Genesis and the Ancient Astronaut Theory

There is a very ancient lie that was first promulgated by the Sumerians and picked up by cultures all over the world. These lies are now getting a world wide audience again. Genesis was written as the counter to these lies and arm the Israelites with truth. But the modern media onslaught has convinced a large part of the world that Genesis is the myth....and the Sumerians were onto the truth.

In its current form it is known as the Ancient Astronaut Theory (AAT).

It was only in the 19th century that the great archaeological discoveries in Iraq of thousands of clay tablets from the earliest human civilization, the Sumerians of Ur and Chaldea were translated and we could get a fascinating glimpse into the world that Abraham left to follow the Lord God.

When we read the mythologies and theologies of the ancient Sumerians it gives us a rare glimpse into the context in which Genesis was written and why it was written and the battle of ideas that the Lord introduced with that divine revelation of what was the actual truth of God and creation to the people of that time.

I am mentioning this now because we are in our generation going to be confronted very graphically with those same ancient lies like no other generation since Abraham and Moses and we already have a generation of young people ready to believe the entire lie of Sumerian theology.

In my previous blog I introduced you to the idea presented in Deut. 32 that the Lord disinherited the nations after the Tower of Babel incident and gave them over to other gods to rule over them and for them to serve. These other gods are not figments of the imagination. They are real beings of great power that are part of a rebel alliance in the heavenlies who are described in scripture as "elohim" or gods and as having been "bene elohim" or the sons of God.

Now it will not surprise you to know that these ancient gods told lies to their people as to who they are and why they happened to be stranded on earth. This idea of battle among the gods and warfare in the heavenly realms is part of all ancient cultures.  The problem is finding out who are the good guys and who are the bad guys.

For the Sumerians the sky people were called "the Annunaki" the ones who came down from the sky.  There was a whole pantheon of these sky people fighting among themselves.  Notably there was the top god Enu and then two brothers at war Enlil who was credited as the one who made mankind and Enki the younger brother who wanted to help mankind. They mated with low level sub-humans apparently to upgrade the DNA so that mankind could be better servants to the gods. A key to this was their sister Ninhursag (meaning "the Lady of Life") who helped to birth the new human race.

The Annunaki had the same stories that you see in Genesis:
- Both accounts talk of mankind being created from clay by divine power
- Both refer to an ancient fight between a farmer and a shepherd
- Both give an account of gods or angels descending from heaven and influencing human civilization.
-  Both mention the creation of the first city.
- Both testify of a great flood that covered the land and wiped out almost all of mankind.
- Both talk of a great king who built a great temple or tower and the creation of many languages that divided the nations.     

But the difference was this...

The hero of the Sumerian story is Enki the one who took pity on mankind for all their hard toil on earth that the creator god had placed them in and secretly gave mankind hidden technologies to advance their civilization and make life easier.

In the Greek myths that parallel the Sumerian story this would be Prometheus who against the wishes of the gods of Mount Olympus gave mankind the technology of fire.

The "bad guy" in these stories is the creator God/Enlil who made man to be a hard working slave and the good guy is Lucifer/Enki the one who brings light and knowledge and technology to mankind to help is in our toil on earth.  Salvation through "gnosis" and technology.

This basic lie was told by the gods to all the peoples of the earth. Peter Goodgame in his "The Giza Discovery" describes it....

"In virtually all of the world there is the theme of an ancient conflict among the gods. In Egyptian myth it is the conflict of Osiris and Horus against Set; in Babylonian myth it is the battle of Marduk against Yum and Mot; in Greek myth it is the Zeus against the Titans.  All of these conflicts relate one way or another to the original conflict, the first divine conflict ever set down in writing which was the ongoing conflict between Enlil and Enki as told by the ancient Sumerians."

And it was from the first ancient city of Sumer, Ur of Chaldea that God called Abraham and told him get out of this place of lies and deception.  You have a story to tell the world.

And that story was written down in the book of Genesis. And the story that Abraham had to tell the world was the direct opposite to all the lies being told by the Annunaki to the nations of the world.  There was one man and one family that knew by revelation and direct descent from Adam what really happened and who were the good guys and who were the bad guys and it was the direct opposite of what the people of the world were being told.

