How Many Angels Fit on the Head of a Pin?

This question by medieval philosophers has always been a sort of measure for useless speculations. Actually modern physics has attempted an answer and interestingly it helps us to understand why the resurrected saints are not destined to live on earth.

As you know from my writings I am not a believer in the common held belief among we evangelicals of the popular idea of "The Millennium". The idea being that we have the coming of the Lord, with the Rapture and the resurrection of the saints before the millennium and then all these glorified and resurrected saints by the multiplied millions come to live on earth for a 1000 years.

In my book I give a scriptural reasoning for why this is not so. But let me here explore the physics side of the problem. Succinctly stated a computer geek would say it is a problem of "bandwidth".  That is, there is far too much power or energy or glory let us say in a spirit body than can possibly be contained in our limited physical world.

Let me try to explain the impossible physics involved here but before I do just a note on people who have died and seen paradise and come back to tell the wonderful story.

I really enjoy my Youtube explorations on many subjects of interest to me. One of my favourite as I get older are the wonderful testimonies of those who have died and gone to paradise and then sent back by the Lord to tell of the wonders of heaven. One thing is consistent of all their stories....nobody wanted to come back to earth! And a major part of the reason apart from the joys of heaven is the incredibly confining and restricting physics of our physical world.

So the point I am wanting to make in this blog is to further emphasize an important point: Earth has its own unique purpose in God's creation and heaven has its own unique purpose.  This earth existence is incredibly limiting in terms of time, space, energy and this restriction serves an important purpose in the plans of God which I will explain presently. But lets first speculate a bit.....

The problem of angels on a pin....

The medieval theologians looked at a scripture where Jesus cast out a legion of demons out of a man and the demons asked if they could inhabit the nearby pigs. Now they knew in Roman terms a legion was about 6,000 soldiers so this caused much speculation as to How could 6,000 demons inhabit one man? And that caused much speculation as what is the nature of the physics of the spirit realm in relation to the physical realm we live in.

If 6000 demons could inhabit one man then surely the spirits must be very light, or insubstantial and we in this realm very dense. And so forth....

And then when modern physicists started tackling the question some very amazing conclusions came out totally opposite to what the ancients thought.  Here is the modern idea on the question...

Scientists have known from at least hundred years ago that what we consider empty space is not empty at all.  In fact if there is anything empty it is our physical bodies.  Consider this:  Early in the 20th century they wanted to see how far the atoms in our body are apart from each other, meaning how dense are we and how much space in matter. They fired electrons through a thin gold sheet to see how many pass through and how many are deflected by the nucleus of the gold atom.  The results astounded the scientists.

The result is this: If you could take all 7 billion people on planet earth now and squeeze them together so that the nuclei of their atoms touch each other into a solid ball then you could fit all 7 billion people into the size of an apple!  What that means is that what we think is solid all around us, our bodies, the rocks, steel, earth...all that is like wisps of smoke in the wind. All physical reality is in actual fact mostly pure empty space.

And when scientists looked further into the nature of our "physical reality" the disturbing conclusion was that in fact there is nothing solid in our physical is all just wavy lines. In fact as we learned to create holograms it became all the more possible that this whole universe is just a hologram projection from somewhere. For those of you wanting to study this idea further I suggest Michael Talbots great book "The Holographic Universe".  In fact there are now serious scientific experiments designed to test this theory that our reality is just a holographic projection out of what is called the "quantum vacuum energy field".

Here below are two illustrations depicting how hologram is created and how a perfect full colour  3D image of a man can be image you can walk around on all sides but through which you can walk!

And so began the search into the reality of what is known as "the energy density of the vacuum of space." That is, it seems that in fact space is not empty, there is a sea of what are known as "virtual particles" that pop in and out of this sea of energy that we live in and that we can measure.

Now to find out how much energy there is in empty space they measured the size of one of these virtual particles as well as its energy and then calculated how much energy there is in a cubic centimetre of space.

The amount of energy they found to be contained in one centimetre of cubic space was so large that it was just impossible to imagine.  Lets put it this way just to get an inkling of an idea: Take all the energy of all the billions of galaxies in our universe and all the masses of all the trillions of planets and you can squeeze millions of  universes into a cubic centimetre of space!

Now what has this to do with angels on a pin head or more importantly about resurrected saints in glorified bodies?

