Iran, North Korea and Signs of the Times

The evangelical church is going to be shaken by the next phase of the Middle East war because of false prophecies. And Pres. Trump, Israel, North Korea and Iran will be key to the coming destruction of Jerusalem.

This blog is part of my ongoing analysis of the transition we are in from one age to another. Yes this is the end times of an age and yes Jesus is coming...but not in the way that prophecy preaching and teaching is predicting.

I have already in my last series on the sign of Rev. 12 predicted the rise of the overcomers, the saints of God who are predicted to possess the Kingdom and not be taken out of the world but lifted into heavenly places in Christ Jesus there to conduct spiritual warfare to cast Satan and his angels out of the heavens and on to the earth for judgment. 

This will result in great deception on the earth as the "Chariots of the Gods" come out of the skies and alien disclosure rocks the world. For Christians who have been taught that there is an Antichrist coming out of the EU or Islam and we Christians however will not have to worry about that because we will have been raptured out of here, this will be a faith shaking shock.  Already polls conducted in America show that more people believe in UFO's than in Jesus Christ is God....never mind the rest of the world.

Along with this great shock will be the coming prophesied destruction of Jerusalem that no preacher will touch.  That's right, contrary to every prophecy book or sermon you have heard....the destruction of earthly Jerusalem is prophesied on God's agenda.  And I know most of you reading this do not believe me but I ask you to at least read this, keep it in mind and if or when it happens....remember there was a lone voice in the prophetic wilderness who predicted this.

Before analysing the scriptures lets have a look at the current geo-political scene which leads me to believe this is the time for this catastrophic prophetic fulfilment.

Before I do this let me just tell you my personal feelings about Israel and the Jews. I along with you pray for a revival in Israel among the Jewish people.  I praise God for those who have a burden for the salvation of the Jews and Israel.  I think it is absolutely amazing what the Israeli people have done to bring prosperity to that small dry piece of desert real estate. I love that book 'Israel: The Start Up-Nation" detailing the entrepreneurial spirit of the Israeli population. I am not an anti-semite.  But I am a student of scripture and a servant of God who must speak the Word of God as God reveals to me and faithfully convey that to you.

So back to Pres. Trump, Iran and North Korea....

You will have noticed a pattern in the Middle east since the 9/11 attack on America.  This pattern became obvious to me when I saw a Youtube of former head of NATO armed forces General Wesley Clark.  He said in an interview that when he was in the Pentagon that is was told him confidentially that all the nations surrounding Israel would be destroyed.  Libya, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Afghanistan  Any possible threat to the state of Israel would be eliminated.  And in the years following years a pattern war after another that resulted in the devastation of one country after another.

It seems we are still on that strategic timeline as the threat from Iran has not been eliminated and Russia has stepped in to save Syria and Iran.  And if you read your international news and watch American political analysis on TV it seems that America has identified an "axis of evil" that needs to be eliminated....Iran, Syria, North Korea and Russia.  Why?

Well here is the threat....

North Korea has developed and tested nuclear weapons. Not just fission bombs but thermonuclear hydrogen fusion bombs...the really big nation destroying bombs.  One or two of those on an ICBM landing on a small nation like Israel in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv means the end of Israel.  And the nuclear radiation and fallout means you cannot rebuild either city.

North Korea have the fusion bombs and Iran have the strategic missiles.  Iran has the billions in cash and North Korea is desperate for money after the world has placed sanctions on their key exports.

America is not so much concerned about a nuclear North Korea.  They live with a radical Muslim nation like Pakistan with nuclear weapons.  They are worried that Kim Jong-Un will sell war heads to Iran.  And Israel believes Iran is committed to the total destruction of Israel which can only be done with a first strike of several hydrogen bombs landing on Israel to totally wipe out the nation in one go.  A land war invasion will never work.

And now we have Donald trump in the White House.  Israel desperately needs America to finish the job of destroying Israel's enemies.  The last threat is a nuclear armed Iran....armed with North Korean nuclear bombs, easily shipped to Iran in an unrecognized 40 foot shipping container....among hundreds of thousands of such shipping containers travelling every day around the world.

Will Donald trump go to war for Israel?  Of course no one will say "We are doing this for Israel".  But America has already spent 15 years in Middle East wars with over trillion dollars spent and over 4000 American lives lost and no end in sight to more wars and more money and more lost lives...for what?  What possible strategic threat did Iraq or Libya have for America...there were no "weapons of mass destruction", in fact Gaddaffi handed over all his nuclear program to America and the EU in exchange for peace and integration into the world economy...and they stall bombed him and his nation into oblivion.

Will Donald trump go to war against Iran and North Korea?  Well he has threatened repeatedly that diplomacy does not work and that war is the only way to resolve the problem.  Is this bluff?

Who has influence on Donald Trump when has to make the ultimate decision on whether to bomb Iran and North Korea?  Who has his ear?  On the one side closest to him is his daughter and son-in-law Ivanka and Jared Kushner.  Jared is a Chabad Jew which is a very orthodox Jewish sect, very strict.  His grew up as a family friend of Bibi Netanjahu Prime Minister of Israel since he was a child.  On the other side is his Vice-President Mike Pence and evangelical charismatic Christian who is a staunch supporter of Israel.  Other evangelical supporters of Israel who are the solid base of support for Trump like for instance John Hagee say "Bomb Iran, it is God's will."  In congress his Republican party leaders like John McCain and Lindsay Graham say "Bomb Iran".  The biggest dollar donors of the Republican party like Sheldon Edelson say "Bomb Iran".  Bibi Netanjahu who is a long time friend of Trump says "Bomb Iran".  The biggest political action lobby in Washington (AIPAC: America Israel Public Affairs Committee) says 'Bomb Iran".  Trump has surrounded himself in the White House with military generals, what are they telling him?

