series or read the book no matter...just continue reading the Bible....but it is always nice when the Lord uses secular media to illustrate scripture.  I will limit my cross reference to the series but hopefully still give you insight to better understand why I have been going on about "the gates of the gods" in several blogs now.

Deut. 32: The Song of Moses

There is a much debated section of scripture in Deut. 32 (which is known as "The Song of Moses". in which the Septuagint version (which is what Jesus and Paul was reading at their time) differs greatly from our current Masoretic text we use. It is this..

Deut. 32: 8-9 "When the most high gave to the nations their inheritance, when he divided mankind, he fixed the portion of the peoples according to the numbers of the sons of God. But the Lord's portion is his people, Jacob his allotted heritage."

Your version of the Bible says "according to the number of the sons of Israel".  That is wrong and the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls confirmed the correct Septuagint rendering.

Let me explain why this is important. It gives us critical insight to the war in the spirit realm going on behind the perception of our physical senses into the long range plans of God as to how He is going to establish His Kingdom on earth.

Moses in this passage is describing the Tower of Babel incident in which God finally said "enough is enough" the people of the earth do not want me ruling over them and he gave them over to other gods to rule over them the "fallen angels".  This is basically what Paul describes in Romans 1:18-25 when people persistently rebel against the Lord in their sin then He gives them over to their lusts.

The phrase there in verse 8 "sons of God" refers to the fallen angels of Genesis 6 the "bene elohim", the rebellious angels who wanted to set up their own kingdom and rule their own way.   

Gen. 11:9 says that God scattered the people from the Tower of Babel all over the earth and then scripture gives lengthy description of 70 nations that were formed from that dispersal.  The old Hebrew texts and traditions describes how each of these national groups were given a territory allotment on earth and each were given a fallen angel to rule over them.

Then Moses makes this important distinction. All the nations of the earth were given large land allotments and many peoples to start with....but the Lord's portion was Jacob.  That is, the Lord did not start with a great nation and many people and great territory. He started with a family!  Because that is what populates the Kingdom of Heaven....the family of God! 

This is important to know. God made a family covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  He would be a father to them, He would betroth Himself as Husband to Israel.
All other nations under the dominion of other gods have many and varied ways to increase their power and influence and growth.  But God has only one way to grow His must become a member of His family.

The gods of the nations....

People many times actually do not understand how this "idolatry" thing works when described in scripture or in tales of the past.  They think "how stupid to be bowing down to a statue", they think this is just superstitious nonsense. But throughout all history, those who wield great power soon discover that there is always a hidden power behind what we think is reality.

That is why all powers have a "priesthood" of some sorts in order to mediate for them or speak to that hidden power.

The second thing that those who deal with these hidden powers soon discover is that these hidden powers are very scary and very capricious.  They also lie constantly and love to annoy, debase and hurt people.  They take sides in disputes, they want constant attention and be praised and recognized.  If you don't....some nasty "accidents" tend to happen.

What also is discovered over time behind the scenes is that these hidden powers are very territorial. They fight among themselves and they stir up trouble for the other gods. They form alliances and break them. They use people and they abuse people in their own power struggles.  Any cursory reading of the mythologies of Egypt, Sumer, Babylon, Greece or Rome will all basically tell you the same stories...

The gods fight among themselves.
The gods like to seduce humans and create hybrid offspring which are called "Nephilim"
The gods are narcissistic, self-centred sociopaths.
The gods toy with humans raising up one and destroying another.
They are all consummate liars and they love thrive on human emotions like lust, greed, violence, hate and thrills them!

There are a number of scriptures that allow us to look into the activities of this realm that corroborates this analysis. For instance Daniel praying 21 days and then Gabriel appears to him and says his prayer was heard from the first day but the prince of Persia (a fallen angle assigned over Persia) withstood him for 221 days until Michael came to help...and when he leaves the prince of Greece (fallen angel of Greece) will come to fight the prince of Persia (meaning Alexander the Great would win a war against Persia because his god, or fallen angel had already beat up the angel over Persia).

Contacting the gods...

This has always been a problem for both gods and men.  The Lord has placed a barrier between mankind in this realm and spirit beings in the parallel realm of the second heavens.  They have their domain and we have ours. They are not allowed to just burst out into our world...they must be invited from our side to cross over.

