Inheriting the Nations....inheriting a mess!

Here is the good news: Scripture says Christ will inherit the nations and it also says we are joint heirs with Christ.  Here is the bad news: We are inheriting a mess!

We are in a major crisis here in the Cape province as my fellow South Africans know by now.  We are in the midst of the worse drought in a century. Our dams are almost empty. The winter rains are past and there is not enough water in the dams to take us through to the next rainy season.  Somewhere between January and March the water in our province runs out.  And if that is not enough every week brings more bad news as to how our politicians have allowed unbridled corruption to destroy the finances of the nation.

Last week our ministerial fellowship that meets on a tuesday morning of various ministries were discussing the drought and that we need to organize prayer meetings for some miracle out of season rain.  I am obviously highly sympathetic to such calls for prayer....but I had to also give my reasons why I believe we are not going to get some miraculous intervention here.  And it is the same reason why we are not going to get a miraculous intervention to save our nations economy and finances.

The reason is because of the administration of God's earth.  Or the lack of proper administration of God's property by a humanity that has turned its back on God and thinks that they can build and sustain a modern civilization without the Lord and His laws and the empowerment of His Spirit to keep those laws.

My point from scripture was this:
Preachers do not preach much any more on the very first commandment of God found in Genesis 1:26-28...."subdue the earth".  Because if you subdue the earth then you can be fruitful and multiply.  We have lost God's purpose for the earth in our longing for heaven....or for our longing to make heaven on earth. 

Preachers give a fantasy vision of the original earth creation of some wonderful bygone paradise with no flies, mosquitoes, bacteria, viruses, thorns, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, drought.  Well let me give you a scriptural reality check.  God created the most wonderful earth that will give you an endless variety of abundance if you subdue it properly but will kill you or make your life a misery if you don't. And after He finished creating this earth of danger and abundance he said in Gen. 1:31 that is was "very good".  That is fact no. 1

Fact No. 2: You cannot subdue this earth on your own.  You need the cooperation of many others working together because all the problems you will face are more than you can handle alone but God gives each person a gifting and an ability which if everyone works together then no problem is too big.

Fact No. 3:  You cannot cooperate as a community if everyone does not follow God's first two great commandments...Love God above all others and love your neighbour as yourself.  Meaning God's agenda first, not yours. and don't do things at the expense of others by making your gain their loss.

What this earth therefore comes down to is a wonderful discipling exercise gym especially made by God to produce Godly character in you before you graduate to bigger and better things in heaven.

The illustration I used in our discussion was some strange laws in the Old Testament that nobody preaches about because of course we are "not under law but under grace" so we just ignore the laws of God....for instance God told Israel to dispose of their poo excrement outside their community...think of that, God is interested in municipal waste removal. God told Israel He "hates uneven weights and balances" in commerce...think of that...God hates monetary inflation and unfair trade practices. God told Israel they must distinguish between good food and bad food.  Think of that...God is interested in your healthy diet.

So my point was yes we have a water problem but God expects us to subdue the earth and provide that water because there is actually an abundance of water that He made.  Our problem is useless politicians who are great talkers but hardly one of them is an actual engineer or business qualified or ever had to actually run a company or make a product.  Their concern is to remain in power with all its perks and prevent the other politicians from replacing them.

We do not have a lack of water problem.  We have a lack of proper earth administration problem.  And it is not only our problem.  This problem is abundantly clear all over Africa and the rest of the world.  Look what one old fool in Zimbabwe has done over 30 years to destroy a nation. Now he wants to hand it over to his wife to continue. We have the same old fool here in South Africa...look what he has done to destroy our economy over the last 8 years and now he wants to hand it over to his ex-wife to continue after him.

In America the evangelicals were and still are convinced that Donald Trump was God's man to save them and make America great again.  I see in the news their Republican party is desperately trying to get a big tax cut bill done so that they can tell their voters next year..."Look what we have done for you...less taxes and more benefits"  Wow magic! The magic of money created out of nothing and endless borrowing from other nations and people so we can have a lifestyle that we have not paid for or produced with our own labour.  Obama inherited a $10 trillion national debt from George Bush and when he left the presidency 8 years later he left a national debt of $19 trillion for Trump and now Trump has promised to not to lower the national debt but lower taxes, more debt for the next president.  And his evangelical voters will cheer him on. Leave the debt problem to be paid for our children and grandchildren...I want to live well now!

But God has a solution to the world's problems....a change of administration of the nations of the earth.  Politics as practiced in the world and international financial capitalism as practiced in the world and state socialism as practiced in the world has created mountains of unsustainable problems.  Problems that a new political party or printing more money cannot solve.  Only a change of earth administration is going to solve this.

