The recent devastation of Japan needs a comment from the Watchmen on the Walls of Zion. Looking around the internet I see many apologies and excuses from Christian writers that God could not possibly be the author of such evil. This must be the devil’s work. I beg to differ. You see, the Kingdom of God which is now growing world wide has a foreign policy. That foreign policy is not “détente” with the current world system or “peaceful coexistence” or even Kennan’s famous Cold War US policy of “containment”. God’s foreign policy towards the world system built by Satan and his seed is clearly enunciated in a very strange scripture found in Isaiah 14:21:

“Prepare slaughter for his children for the iniquity of their fathers, that they do not rise, nor possess the land, nor fill the face of the world with cities.”

Get your Bible out and read the whole chapter, it is very illuminating for our times. The “he” that Isaiah refers to here is “Lucifer” of verse 12. It says that his children will try to rise and possess the earth and fill it with cities. But the Lord has other plans. The earth is the Lord’s and He has given it unto us for an inheritance. Satan plans to dispossess us of our inheritance by filling the earth with his offspring and their cities.  The wicked one and his evil doers plan to fill the earth with wickedness, the Lord plans to fill the earth with righteousness as the waters cover the seas.  Satan and his evil offspring plan to fill the face of the earth with cities from which evil can spread. But here is the problem as revealed to us by both physics and theology: two things cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Babylon cannot coexist with the New Jerusalem and darkness cannot coexist with light. The one must make way for the other.

Now if you believe as I do that the Kingdom of God has come with the resurrection of Jesus and that Kingdom as prophesied by Daniel is like a rock cut from a mountain that strikes the world systems and crushes them and then it grows and grows to fill the earth, then there should be some visible signs of the reality I outlined in the previous paragraph. God is beginning to make room on planet earth for the manifestation of His Kingdom on earth.

That means breaking down the world system and its inherent wickedness. That means cities will fall, economies will collapse, globalization will fail. It means every thing that Satan uses to keep the world and its people in his grip is coming under judgment. The recent Japanese tragedy highlighted a portion of this collapse scenario. The critical part Japan plays in the world wide supply of components for automobiles and electronic products. There is serious supply chain disruptions for companies around the world. There is no real solutions in the foreseeable future. Japan lost a major amount of its electric power generating capability with the destruction of four nuclear power stations. Rolling blackouts are now the order of the day in Japan disrupting industrial production. Japan will have to draw down on its trillion dollar foreign currency reserves which will impact us Treasury rates. This holds serious global implications for the dollar. The Fukushima region is a major food producer for Japan and it will not produce food again for generations. The toxic nuclear waste water from the reactors is being dumped in the ocean polluting Japan’s fishing industry for generations. The implications for world food production are devastating.

The Collapse of Complex Societies (by Joseph Tainter)

I have this book in my library. A fascinating read. Tainter outlines the history of collapses of civilizations through history and what caused them. The problem he outlines is that as societies get more complex they need greater and greater inputs of energy and resources to maintain their functional complexity. But resources run out and societies collapse. It can be as simple as ancient Sumer growing through food production from irrigation until too much salts from the irrigation water collects in the ground and food supplies collapse. Or it can be too little tax revenue to fund a growing bureaucracy in ancient Rome leading to monetary inflation, unpaid soldiers and barbarians flooding through porous borders.

Each society eventually collapses from either “too much” or “too little”. Too much debt, not enough productive workers, too many bureaucrats, too little tax revenue, too many laws, too many criminals, too few resources etc etc. Our interdependent world is heading for a major collapse. The problem is that no one knows what critical element is going to go missing that keeps the system going until it is no longer there.  And thn come the unexpected “black swan” occurrences that nobody has planned for and nobody can stop. Earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes, floods, drought, global warming, global cooling, pandemics, drug resistant bacteria…the enemies of complex societies are numerous. You think you have one thing solved and another comes.

Cain Builds a City
The basic problem is sinful man thinking he can build a civilization apart from God or His laws. The moment after Cain slew his brother Abel he fled from the presence of God and built for himself a city and named it after his son. He planned a dynasty for a long term Kingdom. He did not need God or His laws. He would create his own Garden of Eden. And this has been the history of sinful man since the rebellion in the garden. God destroyed that civilization with the flood. After the flood they were at it again building a city and tower (Babel). God destroyed that enterprise also.

Mankind wants to continue their city building programs. A city means that a group of people have come together and formed a covenant of association. This is who we are. Let’s make a name for ourselves. Let’s create our own laws. Let’s crown a ruler for ourselves who will protect us and provide for us. A city provides anonymity for sinful practices. A city creates strength from common purposes. A city allows collusion for new ventures. A city provides division of labour for all manner of enterprises. But a city needs resources to sustain itself. Those resources must come from outside the city. And so the city sets out aggressively to either take those resources by trade or plunder. Plunder is easier. Rome needs grain and Egypt has it in abundance and so Egypt is conquered and occupied by legions to supply grain to Rome. America needs oil so it prints up dollars out of nothing and buys the oil for essentially nothing and if the Saudi princes want anything else in payment like maybe gold, there are American troops stationed close by to persuade them otherwise.

The Whore of Babylon

The cities of this world and their civilizations that they represent are raping the earth and enslaving the masses of the people. Revelations describes her as the whore of Babylon with who the kings of the earth and the rich men of the earth have committed fornication. Every day you read new fornications by the wealthy and the powerful, politicians and business moguls, who sell out their citizens and their workers for power and profit. They care nothing for the poor of the earth. They care nothing for the earth and all its inhabitants; man, beast, plant or animal. All is to be used and abused for the power and their profit.

But the God of heaven and earth is putting a stop to them, for the Lord is also building a city…

The New Jerusalem

Abraham looked for a city not made with hands whose builder was God Himself. That new city is here. The Bible calls it the New Jerusalem. She is the Bride of Christ, the Church of the Living God, the Body of Christ, the Tabernacle of God in which He dwells.  Revelations tells us this new city will bear fruit that will heal the nations and the earth. This new city will have the kings of the earth bring their glory to her. This wonderful Kingdom of God, this new civilization is ruled by the Lord. She is His weapons of warfare. With her He will conquer the nations and disciple them. With her He will heal the earth from the depravations of the whore of Babylon.

Yes the Kingdoms of this world are becoming the Kingdoms of our god and of His Christ. God is shaking up the high places of the earth, the places from which the rulers of this worlds darkness rule from and from which they exercise their power. The high places of politics, finance, entertainment, fashion, education…they will all tremble, crumble and fall under the weight of their own inherent flaws and complexities. That process is now underway. The recent Japanese tragedy is just another shaking in a long series of shakings now taking place.

For the Kingdom warriors I say along with Revelations, “Get out of Babylon, that you be not partakers of her judgment…” Get out of the world system. Get into building the New Jerusalem. Our own cities… our own communities. Our own businesses, our own farms, our own energy supplies, our own governments, our own education, our own entertainment, our own money supply…all under the authority of Jesus our King. Yes I know there are giants and walled cities ahead of us sitting on top of our promised land but blow the trumpet in Zion and march around your inheritance, the walls will fall.  Join with those of similar vision who want to see the Kingdom of God manifested in our land and in our time and get to work with practical Kingdom projects!

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