Abraham went down into Egypt and told his story to Pharaoh and the Egyptians. My forefather was there in Eden. I am a direct descendant from Eve/Ninhursag.  There are not many gods....there is only One true God and all heaven obeys Him.  All these others are demonic liars and oppress the people of the nations.

The ones who believed this new theology about only one true God among the Eqyptians were called "Hebrews".  "Hebrews" is a term meaning "those who crossed over".  Abraham the Bible tells us was the father of the Hebrews.  The people who rejected the lies of the gods but believed the story that Abraham has to tell "crossed over" from serving the many gods to the only one true God.

Moses was sent to deliver those Hebrews from slavery to the gods of Egypt.  To do that he had to have cosmic war against the powers of the gods of Egypt so that the Lord God could demonstrate who is God.  The priests of Egypt had great power from the gods. But they could not prevail against the one true God of Abraham.

In the deserts of Sinai these people had a revelation of who God is. They were transformed from Hebrews to Israelites.  Israel meaning "ruled by God".  God gave them a great task.  Clear out Canaan of the offspring of the Annunaki, the giants, the Nephilim of Canaan and go and possess that land for the Lord and His glory and destroy their temples and idols and raise up the tabernacle of God as a dwelling place for the Lord of heaven on earth.

That is the context in which Genesis was written. A true testimony of who really are the Annunaki, the gods of Egypt....who really is Enki....what really happened in the beginning. 

Why do I bring this history up now in this blog?

Because we are now once again at the time when the "gods", the Annunaki, the ones from the sky are once again ready to deceive the nations. It is time once again for a cosmic war of the ages this time to clear not just Canaan from their evil influence but the whole earth.  Its a time when their "gates of entry" into the earth need to be cleansed and shut down, a time when their idols need to be destroyed. A time when their hold over governments and people need to be broken. A time to finally bring them to judgment.

What is different this time?  I mean satan has always been a deceiver and a liar. What makes it different now.  The difference has to do with the prophetic time we are at now entering in as a Church.  It is time for the "Great Deception" of Rev. 20. The opening of the Abyss and the release of those who have been bound there for thousands of years. The one Revelation in Greek called Apollyon or Apollo, the one the Egyptians called Osiris and the Sumerians called Enki.  In the book of Enoch he is called Azazel the leader of the fallen angels. The deceiver of mankind.

I believe he has already been released.  He and his demon hoard of deception.  In Hebrew they called him "Bealzebub" the "lord of those who fly." Erich von Daniken was an early popularizer of the gods with his book "Chariots of the Gods".

This was an early and popular rendition of the "Ancient Astronaut Theory".  The popular myth that the Annunaki of Sumer, the gods of Egypt, the gods of Olympus were astronauts from space visiting earth in their space craft.  That we the human race are an offspring of their genetic manipulation of early Neolithic man, the Neanderthals.

Multitudes all over the earth have looked into the skies and seen the "chariots of the gods" silently glide through the clouds.  I have seen some opinion polls that suggest that more people believe in UFO's than believe in God.     

Now I am going to step on some theological toes but you need to be ready for what I believe we are being set up for. There is no Antichrist coming out of the EU or Islam or Rome or whatever the latest false prophecy teaching in the Church is these days.

You expect to see Jesus coming in the clouds?  Then that is the place to look for the Antichrist deception.

The "John the Baptist" ministry of preparing the way of the Antichrist is now in full deception mode coming out of Hollywood.  What have been the favourite movies of the last sagas, magick, super humans, vampires, zombies, tans-humans, trans genders. 

Who and what have been the object of ridicule and scorn in movies and TV: evangelical Christians, marriage, family, fathers, monogamy.

The UFO craze started in 1947.  The start of the mighty outpouring is signs and wonders in the Church stated in 1947.  As the successive waves of the outpouring of God's Spirit has been empowering the Church since then, so there have been successive waves of evil, iniquity and deception on the earth at the same time.

We are heading for the great unveiling on planet earth.

The unveiling of who the Lord Jesus Christ is as the Lord manifests His glory and  His power in His Church for all the world to see as Moses did in Egypt.

The unveiling of who the Annunaki, the fallen angels who have been tormenting mankind for the ages.   

But the prelude to that is first going to be the great deception before the great revelation.

And that deception will be so profound as to try to deceive even the very elect of God. 

Stay grounded in His Word and in love with Jesus and you will be safe in the secret place of the most high abiding under the shadow of the Almighty.

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