Game of Thrones Endgame Part 2: Rise of the Psychopaths

There is not one prophecy book I have read that either describes or predicts the world of the 21st Century we now live in as an accurate description of the "end times'. Every confident "sign of the end times" has been wrong for the last 60 years. Here is my road map of prophetic scripture for you to follow on the real end game as it is now unfolding.....

Let me give you just a very small indicator of what is to me a real sign of the "end times". It is now what you expect but I will explain why this is important.

I recently in my web surfing found an article and video on Vice President Joe Biden of America having a photo opportunity at the swearing in of a new senator I think it was in the Senate chamber. C-Span TV recorded it. The family stand with Biden and their 13 year old little girl is brought centre to stand next to Joe Biden. After the photos he bends down and whispers in the little girls ear (not realizing that the C-Span mic can capture his whisper) and tells her "Do you know how horny I am to have a 13 year old girl stand next to me?".  You can view that exchange if you wish here:

What is going on here? Well on the outside we have an affable well respected elderly statesman one heart beat away from the presidency....and on the other side when seemingly nobody is looking we have an old man whispering to a little girl he desires her sexually.  We are all sinners and we all have secret sins but this is a different category of sin...normal old sinners don't tell little girls they want to have sex with them....this is the behaviour of a psychopath.

Why am I relating this?  Well bear with me for a moment and et me just expand on this idea a bit further and then I will relate it to my concept of the Endgame as I see prophetic scripture playing out.

In recent article in the UK Telegraph there was a report on a study by Australian forensic psychologist Dr. Nathan Brooks who did a study on the senior professionals in America in business and politics and found that 21 percent had clinically significant levels of psychopathic traits. Says the Telegraph article "One in five corporate executives are psychopaths - roughly the same rate as among prisoners. He said recruiters tend to focus on skills rather than personality features and this led firms to hiring successful psychopaths."

Dr. Brooks says of psychopaths, "Typically psychopaths create a lot of chaos and generally tend to play people off against each other." Some of the behaviours he identifies as follows:
- They tend to exploit others and trick others for self advancement.
- They use lies and deception to get their way.
- They tend to manipulate others for selfish reasons.
- They do not feel regretful and apologetic after having done wrong and not worry if their behaviour is unethical.
- They lack empathy and do not care about the hurt and distress they cause others.
- They take a dim view of humanity.
- They tend to be hungry for admiration and want to be the centre of attention.
- They tend to aim for higher status and signs of their importance.

Is this sounding like any one you know in heaven or on earth?

Now let me apply this to my understanding of the Endgame that is now being played out.  Bear in mind what I am saying. Every prophecy book or sermon you have heard on the "end times" as to how it is going to play out and what signs to watch out for is basically incorrect in its conclusions and strategy. Every time you hear a sermon or read a book that tells you Satan will win out and rule the world with his own one world empire is wrong. Everyone that tells you the righteous are taken out of the world is wrong.

Go back to the simple teachings of Jesus. Go to the parable of the sower and the seed and the wheat and the tares. Read it again in Matthew 13:38-43. Jesus explains the parable Himself. It is simple:
The world is the field. God sows His seed, the devil sows his seed. At the end of the age....I know your Bible says "the end of the world" but the actual Greek word is "eion" meaning age not "kosmos" meaning the at the end of the age in which we are now living....God's seed and Satan's seed mature. And you can see which is which. Then God lets the angels loose to bring in the harvest.  All the false tares are taken out first leaving God's seed.

So what does that tell us?

God has seed and Satan has seed.  God plants His seed in the hearts or spirit of man. We call it the new creation or being born again. Adam was created in the image of God.  Then he fell. Christ came as the second Adam to raise up a Godly seed of a new mankind re-created in the image of God to restore His image in us.

Satan has seed.  In Genesis 3:15 God says, "And I will put enmity between thee and the woman and between thy seed and her seed."  Now I know there is a major controversy on "the serpent's seed".  Are there actual lineal genetic descendants of Satan?  If you read Laurence Gardner's books like "The Grail Kings" he makes a strong argument that the great houses of nobility are the descendants of Cain the son of Lucifer. Nicholas de Vere in his book "The Dragon Legacy" claims to be one of those descendants and goes into an elaborate genealogy of his ancestors right back to Lucifer.  That is a fascinating discussion all on its own. But I am not interested in that here.

There are similar claims made for being the direct descendants of Abraham and therefore claims to have a special covenant with God. That is what the Pharisees claimed but Jesus told them straight out 'You are of your father the devil".  And Paul certainly in his epistles made it plain that physical seed of Abraham means nothing.