And this was prophesied in scripture that such a time would come.

Psalm 2: 7-8 "I will declare the decree, the Lord has said unto me, You are my son this day have I begotten you. Ask of me and I shall give you the heathen for your inheritance and the uttermost part of the earth for your inheritance."

In Psalm 82 I have already in a past blog explained to you God's condemnation of the gods of this world for their louse administration of this world and how they are to be deposed.  Then in the last verse this is God's solution to bad earth administration:

Psalm 82:8 "Arise O God, judge the earth: for you shall inherit the nations."

That is why Jesus said after His resurrection from the dead to His disciples "All power in heaven and on earth is given unto me, go ye therefore into all the world and make disciples of all nations"

Have you ever wondered why He said that. Can you believe that Jesus knew about Psalm 2 and 82.  That the time would come when God would say to His Son I have given you all the heathen and all the nations as your is time for you to take over rulership of the earth.

Ok granted everyone knows this from much preaching and reading of scripture.   But when is this supposed to happen?  Well popular preaching will tell you that is only going to happen one day in the Millennium. It is not for now.

And of course the same then would apply to another favourite preaching verse. Romans 8:17 "And if children then heirs; heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ."

You've heard this also preached many times "praise God we are joint heirs with Christ, we are going to rule and reign with Christ!"  That's right since Christ is going to inherit the nations and since we are joint heirs with Him we get joint inheritance of ruling the nations.

Ah but here is the bad news.  Preachers love telling you about all the wonderful goodies in heaven that we are going to inherit as "Kings kids"! 

Here is the bad news:  As God explained to the Israelites in His laws; God is concerned about municipal waste provision and water provision.  You see without adequate water we cannot flush out the sewage and that means a huge increase in sickness and disease etc.  No water means also industry shutting down and farm jobs and the collapse of the regional economy and jobs lost (and my preacher friends that means no tithes income for the church).

Do you still want to be a joint heir with Jesus Christ and rule the nations?  Then wake up to the practical reality we as a church are facing...we are with Christ inheriting a mess!

But that us why Revelation ends the Bible story with God healing the nations. That is why Micah 4 prophecies the day when the nations from to the mountain of God (the Church of Jesus Christ) and says "each us your ways".

God is about to give us a theological wake up call all over the world.  The Kingdom of God needs to come all over the world because the problems and the mess that the politicians and the failing world system have left us is not going to be resolved by the UN or new political parties.

We live on a dangerous earth that can either bless us or destroy us....and you cannot just subdue the earth with technology and politics and money.  It will come back and bite you bad.

You need to set your priorities right...God's agenda first, love your neighbour as yourself and then you can create the real kind of human society that being filled with God's Spirit can heal the earth and allow it to bring the abundance that God wants for us.

I have also been telling you that this Second Reformation is now!  It involves not the pre-eminence of the past five-fold ministry of pastors, teachers, prophets, apostles, evangelists.  They have done and are doing a wonderful job starting at the First Reformation - their job has been to save the lost and raise us up as a Church a mature, full stature of Christ body of believers ..."unto the work of the ministry".  And that work of the ministry is now patently before us...not one day in the so-called Millennium.

It is time for the whole Body of Christ to take up the task of healing the nations and subduing the earth God's way.  It is time to take all the great technologies that the Lord has provided us combined with the anointed farmers. teachers, engineers, finance experts, IT techs, entrepreneurs etc and organize new Christian meetings...

New meetings?  All our past meetings centred around the five-fold ministries: 
Sunday morning meetings for pastors and their ministry.
Evangelistic crusades for evangelists
Teaching seminars for teachers
Prophetic and Apostolic conferences for apostles and prophets

And we are the audience and finance suppliers....and they do the ministry.

We need to urgently move on with new meetings:
God's Church army needs to gather to organize around solving problems.
Conferences on God's principles for money and banking; technology and education; community services; renewable energy; principles of law and governance; creating new savings and investment vehicles; pollution and environment;  and I can go on and on.

The facts are most of us are getting bored and restless in the old order meetings. We are tired walking around in theological circles in the desert eating the same manna. We want to go in and take the land for God and in His Kingdom.

You want power? Take responsibility for problems to be solved and you will have the power. Stop waiting for the power. Take the responsibility.  You want prosperity? Take responsibility for meeting the needs of people and they will give unto you pressed down and running over.

We don't have a water problem or a pollution problem or finance problem....we have an earth administration problem that God wants to solve.  Don't wait for Jesus to come...Jesus is already here where two or three are gathered together in His Name to solve problems...He is there.

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