Game of Thrones Endgame: Part 1 Winter is Coming

I have introduced you to the concept of a great cosmic drama that is playing itself out on earth through history.  Let me now in the following blogs skip to the "Endgame" which I believe we are now entering. This is what I expect lies ahead and this is what I believe how things will play out.....but as they repeat in the TV series, I repeat here...Winter is coming!

Jesus in the parable of the wheat and the tares said the world is the field and God sowed His seed into the field and then the enemy came and sowed his seed. The people seeing this wanted to immediately tear out these tares and the Lord said no, let them grow together and at the time of harvest we can see which is wheat and which is tares.

We have come to the end of the age.  It is now time for revelation. It is also now time for the tares to be removed from the field.  The enemy forces have said we will grow to fill the earth.  The Lord has prophesied that His kingdom will grow to fill the earth.

The end game before is will determine who fills the earth....and the coming winter will determine who survives to fill the earth and whose kingdoms fall into destruction and oblivion.

In the coming few blogs I want to describe for you this coming weeding out process.

But I have a warning here which I want to illustrate from the end of the last era. Most of the evangelical church leaders are totally wrong as to how the endgame plays out and therefore most Christians are unprepared for what is now to transpire on the earth in the years ahead.

Across the world in church after church meeting after meeting we hear...."It's the end time, prepare yourself Jesus is coming!".  And then proceed to give signs of the "end times" and how to prepare to for the rapture to leave the earth.

Parallel to this are principalities and powers who are also readying themselves for what they perceive to see as the "end times" as all world powers have made the correct calculations...things cannot continue as they are now:

- The earth is adding a billion people every long can this go on?
- The world financial system is multiplying the debt of nations, corporations and people in exponential numbers while central banks print money in the trillions and as the world drowns in debt it has become obvious to all economists and world leaders that none of this can ever be repaid so the word financial end game is now in its last long can it carry on?
- The world's oceans are being fished out, the great tropical rain forests are being destroyed year after year to plant more palm oil and more soya beans, the animals like elephant and rhino are being hunted to extinction....and the list of species extinction widens every long can this carry on?
- As we keep adding a billion people every 12 years how long can we keep increasing food supplies to feed the coming billions?
- As societies around the world keep losing trust in their politicians, bankers, institutions how long can we keep world order as the national identities and boundaries fall and great migrations of people tear apart the glue that keeps world long can world order last in the midst of the coming financial collapse?

And I can add a long list more that will include resistant strains of disease, climate change, world water shortages, plant diseases from mono-culture cropping and many more.

Every significant world military, intelligence community and corporate think tank are crunching the numbers.....and the scramble is on to somehow buy up, conquer, and asset strip any and all remaining world assets to protect from the coming winter storms and hopefully survive the coming world implosion.

The Church and the End of the Age

And where does the church stand in the evolving end game?

Let me illustrate the problem in the church at the end of this age with the problem of the church at the end of the last age.

The age I am speaking of was the age of national Israel when God chose to the Jews to be His people to bring forth the messiah and bring salvation to the world.  That age ended in 70 AD with the Roman armies surrounding Jerusalem after having destroyed the whole countryside in rivers of blood they proceeded to destroy the whole false vision of a great national revived Israel with a Davidic king that will be the head of the nations.  Now I mention this to you for two fascinating things that happened in that great final battle of the destruction of Jerusalem....and the destruction of false prophecies and false hopes and dreams:

Josephus the great Jewish general who started the war leading a Jewish army against Rome then switched sides when he realized he had all the prophecies of Daniel wrong. He recorded in detail the course of the war. He stood below the walls of Jerusalem trying to persuade his countrymen to surrender.

Among the many fascinating details of the times and the war Josephus just drops some amazing stories that are very pertinent to the deception of the Jerusalem church and their miscalculation of the coming of the Lord...

In section (v:vi:3) of his war accounts he recounts the great stones hurled by the catapults of Rome into the city and this is what the watchmen on the walls would shout out:
"and the watchmen that sat upon the towers gave them notice when the engine was let go and the stones came from it and cried out loud in their own country language "THE SON COMETH" so those that were in the way stood off..."

"The Son Cometh"? What was happening was that the cynical zealots in the city were mocking the Christians in the city who were prophesying "Don't worry the Messiah the Son of God is coming in the clouds to save us". 