So then when we interpret our "sower and the seed" parable we are talking about the spiritual children of God and the spiritual children of Satan. The one group when they come to full growth take on the image of God their Father....the other group take on the image of their spiritual father Satan.

Which brings us to the Endgame of the Age and the rise of the Psychopaths....
There is a strong reason why God did not want a quick judgment of Satan and his rebellious angels.  In fact God said let them alone and lets see what is the fruit of this rebellion. Let all of heaven see what happens in time to any created being who is cut off from the love of God.

In our own world we know what happens to children who grow up without the love of their parents. What was entirely unforeseen in the ages past when Lucifer rebelled was the eventual effect on his character and personality would have cut off from the love of God.  He and his fellow rebels seemed so powerful, glorious, intelligent. Every indication of success...their own empire, their own rule, their own way of life. But something happened through the lonely ages of billions of years cut off from the love of the heavenly family.

Any realistic psychological evaluation of Satan and his fellow rebels is that they are clinically insane!  They are bound up in a self absorbed narcissism desperate for self validation and desperate for praise and acknowledgement while at the same time displaying what we would clinically call psychopathic sociopaths.  Their behaviour is not only self destructive but their hatred to one and all leads to the intense need to destroy and hurt all around them.

This is the spirit of antichrist, this is the spirit of clinical psychopaths, people who have opened themselves to be filled by the spirit of Satan.  Just as God fills His children with His Spirit through love and obedience so Satan fills his children with his spirit through hate and obedience.

Now what does this have to do with the Endgame?

Well in Revelation 9:11 God declares that the great Abyss will be opened up at the end of the age and the great "destroyer" Abaddon will be released on the earth.  When Jesus said at the end of the age the angels will be let loose to bring in the harvest it does not mean that only God's good angels will be loosed.

Now here it gets very important and you need to understand this....

Jesus said the Father judges nobody, He has given judgment to the Son. Then He says I will not judge you but my Word will judge you.  What is happening in the world now is the following:

God has poured out His Spirit all over the world. 
Satan and his evil spirits are also released from the Abyss and are pouring all over the world.

As the Spirit of God falls on His people and is raising up a generation of overcomers who will establish His Kingdom on there are now a generation of evil doers who are filled with a Satanic spirit to do the work of Satan in the world.

Now understand this:
They are not here to build a one world government, even though many think that is what they need to do.  These people in their character and spirit are psychopaths...they take after the spirit of their father the devil.  They cannot help themselves...they are destroyers!  Their own narcissistic self glorification drives their destructive behavior.

Look around you and you will see them at work...

In the business world they will rise to the top of a company and then destroy that company of they can for a short time drive up the share price to cash in their performance bonuses.  They will fire workers, relocate factories to low pay sweat shops overseas, downsize, amalgamate, sell, do anything to drive up profits for the sake of increased pay bonuses for themselves.

The result: The corporates are destroying the middle class working families and dividing the world into the rich 1% elite and a universal poor underclass.

In the world of culture of music, arts, is all coming down to the most crass filthy types of so called entertainment that glorifies sex, violence, lies, indolence and cruelty. With major themes these days on the dead, magic, sex and revenge violence.

The result:  A destruction of cultural values and world homoginized into a zombie proletariat.

The bankers of the world are destroying national currencies through central bank policies of printing up trillions of dollars in zero interest free money available for their top corporate clients to be used for stock buy backs and bond purchases.

The result: The destruction of pensions with the aging population no longer able to save money for retirement because there are no long term bonds paying interest on which to base retirement plans.  The pension insurance industry of the world is finished. The aged will need to work until they die. In the meantime the bankers will within a generation destroy the world's major reserve currency. The insider elite knowing this is coming are furiously buying up assets everywhere.

The psychopaths that inhabit the top structures of government are busy destroying nations.  The horrid nature of politics is made for psychopaths to get to the top.  And when they do, they destroy nations....Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao,,,,need I say more?  And here in South Africa? And the coming American presidential choice?

God is allowing the tares...the devils seed to come to fruition. It is they who will destroy the world system because they are psychopaths.  They care nothing for people or humanity or the environment or the earth or the future. It is all for now and all for me.  God does not have to lift a finger to send any of His angels to bring judgment on the world...they are doing it to themselves.

And that is why this  is the end of the age and the Endgame has already begun.  Because it cannot carry on like this year after year. 

But next week I want to tell you the good news...why God is not taking us out of the world but that He has given us the great task that when the enemy has done their worst, the Lord will release His army, His Church, His New Jerusalem to heal the bring peace on earth and good will to all mankind.!

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