Disruption of the Old Order...Creating the New World Order

This weekend is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. We Protestants disrupted an old world order and brought about the new world order. But it is nothing compared to what the disruption we are about to do to the present world order with our second Reformation.

Below is a diagram I pulled off an article on the coming disruption of the new digital age and its massive effects on the world's economies and politics.  I used to have many years ago these Dispensational Ages diagrams from Clarence Larkin on God's various dispensations. I threw them all out.  Nothing that my "dispensational truths" preaching and predictions 40 years ago has turned out to be true. 

The diagram below is the best "dispensational" chart you will ever see to understand what God is doing through His Church in 2000 years of world history since the day of Pentecost and the founding of the Church.  I will explain....

I will divide the above three as follows:

A. Centralized - The rise of the Feudal System of Oppression

In 325 AD the Roman Empire captured the church through Constantine and there came a fusion of church and state whereby the church anointed the state and the state supported the church. This allowed the Roman Empire to morph into the 'Holy Roman Empire" and create the great oppressive feudal system of the kings and priests being the supreme authorities.

The Bible, the Word of God was unknown to people as was the gospel unknown,  Religion and the power of the state were used to centralize all land, assets, movement of people, trade, education, freedom of expression....all were under control of the Antichrist power that had risen to capture the Church and thereby capture the state to perpetuate ignorance, poverty, disease and torture of dissidents.  A truly dark ages.

This centralized power was made possible by the preaching of the myth of the divine right of kings as God's anointed to rule by right of inheritance and to declare what is law and to own all land by right as God's legal representative on earth and they can dispense that land property to their feudal barons to rule under them.  This divine right was proclaimed by the priestly class who claimed sole authority to interpret scripture and make pronouncement on behalf of God.

B. Decentralized - The Reformation of 1517

Martin Luther with his famous 95 thesis challenged the authority and thereby the teaching of the Pope and the Catholic church.  He got hold of a Bible, read it himself and interpreted himself and found the entire system of Catholic teaching to be nowhere in scripture and to be lies and deception. 

And when he translated the scriptures into common German for everyone to read...that finally destroyed the power and authority of the Catholic church as everyone could then read for themselves and see that Luther was right.

The next major step of the Reformation was by John Calvin and the church community of the city of Geneva who set up a teaching seminary and turned the city onto a "church of Geneva" and established the theology of the "election of the saints", (what we call "Calvinism") that is, it was not just the special priests and kings who were the "anointed" elect of God; all Christians were the elect, the anointed of God.

This led to the famous fight between Oliver Cromwell and his New Model army of radical Christian Puritans who declared that the king was not the supreme law of the land, the Bible Word of God was supreme and thus the laws of Parliament as guided by scripture were the supreme law of the land.  The king lost his head, and the Puritans established the concept of "the rule of law" and not the rule of kings by divine right as the future of human government.  The English parliament became "the mother of parliaments" for all the world.

The Reformation broke the power of Feudalism by destroying the myth of the divine right of kings and the supreme authority of the Papacy...and established the vision of the priesthood of the believer and the rule of law...God's law as established in the Bible.

This led to the freedom and liberation of Europe, which led to the enlightenment where people could freely search for truth, this led to the scientific revolution which led to the great industrial revolution which led to the greatest era in human history of poverty relief, wealth creation, population growth.

This led to an era of freedom led to the era of decentralization.
Hereditary feudal empires decentralized into nation states better ruled by ordinary people than kings.
Wealth was decentralized out of the hands of king and priests (half of Europe's real estate was owned by the church and the other half by the feudal barons) and freedom allowed the formation of a new idea...people coming together in the form of a "company" to create wealth.
Money was taken out of the hands of profligate kings and priests and privatized by the creation of new banks and savings institutions and financial accountability introduced through new accounting practices.
Education was taken out of the hands of the church and new private universities started for the real research and creation of new knowledge.

The world today and historians especially will not acknowledge why from 1600 AD northern Europe of all places in the world suddenly became the leading place in the world for science, freedom of thought, wealth creation, medical advances, culture creation etc.

They still peddle this nonsense about the Western Civilization coming from the Greeks. Utter nonsense.  It was not the writings of Plato that inspired the New Model army of Cromwell and the vision of a Parliament and the rule of law...it was the Bible. It was not Plato that destroyed the power of the Papacy...it was the Bible the Word of God.

The Key Technology of the Reformation:  The Printing Press

God promised in Deut. 18 that "I will give you the power to create wealth in order to establish my covenant"

God gave the reformers a key technology to create a wealth of new thought and break the power of the Feudal overlords....the new modern technology of the day...the printing press.

Before this time the Bible had to written out by hand.  Think of how long and laborious it took to do that. Think about the man hours.  One Bible was scarce and incredibly costly. That is why it was not read or known but by a select few.

Then Guttenberg came along with his invention of moveable type and the Bible for centuries became the best seller of all books.  Anybody at that time who set up a printing press started immediate printing of Bibles. Next in best sales popularity were Martin Luther's tracts against the errors of the Catholic church.  They sold by the tens of thousands were the most popular reading material of the time.

