As a Watchman on the walls of Zion I am watching an interesting international spectacle. There is full scale economic warfare going on among the members of the New World Order. I will outline some of the key players and their strategies for you but let me make this comment with regard to present events in the light of prophecy. The Dispensationalists are looking for a one world government led by the Antichrist. We here at the Kingdom Now movement are looking for the collapse of Babylon in its various manifestations of either banking centers (London, New York) economies (America), transnational power groupings (the EU), alliances (the Arab league, Nato).

Looking at the evolving international scene and the perceptive viewer will look beyond all the smiles and backslapping at the recent G-20 meeting in Seoul and see the daggers drawn among the world leaders. Which brings to mind two quotes; one from our Lord Jesus and the other from Von Clausewitz. Jesus said, “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.” (Mathew 12: 25).  The German geo-politicist Von Clausewitz said, “warfare is the continuation of diplomacy by other means.” What are we saying?

We are saying that Jesus is Lord, He is in control of nations and rulers, all power in heaven and on earth is given unto Him and what we are witnessing on the world scene is His agenda of world collapse. He is dividing kingdoms, nations, cities and houses until they all collapse. So unlike those who believe Satan is in control and the world is following some secret agenda cooked up by the Illuminati or Bilderbergers or Masons or whatever your particular conspiracy theory is; we here at the Kingdom Vision see our Lord in control of world events! Which brings us to Von Clausewitz.

Our Lord will always begin His actions with “diplomacy”. That is He sends His prophets with warnings to repent. If these are not heeded then He starts the judgment process. He did this with Pharaoh. He sends Moses with a message, “let my people go that they may serve me”. Pharaoh ignores these warnings. The Plagues follow. The Lord has sent His prophets into the world against Babylon, “let my people go that they may serve me”. Unfortunately we have a generation of evangelical Christians caught up in serving Mammon and entrapped in materialism. They have lost the Kingdom Vision and the Kingdom agenda.  Diplomacy has failed.  Calls to holiness and separation from the world have failed. Now comes warfare from heaven against the world system, a continuation of the Kingdom agenda by other means. How?

The turning point was 9/11. It was the writing on the wall for the evangelical charismatic Church in America. (see my article The Prophetic Significance of 9/11). It came as the culmination of two decades of a false gospel coming out of the American church as an echo from Gordon Gekko on Wall Street, “Greed is good”. A phony gospel centered around my needs, my self actualization, my prosperity, my power, my goals, my advancement in the world, all of course to be “a witness for Jesus” to our fellow Babylonians that you can have the good life now and still heaven later. Love not the world? (politics, sports, entertainment). Nor the things that are in the world? (new cars, latest fashions, jet set travel, latest electronic gadgetry).  Hey c’mon man, what’s wrong with that? My favorite preacher is driving a Merc and flying in his own private jet, if God can do it for him why not for me?

But there was no national repentance after 9/11. This surely was an attack from the devil! And so the call came from the White House, “They tried to destroy our way of life and we are going to respond!” And respond they did with lots of guns and lots of money. The Fed lowered interest rates to 1% and banks poured out loans to anybody with a heartbeat who wanted to buy a house, any house, any price. But while money was pouring out of the banks to anybody willing to sign on the dotted line, American factories were being closed by the thousands and relocated to China. America has lost 42,000 factories and over 8 million industrial jobs since 9/11.  But those millions of high paying factory jobs were not initially missed as they were replaced by construction, real estate, lawyers, bankers, bond originators, furnishers and millions of other peripheral jobs connected with the construction boom. In 5 years from 2003 to 2008 the American consumer extracted an extra $5 trillion in spending power from their home equity. Prosperity preachers were ecstatic. Tithes were pouring in.

But the boom went bust and now the bills are due. But the bills cannot be paid because the industrial heartland of America has been gutted and those factory jobs are not coming back from China and neither are the service industries that serviced the factories coming back. But America says don’t worry, if the consumers are tapped out and can no longer borrow and spend an extra trillion dollars a year that our economy needs then Washington will come up with that extra trillion every year. And so now Washington is borrowing an extra $1 trillion every year from the Fed. And where is the Fed getting the money? It is simply printing it up. Trillions of dollars.

So where is the economic warfare? Well, our thesis is this: the enemy has captured the Church using money, banks, central government regulations, worldly business practices and mindless entertainment. He has infiltrated the church with a phony gospel from renegade preachers and the people love it! But the Lord is now fighting back. Deliverance is on its way. By the time the Lord is finished with this round of economic judgment you are going to see the following littering the international landscape:

  1. You will see a bankrupted middle class all across America who are mostly evangelical Christians and who are going to learn what real church and real community is all about.
  2. You are going to see a discredited group of church leaders who will finally have to exit the pulpits and the air waves as the promised prosperity not only does not materialize but the Great Depression II makes speculation about the supposed Great Tribulation irrelevant.
  3. You are going to see the collapse of central governments as tax revenues dry up and the power of politicians to tax and spend, regulate people’s lives and make war are gone.
  4. You are going to see the collapse of the great banks of New York and London as people go on a debt jubilee by simply refusing to pay their bonds and their credit cards and just refuse to leave their homes.
  5. You are going to see the Euro collapse as nations such as Greece, Spain. Ireland, Portugal and Italy go bankrupt leaving trillions in worthless bonds representing the wasted savings of thrifty Germans who now have no retirement income. The streets will run with blood! But the church in Europe will see a great revival as Europeans turn to the Lord as savior and not to politicians.
  6. As the US Fed keeps on printing trillions of dollars it will eventually destroy the US dollar when the nations of the world make a stand against accepting anymore worthless dollars for payment of oil and other goods. The Lord says, “You think more dollars are the answer to your problems, Ok, I will give you trillions of it!” And like He multiplied frogs in Egypt (they had a frog god there!) He will multiply dollars until they become worthless!
  7. As central governments and central bankers collapse, you will see the rise of local communities, local economies and local currencies. The church will go back to its roots of church as a community and be delivered from church as a meeting on Sunday morning.
  8. You are going to see the rise of a new breed of Holy Spirit anointed leadership rise in the church as we move from church as spectacle and entertainment to church as a warfare community that binds up satanic powers and dispossesses Satan of his strongholds.

Watch the international spectacle unfold. The Lord is a mighty God who will triumph over all the powers of the enemy. He will deliver His people from the Babylon world system. He has declared warfare upon this system of control and it is falling. After economic judgment watch for further judgment in the form of “natural” disasters, incurable plagues and weather warfare.

The armies of heaven are on the move. The Lord is dividing nation against nation, Wall Street against Main Street, local communities against central governments, currencies against currencies, East against West, North against South. And out of the collapse will rise the Kingdom of our God and of His Christ and He shall reign forever and ever.   

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