The process of contacting the gods and empowering them to act in this world takes "faith"!  Faith in the occult realm is as needed as "faith" in our walk with God. Without faith Jesus could do no mighty miracles in a town He visited.  But great faith in  the Roman centurion released the power of God to heal his child.  Touching the hem of His garment released faith for healing by the cripple.

To power up faith in the wicked masses of people the gods set up all sorts of rituals or building structures to "shock and awe" the masses. The rites of ceremonial magick is similar in all ancient pagan rituals which you can see today in for instance Catholic mass or in elaborate secret rituals....shock and awe...helps the ignorant to have "faith" and to release that faith to open the gates for the gods to act in this world.

There are all sorts of helps also to break the matter/spirit barrier. Drugs are a great assistance.  That was the chief commodity by the way of Sodom and Gomorrah who supplied the temples of the ancient world to help induce trances.

Great building structures that when placed on earth energy line called "ley lines" can channel energy to the priesthood for help in crossing over the barrier...that is why people talk about "pyramid power" and why the Egyptian pyramids were built.  The priests would lie in the centre of it and almost immediately go into a psychic trance and contact the spirit realm.  That is why great Cathedrals are built on ley lines and the structure of the stone construction is always resonant to the mystical "phi" number.

I mentioned to you in previous blogs about "magick squares".  These are secret amulets that help the occult believer exercise faith in a particular god.  That is what idols do. A physical representation of a god that helps the seeker concentrate his "faith power", this is helped by lighting candles or bringing sacrifices or money or sacred objects.  All false faith in false gods who eventually in any case will cruelly disappoint the desperate ones.

What you will also see if you look for the signs is where different fallen angels or gods have demarcated their rulership whether in the realms of the banking world, religion, politics, culture, entertainment.  They make boundary lines and then demand "tribute" to those who enter there.

If you want success in Hollywood....there is a price to pay.
If you want success in the world of high finance...there is a price to pay.
If you want success in power politics...there is a price to pay.

The end of the gods of this age....

Psalm 82 gives us a wonderful insight to the end of these psychotic beings which is also echoed in other scriptures like Isaiah 14. This is what it says:

"God stands in the congregation of the mighty he judges among the gods.  How long will you judge unjustly....they know not neither will they understand, they walk on in darkness all the foundations of the earth are out of course. I have said you are gods all of you are children of the most high.  But you shall die like men and fall like one of the princes. Arise o God judge the earth for you shall inherit all the nations."

This is wonderful!  The scripture says that all these rebellious fallen angels were once all children of the most High.  God gave them a chance to rule on the earth but they just destroyed everything with their wickedness and now God pronounces the judgment on them

"You shall die like men"!...and the Lord God will inherit all the nations that they once ruled over.

This is where I find the "American Gods" story as parable very intriguing. I have long had a secret belief that there is enough scripture indications that the fallen angels will eventually be not only cast out of the heavenly realm of God's throne room, but that they will be cast out of the spirit realm altogether and thrown down into this earth realm as "men" where they will die as men.

Did God not strip Himself of His glory and incarnate as a man in Jesus Christ and died a death for us all....therefore cannot these fallen angels be stripped of their glory and eternal spirit bodies and kicked on to this earth to be reviled by mankind that they have cruelly treated for millennia.

God says in Genesis that the serpent will eat dust and his head will be crushed.

Isaiah 14: 10-12  says of Lucifer:
"All the earth shall speak of you and say, Are you also become weak as we, are you also become like us?...How are you fallen from heaven O Lucifer..."

Which is why I am enjoying the American God's series....all the ancient gods of Rome, Egypt Greece...are migrating to America for a final showdown with the new gods in America...but they are old and decrepit and struggle on an earth where nobody acknowledges them anymore, they are weak and they die like men!

But as for us the same scripture says that the Lord through us will inherit all the nations of the earth that rebelled against Him to serve these other gods...they will come back in repentance and become part of the family of God and the Lord will give us lowly mankind the honour and glory of ruling over all the works of His hands.

Which is why Paul asks you in 1 Cor. 6:3..."Know you not you will judge angels?"
It is time to judge these falls gods and send them to hell and win for Christ the inheritance of the nations for His Kingdom.

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