Donald Trump is a President in serious political trouble.  And there is nothing like winning a popular war to boost a presidents approval ratings.  Will he bomb North Korea and Iran?  I think he will....and I believe this is going to end catastrophically for both America and Israel and the world economy.

But how does this fit "end time" prophecy?

I refer you to two sections of scripture and there are many more that I can use to support this disaster scenario but do not have the space here. The one in Galatians the other in Jeremiah 18 and 19.

Galatians 4: 22-31 is never preached on in its prophetic implications.  Paul uses an allegory to make a point. Read it. I will summarize.  He is writing to the Galatians who got caught up in the whole "Jewish roots" theology coming out of the Jerusalem church of James and the elders there.  He calls them "Judaizers....meaning they wanted turn people into Jews because they believed that Jesus the Messiah of Israel was coming back to establish a Jewish kingdom with Jerusalem as its world capital.

Paul was in despair over this theology and you will see him writing to the Romans, the Ephesians, the Galatians fighting the Judaizers.  Here he tells the Galatians in ch4:1 I hear you are observing times etc like the I your enemy because I tell you the truth?"  He gives them an allegory to show that the Jerusalem of James and the elders is finished.., there is a New Jerusalem now.

He says Abraham had two wives Hagar and Sarah with two sons.  The one Hagar was a bondwomen who had a son Ishmael was of the flesh and persecuted the other real wife and Abraham's true heir Sarah and Isaac. The he says this in Gal. 4:25
"This Hagar is mount Sinai and answers to Jerusalem which now is and is in bondage with her children. But Jerusalem which is above is free which is the mother of us all."

What Paul says here and what he follows with is vitally important prophecy which he gets from Jeremiah.

He says in fact that the Jerusalem of their day, the ancient city is of the flesh and is in bondage with her children. He says the whole Jerusalem Jewish situation is of the flesh and not of the spirit. Just like Ishmael was indeed the first son of Abraham, this son of Abraham was rejected by God as the heir.  Now here is the important part...verse 26:
'But the Jerusalem which is above is free is the mother of us all"

So what does Paul say is going to happen to the Old Jerusalem which he says is a bondwoman with her son....
verse 30 "Nevertheless what says scripture? Cast out the bondwoman and her son for the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son of the freewoman"

It is very important that you understand what scripture is prophesying here. Paul is saying that Jerusalem and the Jews (the bondwoman and her son) will be cast out by God and he says that is what scripture says.  What scripture was Paul reading that says Jerusalem is to be cast away by God?

I am going to quote Jeremiah 19:10-12 for you but before I do let me not quote it out of context because this is important in context.  Read Jeremiah 18:1-10. It is the famous scripture about Jeremiah going to the potters house and seeing the potter making a clay jar. But the jar is not right. And it needs to be remade. So God tells Jeremiah this is Israel. He is going to destroy it and make a new clay jar...a new Israel.

Now the quote from Jeremiah 19:10-12....
"Then you are to break the jar in the sight of the men who accompany you and say to them, Thus says the Lord of hosts, Just so will I break this people and this city even as one breaks a potters vessel which cannot be repaired....this is how I will treat this place and its people..."

God says that the day is coming that the city of Jerusalem and its inhabitants will be destroyed like a clay jar that is broken that cannot be repaired. It has not happened yet. It will happen one day because scripture prophecies it.

This is what Paul was referring to as the earthly Jerusalem that is to be thrown out like the bondwoman Hagar and her son was thrown out by Abraham because the true heir of Abraham is the spiritual son Isaac by his true wife Sarah. The real Jerusalem is the heavenly Jerusalem.

Paul makes it plain that the true Jerusalem is the heavenly Jerusalem who is our real mother of us all and that earthly Jerusalem is to be cast away. That is what God says in Jeremiah.  That is what Jesus said to the Samaritan woman at the well when she asked if we are to worship God in Jerusalem...Jesus said no...God seeks those who will worship in Spirit and truth. That is what Jesus said to John in Revelation...He knows those who call themselves Jews but are not....there is a New Jerusalem, the old Jerusalem is to be cast away.

Every prophecy book I have ever read says Jesus is returning to the Jerusalem of the Middle East to set up a Jewish kingdom.  They are all wrong as is every preacher who is trying to protect national Israel by saying America must bomb Iran to protect Israel. God is going to do away with old Jerusalem. Paul said it. Jeremiah and Revelation prophesied it. Jesus promised it.

There is war coming and catastrophe for America and Israel if I am right.....
And when this happens the evangelical church will finally realize the real gospel of the Kingdom and its implications.  There is not a Jewish kingdom coming.  The church of Jesus Christ is the Israel of God, His weapon of warfare to establish His Kingdom on earth and bind up the satanic evil on earth and cast it out.

But while the whole Israel/Jerusalem/ Jewish roots deception is still around the evangelical church will be blind to its calling and destiny.  But God will soon reveal who is Isaac and who is Ishmael and who inherits His Kingdom and who is cast away....

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