Well the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden tried to do a calculation on the number of angels on a pin head knowing what we know about the density of energy in the vacuum of space and they decided to take the smallest pin head possible, as one angstrom in size and calculated a body size for a typical angel and came up with a figure of 8.6766 X 10exp49 number of angels...which is a number so large as to be close to the number of particles in the universe.

And here is what the medieval philosophers missed due to their lack of knowledge of quantum mechanics....

It is not that we are so dense in matter and spirits so thin and wispy and ethereal that thousands of them can inhabit a is exactly the opposite!

We are the ones who are incredibly empty of energy and solidity and density in our physical bodies!  We walk around in the midst of an unimaginable sea of energy totally unaware of its existence and power and all we can discern are little wisps of photons of light that slip through and lighten our darkness and little virtual particles that flit in and out of our realm that give us little clues as to the real power and majesty and glory of reality beyond our senses. A very tiny bit of this energy dense sea around us can hold untold numbers of angels!

In our limited sense reality to give you an example our vision spectrum is limited to 400nm to 700nm which give is a rainbow spectrum of only about 7 basic colours. Even in this limited electromagnetic spectrum if we had more sensitive eye/energy collectors we should be able to see many more basic colours. But if we had a glorified spirit body made to live in the incredible energy density around us the spectrum of colours available to us would be in the millions!

Which brings up the limitations of our present world....

In this world the body in which your soul lives is extremely limited. You can bear about 14 pounds per square inch of pressure.  You can pass about 3000 calories of energy per day through your body metabolism.  Your mobility of movement is extremely limited. Your thoughts and memory are restricted to the efficiency of your neuron synapses in you brain.  Your DNA structures break down quickly with age so that you cannot properly regenerate your cells causing your body to age and die quickly.

But here is the wonderful news that the Word of God tells us....

2 Cor. 5:1 "For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved we have a building of God a house not made with hands eternal in the heavens. For in this house we groan earnestly desiring to be clothed upon with our house which is from heaven"

When your body finally collapses and your soul leaves this fleshly "house" you will be rehoused in a most incredible spirit made body that is able to function in the energy densities of the next world.

You will have speed of movement greater than the speed of light. You will be able to have flowing through you not a lousy 3000 calories of energy to keep you alive but all the power and energy of a whole universe is capable of flowing through you. Your colour spectrum will be in the millions, your thoughts will be at light speed, your knowledge access to the infinite spirit world internet where all knowledge is but a thought away.

And most importantly of all 1 John 3:2:
"Beloved now are the sons of God and it does not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that when he shall appear we shall be like him in order that we might see him as he is."

The Bible says that no man can see God and live. Reason? You are not built or equipped to withstand the glory and the power of the presence of God. Even Moses who the Bible says talked to God "face to face" was not able to see the real face of God for even he asked the Lord if he might see him and the Lord told him you cannot see me and live but I will shelter you in the rock and cover you and you may see a small part of me from behind....and Moses came back with his face literally shining with light.

You need a spirit made, resurrection body to stand in the presence of God and not be destroyed by His glory. We will be able to see Jesus, and I mean really see Him as He is, not Jesus of Nazareth, but Jesus who is God only one day when we are like Him in glorified resurrected spirit bodies. Which is why you need to be "born again" and "flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God".!

So now back to my original purpose of this blog...

I absolutely do not believe that any glorified resurrected saint in a spirit body has any desire to live here on earth after the resurrection!  Its just far too confining. It's like trying to pass Victoria Falls through a drinking straw....not enough bandwidth to be able to contain or express the glory and power of a resurrected spirit being.

That is why after His resurrection Jesus appeared to His disciples in a physical body. Why? Because when Jesus appeared to John in Revelation "as He really is" John had to be "in the spirit" and even then the glory and majesty of Christ was so great that he fell down as dead.  This was not Jesus his old fishing buddy...this was God!  And there is not enough "bandwidth" in this physical universe the way it is constructed to be able to "see" God.

Then why this incredibly confining straitjacket of a world with all its sorrows and problems?

Because God has made you to inherit all things, he is going to exalt you as His child to very throne and power of all heaven. But first you must learn to have the mind of be a servant, to love, to give, to commune.  And so God places you in a very restricted limited power environment to disciple you before He hands you the keys of the Kingdom.

And when He does He will give you a glorious body capable of handling all that power and capable of enjoying His incredible power and presence. And that does not mean you are destined to be resurrected or Raptured to live on this restricted earth for a 1000 years! You're bound for glory!

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