Part 2: Gods of Egypt and Corporate Oppression

The oppression of the Israelites in Egypt by the gods of Egypt resonate today with the oppression of God's people by the corporate state.  In fact I maintain it's the same gods and the same oppression and the same deliverance is coming....let my people go that they may serve me!

In my blog last week I postulate that Satan cloaks himself in myths and fables and then finds a place of operation in either a nation or a small territory that he can oppress and deceive God's people.  It seems to me that while other fallen angels rule over various nations territories and peoples I get the impression that Satan himself likes to be close to wherever God is doing or about to do a great work. Just some examples:
- In Eden he was there to lie to Adam and Eve and seduce them into rebellion.
- In Egypt he filled the nation with false fables of a various gods and heavenly powers that the people must sacrifice to. When the Hebrews arrived he did everything possible to enslave them and prevent them from fulfilling their destiny.
- In the Promised Land he set up special high places and for the Israelites to commit idolatry.
- In David's time he set himself up in Tyre, a small island off the coast of Lebanon and convinced Solomon to allow him to help building the Temple and came up with a new design for Solomon...the twin tower design of the Philistines, which Hiram built for Solomon.  That Temple became a place of idolatry for Israel.
- When he ruled from Rome he set himself up on the Capitoline Hill to rule as Jupiter.
- When Rome fell and Catholicism ruled the world he ruled from the Vatican where the statue of the idol Jupiter was moved to and renamed Saint Peter (it is still there).   
- Eventually with the fall of the Holy Roman Empire Satan managed to keep for himself a small enclave called Vatican City in which to ensconce himself.
- When Britain was converted to Christ and destined to become a world power as well as a great missionary sending nation a square mile was set apart in the midst of London called "The City" over which the sovereigns of England have no rule. It is the "City of London" the heart of the world money power. At the opening of Parliament each year the queen goes through the ceremony of knocking on the door and ask to be allowed to enter. Mammon rules there.
- When it was evident in the 19th century that a new world power would rise in the Americas, a new world power whose founders were the Puritans and who dedicated America to be the "City on a hill" and a light to the nations,; then it became imperative for Satan to find a small enclave there from which he could deceive, oppress and enslave this young Christian nation that they might not fulfil their destiny.  And so a 10 mile square was carved out for Osiris/Satan and his consort Isis/Columba:


Picture 1:Washington DC (District of the goddess Isis/Columba) originally cut out from Virginia and Maryland by the Masonic architects of both the city and the Constitution of the United States.  The "Virgin" of Virginia and the "Mary" of Maryland was not because they were Catholics, far from it. This was Isis of old and the city sized foursquare with a river running through it was a copy of the heavenly city the New Jerusalem.
Picture 2. George Washington laid the foundation stone of the Capitol in full Masonic regalia along with an offering of wine, oil and corn to the goddess.
Picture 3.  Is the painting on the roof of the Capitol rotunda called 'The Apotheosis of George Washington". Apotheosis means "deification" and we have George there surrounded by the gods of Egypt/Rome.  The deification and exaltation of the ruling class has always been a promise by the occult powers to the rulers of the world who obey their masters. In Egypt we of course had the "deification" of Pharaoh as a god, same with the Caesars, same of course with the Popes (Vicar of Christ means 'Vicarious Dei" or in the place of God in Latin or Antichrist in Greek).

Washington DC incorporated 1871

In all occult ceremonies before great power can be called on great sacrifices must be made. If you want world power you must be prepared to make enormous sacrifices. That is what Satan required from Jesus for the nations of the world; that is what Satan requires of any institution that wants to exercise military, political or economic power.

Before world power could be transferred to Washington DC a terrible and great blood sacrifice was needed...the terrible American Civil War. A war of brother against brother that produced over 600,000 dead and countless wounded, maimed, cities destroyed.  Truly the intense hatred, bloodlust and evil that war produces will open the gates of hell for demon possession. After the war in 1871 Washington DC was officially incorporated as a legal corporation. It now had a legal persona.

In a lesser way, that is why you find in the highest echelons of church and state the recurring phenomenon of paedophilia, drugs, homosexuality...great rebellion against God and His laws are prerequisites for the release of great occult powers.     

The great war powers conferred on the US federal government over the states during the civil war and the separate federal territory of Washington DC allowed for a new and terrible power to rise over America that has through the years constantly eroded the rights of the individual states and the rights of the ordinary citizen.

The Rise of Corporate Oppression

My opinion is that the greatest oppressive force that was released upon the American people by their government happened in 1886. In the  Supreme Court decision of Santa Clara County vrs. Southern Pacific Railway the court found that a private corporation is a natural person under the US Constitution and as such is entitled to the provisions of the Bill of Rights including the rights to free speech. And in subsequent rulings this right of free speech it has been found by the courts that corporate gifts of money to politicians is a form of free speech.

