In my previous blog I introduced you to the idea that God's Law of Equity which Jesus supported in Luke 6:38 says that with the same measure you give so you will receive. No giving R10 to get R1000 in return. So if i want more, how do I go about producing more? The Bible has interesting guidance for us on how to increase our productivity...

The Power to Create Wealth

Lets start with God's wonderful encouragement to the Israelites at Sinai in Deuteronomy 8 that He is bringing them to a place of abundance and in verse 18 He tells them to "...remember, it is the Lord your God who gives you the power to create wealth in order that He may establish the covenant which He swore unto your fathers.."

So let me expand a moment on what wealth creation we are talking about here.  The Israelites were to go into the Promised Land and possess the land, take the cities and build the Temple.  The people were to own the land, the cities were given to the Levites and the Tabernacle to the Priesthood.  Now this represents for me three areas of wealth creation:

Physical Wealth Creation: This came from productive assets of the land for each Israelite family.  This in turn supported....

Social Wealth Creation: This came from the cities through the ministry of the Levites who were responsible for education, law and justice, welfare, health. This in turn supported...

Spiritual Wealth Creation: This came from the spiritual ministry of the priesthood responsible for fulltime praise and worship in the Tabernacle, sacrifices for the people for sins, intercession for the people.

Everyone in Israel had their part to play in creating wealth for the nation.

God Gives Each Person Gifts to Create Wealth...

Jesus gave us the parable of the talents (Math.25:15-28) to tell us this:
Everyone has a gift from God whether it is one talent or ten talents and everyone is responsible to use that talent and increase it for the Kingdom of God. We are all called to be wealth creators for the Kingdom of God in order to establish His covenant in the earth.

But let me just give you some proper perspective on wealth:

The lowest form of wealth creation is making money. The highest form of wealth creation is spiritual wealth creation. A soul is worth more than the entire wealth of the world Jesus said. A soul can be transferred from earth to heaven....a billion dollars cannot be transferred. 

Bringing a lost soul to repentance or bringing a new baby into the world is the highest form of wealth creation. The reason for this is simple: The greatest good in the universe is to make the heart of God glad and because God is a Father He created this universe we briefly inhabit as a "womb" and "nursery" to bring forth children into His household. Each new child born into His image brings infinite delight to the heart of our heavenly Father.

Your other great spiritual wealth creation activity which is entirely in your hands is transforming your spirit-man into the image of Jesus Christ. Growing daily into Christ. Presenting yourself daily to the Lord as a living sacrifice to do His work is absolutely grow into His image which greatly pleased our Father. This is why Jesus told you to lay up treasures in heaven...the smallest acts of kindness and love done for His glory transforms your inner being. 

So the real purpose of the economy is to support the work of God's two great institutions: The Church and the family.  

Increasing Your Productivity

Jesus wants you to increase your talents. Your talents represent your ability to generate wealth for His Kingdom.  Increased productivity means more for you and more for everyone else.  There is a lot that the Word of God says about productivity and it is a wonderful part of the Bible that I am now intensely studying to expound on in my forthcoming book on the Kingdom Economy but here are just a few good guidelines:

The Law of Sabbath Investment

God ordered the Israelites to let the land rest every 7th year. They themselves were to rest every 7th day. There are so many pointless arguments over which day etc that people lose the purpose of this law. It is this: The land was their primary productive asset. The 7th year "rest" was to restore nutrients into the land so that for the other 6 years the land was more productive.

Here is my advice for you. What is your primary productive asset? Is it your time and labour? Then make that time and labour more valuable to your employer by investing a seventh of your time (15%) in studying and skills development. Your skills are your primary productive asset and upgraded skills will produce more production for your labour time.

Take a seventh of your income (15%) and invest it in productive assets that keep on producing while you are not working. God told the Israelites He wanted to lead them to a land where not only does each family own their own land but that each one will sit under his own fruit trees and vines. These represent working assets that produce for you while you rest.  God wanted for His people two sources of income: Income from their labour and passive income from their productive investments (sheep, cattle, trees and vines).

What I am telling you here is nothing strange to a reputable investment advisor: True financial security comes from a lifetime habit of constant self development, skills development and disciplined regular investment into productive assets.

But here is another bit of advice on Sabbath rest: Spend time with the Lord and His word to increase your spiritual sensitivity. Shut the world out. Go spend time in praise and worship and hearing the Word of God preached. Feast on His Word. For the rest of the week you will have greater ability to hear God's voice in your daily decisions. You will be sensitive to all the opportunities to increase your spiritual wealth creation to those in need all around you.

And just a health tip: After a great weekend of eating and resting, give your digestive system a break on Monday. Make it a fast day. Give your body time to digest, absorb and dispose of all those nice fats and sugars from the weekend.

The Law of Debt Limitation

Debt is the plague of our times.  People, families, companies are drowning in debt. everyone wants more and they want it now. People can't save because they are still paying off last year's debt. God understands economics. He understands people. He said every 7th year there is to be debt release. That meant that people could not put themselves into perpetual debt because lenders realized that there was a time limit to how long they could expect payment. So if people could not control their spending lenders in Israel would not lend them the money.

Get out of debt! Make it your covenant before God not to buy what you cannot afford. And what you owe make a disciplined covenant with the Lord to pay off your debts. "Owe no man anything" is a law in both the Old and New Testament!

There is so much more that I can share with you. I don't have space here. I will do more in future blogs. One of the future blogs I want to especially share with you is God's commandments to avoid fools and foolishness that waste your time and money. That alone is a whole fascinating study on its own. And just to give a you a heads-up, go to the book of Proverbs and see what the Lord says there about fools: How to recognize them, how to avoid them, how to rebuke them!

But here is what I want to leave with you this week:
The Lord wants us to be productive workers in His Kingdom. He wants us to prosper in all that He gives us to do no matter how small or how great or what part of His Kingdom economy He has called us to. He has made a world full of abundance and there more than enough for all that we need. But there are no easy ways to prosperity. It requires a lifestyle. It requires a daily disciplined walk with God following His ways. There are no instant wealth formulas. It is not God's ways. But when you do it His way you not only prosper in this life but you will store up true wealth in heaven that lasts forever.

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