And did Jesus come in the clouds?  Well here is the second remarkable thing recorded by Josephus (section vi:v:3)....
" on the 21st day of the month Artemisius a certain and prodigious and incredible phenomenon appeared; I suppose the account of it would seem to be a fable, were it not related by those that saw it and were not the events that followed it....for before sun-setting chariots and troops of soldiers in their armour were seen running about among the clouds and surrounding of cities"

So remarkable was this army in the heavens and clouds seen by so many that even the Roman historian Tacitus in his Histories records this phenomenal event. He said "In the sky appeared a vision of armies in conflict".

Why am I relating this long forgotten war stories of a past era?

Well the Anti-Nicene father Hegesippus in his history of the early Jerusalem Church said of James the Lord's brother who was the head of the Jerusalem Church that he would cry in the Temple "The Messiah the Son of God is coming in the clouds".  And the Jerusalem Church grew to many thousands meeting in the Temple grounds and they were what we would today call Messianic Jews.  They were all highly Torah observant. They were one of the prime reasons for the incredible rise of the expectation that the time had come for God to restore the Kingdom to the Jews.

The Messianic fervour was so great that by 62 AD the High Priest had James assassinated by throwing him off the Temple top. An incredible riot ensued in the city and the Roman procurator had to get rid of the High Priest.

If you go through all the writings of the New Testament epistles you will see the repeated phrases "the last days", "in these last days", "you know in the last days perilous times will come", hereby we know that it is the last days".  The entire early Church was convinced they were living in the last days.

And they were living in the last days. The last days of the era of God working through national Israel, the Temple, the sacrifices, the Old Covenant.

Jesus was coming in the clouds.  And He did come in the clouds and all eyes saw Him just like He said they would and two great Roman historians Josephus and Tacitus recorded Him coming in the clouds....but He came to destroy the old regime and usher in a new era...the time of the New Covenant, the New Israel, the New Jerusalem, the New Temple.

Jesus warned His disciples He was going to destroy the Temple and Jerusalem. He told them when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies then flee. He met with John in Patmos and showed him revelations of the coming war and the coming destruction of Jerusalem to warn the churches and He warned right at the end of Revelation...."behold I come quickly".  John right at the beginning of Revelation warned the readers the Lord showed me things which are "shortly coming to pass".

The vast majority of the early church ignored all these warnings.  A million people died in Jerusalem in 70 AD. Many were Messianic Jews of the Jerusalem Church.  They were deceived by false prophets promising that now is the time for Israel to be restored.  The Messiah is coming to rescue us.  He is coming in the clouds with a great army to destroy the Romans and set up His kingdom in Jerusalem and restore Israel. 

And in the midst of this decades long struggle in the early church as to the nature of the Kingdom of God, how it was to appear etc....there was Paul, the outside Apostle saying no, the brethren from Jerusalem church have this all wrong. They are wrong on who is Israel, they are wrong on the what is the Temple of God, they are wrong on the laws, they are wrong on Jerusalem.  Paul lost the end times debate in the church. In his last letter to Timothy he sadly says "All the churches of Asia have left me...".  Those were the churches like Galatia and Ephesus that he spent so much time and effort to persuade against the Judaizers....those same churches that Jesus addressed through the vision of John on Patmos...warning them, they are in error...war is coming and Jerusalem is finished.  They did not listen.

Why am I telling you this?

Because the end game I am going to describe to you in the coming blogs are not what you expect to hear. Why? Because you have been told don't worry, Jesus is coming in the clouds and this is of no concern to us.

So let me be clear on this point:

I believe we are living in the end times and that Jesus is coming in the clouds.

But the end times I am going to show you is not what you have heard. I am going to show you the end times for the world Archons and their principalities and their powers. It is the end of Satan and his deception, not the end of the world.

And yes Jesus is coming in the clouds....but not to take us out of here, but He is coming with the armies of heaven because it is time to tear out the tares in the field that is the world. It is time make an end of those who would destroy the earth. It is time for the saints to inherit the Kingdom.

And in the midst of this the church is under the same false prophets as infected the end of the last age.  Once again we hear in our churches....God is going to restore national Israel, the Temple is going to be rebuilt, Jesus will come in the clouds to save Jerusalem from the coming battle of Armageddon etc etc.

If we are to face the trial ahead and understand the end of this era and the great transition we are about to go through then we need to disabuse ourselves of false prophecies in the church and false promises from politicians, corporates and technocrats.

Their world empires are heading for the scrap heap of history and we will inherit all the wonderful technologies and breakthroughs that we need to build the world according to God's plan for the coming age of the Kingdom.

Next week....the unfolding end game scenario! 

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