I believe the Lord has over the last 500 years restored His Biblical truths to the Church to bring us out of the Roma Catholic apostasy. So here are the truths that I stand on that have been restored to me and the Church of the 21st Century:

- I stand with the Anabaptists who through the Dark Ages kept alive the tradition of home Church, adult Baptism and scripture reading.

- I stand with the Lutherans in justification by faith in the saving grace of Jesus Christ that saves us and that the divinely inspired scripture alone is the arbiter of truth, not the traditions of men.

- I stand with the Calvinists in the sovereignty of God, the depravity of man and the election of the saints.

- I stand with the Wesleyen Methodists in the work of the Holy Spirit to produce sanctification and holiness unto the Lord and the restoration of hymns and songs to the Church.

- I stand with the Congregationalists on the primacy and independence of the local Church.

- I stand with the Presbyterian Puritans for the separation of Church and state and the election and rule of the elders over the local Church.

- I stand with Wilberforce and the English Social reformers that the Gospel must impact the social and economic sectors of our society.

- I stand with Carey and Hudson and the great 19th Century missionary movements that the Gospel must be preached in all the world to all nations.

- I stand with the Baptists and the Revivalists that you must be born again and baptized to enter the Kingdom of heaven.

- I stand with the Pentecostals and the Azusa street revival for the restoration of all 9 gifts of the Spirit to the Church in our day…including speaking in tongues.

- I stand with the second wave Charismatics in the restoration of praise and worship in the Church and that the outpouring of the Holy Spirit was meant for all denominations, not just the Pentecostals.

- I stand with the third wave Restoration movements that the Lord is restoring Godly authority in the Church through the Five-Fold leadership ministry, that He is restoring the Church to its true structure with a greater anointing of power still to come.

- I stand with the Christian Reconstructionists that the Kingdom is now and that all things must come under the authority of Jesus Christ including the economy, government, education, entertainment, social sciences…

On the wonderful foundation built for us by God’s warriors in generations past, lets take what they passed on to us and build His Kingdom in our generation.

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