Hollywood and Babylon's Gate

I want to reveal to you the "mystery" in the enigmatic phrase in Revelation 17 "Mystery Babylon".  And to support my thesis I want to reveal something interesting about the yearly Hollywood Academy awards and the "Oscars" and the "stars".

Anyone who has ever read the Bible with an interest in prophecy has read commentaries on Rev.17...the great harlot who filled the earth with sorceries and fornication and had on her head written "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH."

This is a fascinating topic actually.  All sorts of speculations about who the harlot is and what does Babylon stand for.  But scripture warns us that we need to tread carefully ...there lies a deep mystery here.  Prov. 25:2 tells us that "it is the glory of God to hide a matter but the glory of kings to search it out."  So allow me to give you an interesting clue to unlock this mystery of iniquity and lets see where it leads us.

To unlock the mystery of "Babylon" you need to understand the real meaning of the name "Babylon"....which will give us great insight as to what is going on in Babylon both in ancient times as well as Babylon today.

The problem about the name is the confusion in most Bible commentaries about the origin and meaning of the name. They assume that the name is derived from Nimrod's Tower of Babel. And that word "Babel" comes from a Hebrew root "Balal" meaning "to mix up" as in the confusion of tongues.  And so when you read any Bible dictionary or prophecy commentary this idea is carried over in their interpretation of the meaning of "Babylon"...."confusion".

This however is incorrect and it hides the real mystery in "MYSTERY BABYLON". I only recently discovered the real meaning of the word from two books by secular authors writing on the history of Babylon that I bought some years ago...and it was an amazing eye opener to me as it will be to you and I was able to very quickly see the real signs of "Mystery Babylon" in some very suspect places...such as Hollywood!

The two books for your reference are Anton Gill's "The Rise and Fall of Babylon: Gateway of the Gods" and Paul Kriwaczek's book "Babylon: Mesopotamia and the Birth of Civilizations.".  Both say the same thing about the meaning of the name but let me quote from Kriwaczek's book page 167...

" The name (Babylon) derives from a Greek version of the Akkadian version....Bab-Ilu, meaning "The Gate of God".

Which is why of course Anton Gill named his book.....

Babylon:  Gateway of the Gods

Now let me give you a very important insight here as to the spirit and working of Antichrist as the Bible says there are many Antichrists.  Everything that God does is aped and counterfeited by what Satan does to bring confusion and destruction on the earth.

* God is building a heavenly city the New Jerusalem to be manifested on earth....
* Satan is building his city Babylon on earth.
* The New Jerusalem is the Bride of Christ, the Church to heal the nations...
* Babylon is the whore of Satan to destroy the people and nations of the earth.
* The City of God has many gates by which we invite people to enter the Kingdom of God (Jesus being the Gate).
* The Babylon of Satan has many gates by which he invites people to open those gates to let evil spirits out into the world to deceive and destroy the people of earth.

That is what Babylon is....an entry point at many places of the earth for wickedness from the spirit realm to enter the earth and destroy people and nations through many forms of wickedness and abominations.

The "gods" that are referred to here are actually the "gods" of ancient times that were worshipped and sacrificed to by all ancient cultures in the form of idols, sacrifices, ceremonies, statues, priesthoods, secret initiations, etc.

These "gods" are nothing more than the ancient manifestation of the fallen angels who rebelled against the Lord God and were cast out of heaven and onto the earth.  They can manifest in various forms, they are shape-shifters, they have sexually assaulted and raped and seduced women through the ages spawning what the Bible calls "nephilim" offspring, half human, half angel which Genesis 6 describes as the "mighty men of renown" of the old times (i.e. Hercules, the Titans, etc).  These dead Nephilim's spirits are the demonic entities  that roam the earth longing for bodies again to posses to experience lust, violence, debauchery and wickedness once again.

The object and strategy of these Satanic forces is to entice mankind to open the gates of the spirit world and give them entry into the affairs of men in order to destroy mankind and God's creation and God's image in mankind.

There are many gates of the gods in Babylon.  Many ways for them to trick and deceive mankind to giving them entry into the lives of people, into the institutions and cultures of people, into the power structures of nations.

Lets examine one of the gates of Babylon....Hollywood.

Signs and Wonders

When the gates of heaven open and the Lord God moves on the earth you will see signs and wonders.

When a gate of Babylon opens up you will see signs and wonders.

Ancient Babylon had a very famous gate called the Ishtar Gate where the royal processions went through.  The German archaeologists of the 19th century did great excavation work to unearth the marvels of ancient Babylon and actually dismantled this wondrous gate and set it up in Germany.

And Hollywood copied it for the most important event of their year: The Annual Academy Awards.

You know the famous "red carpet" that all the stars walk on before entering the auditorium? Each one decked out in their finest, camera's flashing, crowds clapping and praising.  What you don't see is where they must pass through.  Let me give you a graphic of the red carpet walk of the stars...

You see where the "Red Carpet Arrival" is?  That is where the "stars" get out of their limousines and then they must walk through a large gate...the Gate of Ishtar, Babylon's Gate recreated:

And when they win the highly coveted "Oscar" they are universally acclaimed as Hollywood "stars" and "idols".  Here is Oscar and his Babylon idol predecessor...

On the left is a statue of the ancient god Ptah, the god of "craftsmen" (as in Hollywood actors always talking about their "craft") and on the right a statue of Osiris which in Egyptian was called "Ausur"...and why the current idol is called "Oscar".

This is nothing more than a resurrection of ancient idolatry ("Hollywood Idols").  Hollywood and its "entertainment" industry has been one of the most powerful means for spreading the enchantment of wickedness in all its forms. 

I will from time to time make some analysis of the wickedness coming out of that gate of Satan in future blogs. 

I believe it is imperative that we as God's people understand the spirit behind this and guard our children and our cultures from its deceptions.  This is not innocent entertainment.  These are optically manufactured signs and wonders crafted to mould your mind and thinking processes to fill your thoughts with wickedness by getting you to emotionally identify with wickedness and call that which is evil, good.

Jesus declared open warfare against these gates of hell when He said I will build my church and the gates of hell (i.e. Babylon) will not prevail against it. In ancient Babylon held captive Daniel. Ezekiel and their friends.  They were offered the enchantments and luxuries of Babylon....all they had to do was bow and worship Babylon's gods.  They refused and were thrown in the fire and to the lions.  Bu they prevailed and through their spiritual warfare they opened the gates of Heaven and manifested the Lord Jesus to the astonished lords of Babylon, such that all Babylon had to acknowledge the Lord God of Israel.  

In such a time we have now entered. This is no time to be enchanted and seduced by the gods of Babylon. It is time for spiritual warfare to close these gates of Babylon and open the gates of Zion and manifest the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ on earth!

More analysis of the gates of the gods coming....

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