The other major institution that got decentralized was the church.  With the freely available Bibles and free thought and the rise of colleges came the rise of different interpretations of scripture and like the rise of nations and corporations....there came the proliferation of many denominations out of the one Catholic church.  All competing to franchise their church into every town of the world.

C. Distributed Networks - The Rise of the Second Reformation

To describe to you what the Lord is about to do in the earth I need to describe to you the new technology He has given to us and what it is going to do to the world created by the last Reformation.  The world created by the last Reformation, the decentralized world of nations states, corporations, international institutions, big banks, international money power, universities, media  etc....that world of distributed power centres is in the process of serious disruption.

What has happened is that in the intervening 500 years as the world has rejected the Word of God and the foundation of the Reformation that allowed the new world to be created...this new world has reverted to a new feudalism.  Not a feudal system of control and asset accumulation by priests and kings.  No, the new feudalism is a world of control and asset accumulation by those with money power and political power.

Money power and political power are the new kings and priests of the world, The new priests are the bankers who create "credit" (Latin for "I believe") out of nothing and portion it to their favourite corporate barons to possess the land and control the masses.  The new anointed kings are the ones anointed by the money powers and the corporate media to rule the masses.

But the masses are restless.  They are beginning to see the light. The politicians cannot be trusted.  They lie.  They say one thing to get into office and then follow another agendas once they are there.  The corporates are amassing vast amounts of money while the vast majority of people struggle to live day by day.

But there is a revolution that is happening.  It is spurred by technology revolution.  It is an information revolution at its core just like the Guttenberg press was an information revolution that launched the Reformation.  The Word got out to the people.

The technologies now coming out are doing a multiple number of things:
- Information is available everywhere to everyone and it is free....the information revolution!
- People all over the world are being put into touch with each other for free..the networking revolution!

This is going to cause an international revolution in the following areas:
- The future of the nation state as a political entity that can control the movement of people, the movement of money, is being destroyed by a borderless world.
- The functions of the nation state of education, security, law and order, maintenance of the nations assets and infrastructure, international relations, allocation of national resources, policy formulation, strategic planning and implementation etc...all the core functions of the nation state are being eroded and challenged by new technology and better ideas and strategies by private actors using new technology. (And eroded by bureaucrats who frankly cannot be fired and who are unresponsive to ordinary people)
- The functions of the national and international financial systems of money creation, allocation of capital, storage of capital, national accounting and ledger maintenance, insurance and risk arbitrage etc...all the major financial power centres are being undermined by new technology and new innovate actors delivering better and cheaper services.
- The functions of the great centres of media and entertainment are being challenged by the new technologies that get better and more customer centred news and entertainment to people quicker, cheaper and better.
- The great power centres of industry in the manufacture and distribution of products are being disrupted by new technologies of production and are being distributed quicker and cheaper from manufacturer to consumer bypassing layers of costly traditional marketing.
- Education systems that offer knowledge and degrees at a cost or are supposedly provided by government decree are being seriously disrupted by cheaper and more cost effective and more learner friendly technology systems.

What does all this mean for the Church of the 21st Century?

I am going to spend some time and a few blogs elaborating this vision of the second Reformation and the tools available to us for accomplishing the goals of God's Kingdom agenda but let me give you some quick ideas where my thinking is going:

- Forget about any theology of Satan or Antichrist taking over the world.  Yes there is great deception coming and Great Tribulation as the world power systems fail and crumble but God has given us the amazing tools of the new technology for the saints to possess the assets of the world and create the new world order according to the Word of God.
- The great disruption of technological networking is going to allow a new "Catholic" church to emerge all over the world. "Catholic" in the true sense of the Body of Christ all over the world getting into contact with each other to realize our true power and potential.  We will not be divided by denomination but united in purpose to establish His kingdom on earth.
- As the world power systems of the nation state, the banking financial systems, the corporate systems, the educational systems...as these systems get undermined and crumble under the relentless onslaught of the new technology disruptions and their own inefficiencies , we the new universal "Catholic" church of evangelicals will seize the opportunity to create God's new world order and invite all those marginalized and lost in the crumbling old world order to come to Jesus and His kingdom and join us in a new community.
- We are going to use the new technology to create our own national and international communities, our own schools and universities, our own financial institutions, our own law and justice systems, our own manufacturing and distribution systems.  All this can already be done piggy backing on existing technologies and technology platforms that are being created now and deployed now.
- God wants to give us these wealth creation tools to establish His covenant of dominion of Genesis 1:26-28.

At present we the evangelical charismatic world wide community in all nations amount to an estimated 700 million people.  10% of the world population.  When we reach 1 billion and 15% of the world population...which we will do in the next 20 years and when we link up with one another in the new technology networks that are being established all over the world and when we all begin to realize that we are here to stay and establish the Kingdom of God....then we become the new world citizens setting the world agenda.

To my fellow South Africans...our national power structures are crumbling and we Christians are by far the majority of this nation. Lets get together and get the job done and show the rest of our family of God around the world how to do this great vision of the great Second Reformation.

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