Ezekiel's Wheels and the End of the Age

The UFO cults love to point to Ezekiel chapter 1 as proof that our God was just an ancient astronaut visiting Ezekiel (and Moses et. al.) in a flying saucer and soon the space gods will once again descend from the heavens.  But for Ezekiel and the other captives of Israel in Babylon as with the church captive today in Babylon there is a deep mystery here to understand...a new order of the ages is upon us!

I want to continue our exploration into the mysteries of the book of Ezekiel to look deeper into the mystery of the famous "wheels within wheels" and weird creatures found in chapter 1 (please read the chapter, I don't have room in this blog to quote it all).  And to dispel the New Age UFO deception creeping into the church.

The time, place and setting of Ezekiel is important to unravel the mystery.  Ezekiel tells us that he is a priest of the Lord's temple, that he is captive in Babylon on a date we can place on our calendar as 28 July 593 BC. He locates himself on the banks of the river Chebar. This is the man-made canal called Kabar that linked Babylon with Nippur the most sacred city of Sumer.  The gods of Sumer were taken on wheeled carriages to the banks of the river to be consecrated.

Now the next important piece of information:  From the book of Daniel and from historical records we know that Babylon took the brightest of the young leaders of their captives like Daniel and his three friends and sent them to the University of Babylon to be indoctrinated in their sciences, arts, theology and government laws. The Babylonians had a very sophisticated mathematical system and astronomy by which they divided the circle into 360 degrees and made very precise and accurate measurements of the heavens from their "high places" called Ziggurats.

This was critically important because this was their highest level of science, technology and power...to control and direct the powers of the heavens. They had no electrical or nuclear power.  Power to them resided in the hidden forces of the world. And while lesser nations and tribes worshipped and entreated lesser powers of trees, rivers, mountains and animals...the Babylonians as the superpower of the world wanted ultimate power...to control the very powers of heaven.  And that meant studying the heavens and the powers that are resident there but also very importantly was their discovery that the heavens and its movements measured time, not just day and night or yearly seasons...but the slow moving of the cosmos revealed a cycle of eons of time...and everything happened in great cycles of time. To measure the cycles of time they had two great circles or rings or wheels. The one was called the Ourobos among the ancients.  That is the great band of unmoving stars we call the Milky Way.  The other was another belt of moving stars they called the great Zodiac of twelve constellations.


When you look into the night sky you can see the great belt of the Milky Way. The Chaldeans imagined it to be a great serpent or dragon that is eating his tail. The circle of the Zodiac however was inclined by 60 degrees to the plane of the galactic ecliptic and so it looked like a separate wheel and within that wheel there were four very bright stars spaced around which formed the four sections of the Zodiac each section having a different symbol, a man (Aquarius) , a lion (Leo), a bull (Taurus) and an eagle (Ophiuchus, the serpent holder above Scorpio).  These great power symbols were combined as in a man/lion by the Egyptians can called the Sphinx or also called Cherubim in the Bible.

So here is actually what Ezekiel saw and which his readers of that day would immediately understand. He was seeing the great wheels of the cosmos. The Milky Way and the wheel of the Zodiac. Each had many "eyes" or stars in it.  In verse 21 he says something interesting, "the spirit of the living creatures (the great Cherubim) were in the wheels."  And this is a wonderful mystery of creation.  The Bible tells is that great and mighty beings surround the throne of God. We do not know what they look like. The great Seraphim are described as great winged fiery creations and the Cherubim are imaged as four faced creatures. I believe these great beings are channels for the power of God to bring creation and the heavens and the earth into being.  (I will explain this in greater detail in a forthcoming blog entitled "Why do angels sing" hint: all of creation comes into being from the vibrations of the symphony of heaven...also known in scientific circles as "string theory").

But for Babylonian theology there was a supreme power over the wheels or rings...
The Lord of the Rings

For Babylon and all other ancient societies the Lord of the Rings who controlled the powers of heaven was found in the north star. The star which did not move and around which all the constellations revolved....Draconis in the constellation Draco.  The Great Dragon was lord of the rings of heaven and therefore was the real controller of the powers that flowed from the stars. (and this topic of the Lord of the Rings we will develop further in future blogs).

 Draco, Lord of the Rings

But here is the crucial new information that Ezekiel was adding to Babylonian theology. They knew about the wheels of heaven.  All ancient societies knew about the wheels of heaven (The book to reference here is the great exposition "Hamlets Mill" by De Santillana and von Deschend).  What they did not know was that above the wheels of the heavens was another "firmament" and the one who sits above all and over all and rules over all is the almighty I Am, Yahweh, the Lord Jesus Christ.

It was the witness of Daniel, Ezekiel and the three Hebrew young men who introduced the Lord God to Babylon.
Daniel displayed God's sovereign power to Nebuchadnezzar until the king had to acknowledge the Lord. 
The three Hebrew young men endured the fiery furnace with the Son of God in the fire as a witness to the whole court of Babylon.
Ezekiel revealed his vision of the Lord God, Yahweh, as enthroned above the Cherubim and the rings of the heavens.
....as Paul said to the Romans, people worshipped the creation rather than the creator!

The New Order of the Ages

There is another important mystery that needs to be explained about the rings of heaven.
It is called the "Aion Suntelia".  The wheel of the Zodiac turns once every 25,920 years which was known to all ancients (see Hamlet's Mill). When the order of the ages so progresses that the sun rises at the centre of the galaxy (where the serpent swallows his tail) then the world will erupt into chaos and from that chaos will emerge a 'New Order of the Ages" or as depicted on the American seal "Novus Ordo Seclorum".
The time for this New Age is when the bow of Sagitarius points to the centre of the galaxy and the sun rises at the equinox....when the tail of Draco the dragon has cast a third of the stars of heaven (i.e. movement of 4 constellations) to the earth (as per Revelation 12).
The Mayans worked this date into their famous "long count" of when the age closes and a new begins, when the world collapses into chaos and a new order of the ages emerges...
December 2012.
All occult societies plan and long for this new age. They secretly work towards it. If you ask why does it seem that some nations and powers in the world just cause chaos with what they do, why the international money system is impoverishing the many for the enrichment of the few, why the big corporations are destroying the earth....its the call for chaos, so that a New Order of the Ages can come forth where the ancient gods can once again come and rule the earth.  Which is why the longing and call for the space gods to come again!

2012 End of the Age - End Times AION symbol Ouroboros, serpent eating its own tail end time prophecy David Flynn researchsagit points to sign of the suntelia aion occuring december 2012

For those of us work for the manifestation of the Kingdom of God on earth these are wonderful times!  The space gods are here in their "fiery chariots" (UFO's).  The time of their judgement has come. They must be manifested so that the power of God can be manifested in His people!

Like Daniel we see the signs of chaos in the world and we interpret it as writing on the wall...Babylon is falling!
Like the three Hebrew young men, we will endure the fiery trials that lie ahead and from it we will by His power emerge stronger to reveal Christ to the world.
Like Ezekiel our eyes are not lifted to the powers of this world or the hidden powers of darkness.  They do not rule and their power was broken on the cross. We look to Him who sits on the throne of heaven with the armies of heaven at His command, adored and worshipped by all the heavenly hosts He commands and all must obey.
To us it is given the manifest His glory in the earth and unto us it is give as weak "Hobbits" to bring to naught the power of "The Lord of the Rings"...and more of that next week!

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