Prior to this in times past corporations were chartered by the individual states and were only given limited time charters which had to be renewed or could be revoked.  Now corporations received the right to eternal life that government could not revoke.  Unlike natural persons they have no requirement for morality or a conscience or to act benevolently. Their sole purpose for existence was to make profit and accumulate assets.

The money power of corporations through the years has given them tax deduction benefits that ordinary natural persons cannot enjoy because normal people do not have high paid lobbyists walking the corridors of power advocating for their needs. Families especially suffer under this oppressive toxic economic system.

The result has been what the Lord warned Israel in Deuteronomy "if you do not serve me, the stranger in your midst (the corporation) will rise up over you".  The corporate money elite are ruling by the power of Mammon over God's people.

The corporate powers have the ability to acquire wealth and assets that individual families are never able to do.  If corporate income in the form of profits rise the media, the politicians, the economists are ecstatic. But if ordinary workers demand an increase in income the same lot scream "no not possible, that is inflationary!".  Government income can increase, corporate income can increase but workers may not claim rising income...that is unacceptable.  And if workers do demand then corporates simply relocate to where the lowest wages are.

But the world is in economic crisis! The whole house of cards is about to come down.  The ordinary people can no longer bear the burden of debts, taxes and low wages.  Corporates have hit a wall, growth is stalling, the illusion of endless growth is now seen for the illusion that it is.  To have growth you need income to buy the products. But wages have been forced down, debt has ballooned to unpayable heights and new technologies are cannibalizing old corporate dinosaurs.       

Unfortunately the church has been to a large extent infected with tthis spirit of the age.  Mammon and the needs of money and rising budgets skew preaching towards easy miracle money for desperate people who need a miracle.  Money scriptures, giving, tithng, these have become the source of endless sermons, seminars, videos and books.  Everyone is desperate for a new money miracle.  And big ministries are cashing in.  Preachers now negotiate speaking fees upfront. This is the norm today. And yet there is no financial deliverance for God's people.

But this I believe...there is a groundswell out there among the people and the politicians and the bankers know something is about to happen.  In America the election season has produced surprising results so far.  The outside the establishment candidates are getting the national attention and votes. In the Republican race Donald Trump is winning and among the Democrats a socialists senator Bernie Sanders is capturing the youth vote in droves.

I believe the Lord is going to do to the god of Mammon what He did to the gods of Egypt.  Every one of the 10 plagues that hit Egypt was a destruction of one of the gods of Egypt. The sun darkened, that was the sun god Ra who took a beating; the bull god, the Nile goddess, the earth gods, the frog god....all were exposed by the great God of Israel to be impotent and powerless against His great power to deliver His people.

God's command to the power structures and gods of this world is the same as His command to the gods of Egypt....'Let my people go that they may serve me!"   The vast majority of our people are caught up in the same slave wages and endless dead end useless jobs that the Israelites were building useless monuments to for the ego of Pharaoh.  Our hard earned tax money is wasted by bureaucrats on useless wasteful spending. Government education is a joke. So are most if not all government services delivered by a lazy and inefficient civil service.  This is a world wide phenomenon.

The church of Jesus Christ is going to get a major wake up call in the very near future.  The world economic system is headed for collapse.  The Euro banks have over 1 trillion Euros of unpayable debt on the their books.  The national governments are hopelessly in debt and cannot meet their pension, salary, welfare and many other commitments from declining tax revenues. Revenues declining because populations are aging and retiring and not enough young people to fill the gaps and the young people that are there are not marrying and forming new families...they do not have good jobs to pay for taxes, debts and children.

In the years ahead not only are political and economic powers falling but a whole new leadership is going to emerge in the church.  It is a leadership that realizes we can no longer conduct church as a Sunday morning religious entertainment.  We can no longer offer people miracle money as an economic solution to their problems. We can no longer leave the problems for government to solve.  The ew leadership is going to be talking about community, about collaborative consumption, voluntary simplicity, savings and investment in productive work, designing new living arrangements that cater for community and the lifestyle that goes with that.  Doctrines and divisions are going to take a back seat and love for the brethren and the celebration of diversity is going to become important.

In the midst of the troubles that are coming remember this:
- it is not the end of the world, it is the convulsive end of an outdated Babylon system that is falling
- the issue is not going to be "Is Jesus coming"...the recognition is going to dawn that He is here in the midst of His people and exercising His Kingdom authority in the world and over His church.
- Our eyes are not going to be on 'Where is the Antichrist coming from"...our eyes will be on the Lord and what we can do to manifest His presence in our communities and our world.

Wonderful times ahead....but I sincerely recommend that you make sure you are part of good local fellowship of believers. The time is coming that you will not be able to trust government or stand on your own. We are the family of your heavenly Father. He is Jehovah Jireh, the Lord who will provide.

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