It's time for Revivalists and Dominionists to work together

There are I believe two great movements of God in the world today. I call them Revivalists and Dominionists.  They have two different views on the coming of the Lord. Both are doing great work. It is time for them to work together.

I have recently managed to get a new internet service that actually allows me a nice download speed. Which is a bid deal when you live on the west coast of Africa. That has allowed me to spend late nights on Youtube with my uncapped service. I have been spending hours listening to the testimonies of the miraculous working of the Lord all over the world in the lives of people.

What struck me was the incredible level of the miraculous that is happening in the lives of ordinary people that have been touched by Spirit of God.  Everything that is recorded in the book of Acts is happening in the most far flung places in the world. You do not hear about it in the media.  Just some of the testimonies I was listening to:
- A brother in Texas is in his house and the next moment he is physically in Kazhakstan in a war zone praying for healing and miracles among the war casualties with Jesus next to him.
- A young girl in Minnesota with no ear, prayed for and an ear grows and he High School has revival.
- In Mozambique next to us here in South Africa an incredible miracle revival of cripples, deaf, blind, healed, dead raised to life and a revival among Moslems seeing the power of God....started when a woman receives a prophetic word in America, "God has given you Mozambique."
- And then the numerous testimonies of so many occurrences now of our Lord Jesus physically appearing to people not to mention of the incredible amount of ordinary people whose spirits have opened to the spirit realm and are seeing angels and moving in the miraculous of healing and deliverance.

Now for many this is another sign of the soon coming of the Lord. A world revival of one last great harvest before the coming of the Lord. My reaction? Frankly I believe the Lord is already here!  Because everything that He was doing when He was physically on the earth is happening now...except then He was constricted to a small space in Palestine by a physical body and slow transport.  Now He is God who is Spirit living in His body the Church and all over the world doing what He started 2000 years ago...destroying the works of the devil and bringing salvation, healing and deliverance to the people....through ordinary people as His vhicle.

No wonder He said to His disciples, "It's better for you that I go away because I am sending you the Holy Spirit" , which by the way is His Spirit and that is why He also said I am coming back to live in you.

Now let me share with you about what I want to call Revivalists and Dominionists.

Revivalists are that major part of the charismatic evangelical movement that see scripturally that the coming of the Lord is now upon us.  And their response to that is that our job now and the cry of their hearts is "Lord bring us revival for a great harvest of souls in these last days."  And the most dynamic of these wonderful folk are pressing in to the Lord with prayer and fasting for a revival of signs and wonders, because when the miracle power of God is moving then great many souls come to salvation.

Dominionists are those smaller part of the present move of God that see scripturally that Jesus is now Lord, the Kingdom of God has come and we need to start working to bring all areas of life under His Lordship.

For a Revivalist "this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world and then comes the end".

For a Dominionist Gen 1:28 that God has given us dominion over all the works of His hands is a reality....and it is our responsibility to make it so.

The Revivalists tend to be what we call "pre-millenialists"...the Kingdom of God is still coming one day.
The Dominionists tend to be what we call "post-millennialists"...the Kingdom of God has already come and is spreading to fill the earth.

There are valid criticisms targeted at each group:

"You Revivalists have been talking about the coming of the Lord for many more failed dates and predictions of the soon coming are we supposed to endure"

"You Dominionists are taking us back into legalism. Are we now supposed to get back to Old Testament laws? No pork? No work every seventh year? You want to get mixed up in the world of politics, money? Seriously?"

And then there are the extremes....some really crazy stuff through the ages:

Revivalists....people falling all over the place, laughing hysterically, barking, crying...strange tongues, strange visions. Messy stuff. You don't know what you are getting into and you don't know what is flesh and what is Spirit.

Dominionists...shades of Jim Jones and Jonestown disaster. Crazy people want to live apart from civilization. Amish and weirdness.  David Koresh and Branch Davidians.  Leaders that are control freaks. Money scams....  and on and on.... 

Yes there is history of childishness and immaturity not only in the history of the church but in our own lives.  In my young days I was a committed Revivalist. And I am not going to repeat here all the crazy stuff I got involved in just because I was convinced the rapture was certainly going to take place by at least 1981.

Today I am in the other camp. I am a committed Dominionist. Also known as a "Christian Reconstructionist".  Why? Well because apart from the scripture truth as I see it, as convinced as I was of the soon rapture in times past, so convinced am I that we are facing a break down of world order and this whole mess is going to land in our lap and we the people of God are going to have to do "reconstruction" of a new world order but this time based on the principles found in the Word of God.

But let me tell you my problem. This is an impossible task.  If we do not have the miracle working power of God applied to this vision then it's just theological talk.  I desperately need a national revival if we are ever to do this "reconstruction" stuff. Let me explain why....

One of my main arguments to per-millennial Revivalists goes something like this..."Why would you want a physical Jesus coming back to live in Jerusalem for a 1000 years ruling the earth, surely He could do the job better seated in the throne of God directing affairs in both heaven through His angels and on earth through His church?".  I think the problem is unbelief.  People want a physical Jesus they can touch and hear and see; that sort of Jesus can get the job done of cleaning up the earth and setting up His Kingdom. I don't believe that is what God is going to do.

So to make my theological point I need to be able to show that Jesus as Spirit living in each of us is more capable to lead and guide each of us, empower us to do the work of establishing the Kingdom. He does not need to be in Jerusalem. He needs to be in your heart and you need to be in personal contact with Him right there.

But to make that happen we need a church filled with God's people who are indeed empowered by the Spirit, indeed can hear the voice of God and are indeed inspired to do the work of the Kingdom in their daily lives.  But to have that I need the Revivalists. I need those wonderful men and women of God with a special gift of impartation to bring the presence and power of God into the lives of God's people.

One of the things that I noted in all the testimonies of those moving in the miraculous was they are just ordinary people but something happened to quicken their spirits, they were in a meeting, someone prayed over them, they were touched by God, their spirits opened up to the Lord in a new way.  That is the work of Revivalist.  That is a ministry gift of God to the Church. I respect their gift and calling. I don't believe their theology, but that does not matter....we need their gifting in the Church.

What we all need is the Anointing of God.  The Spirit that came upon Jesus as He came out of the water. The anointing that came on Samson to do his job. The anointing that came on David to do his job.  The anointing that came on the apostles at Pentecost....and 3000 souls added to the church that day.

I will prove my point of Dominion and Kingdom reconstruction not by theological arguments but by a revival that brings an anointing upon the people of God who then each one goes and does the miraculous in the jobs that God called them to do. And most of them will never be seen on a pulpit or starting a church. But they will start new businesses, discover new products and technologies, they will bless the soil and grow food, they will bring the anointing into the boardroom during negotiations, they will bring the anointing into the hospital and into the classroom.

And there the miracle power of God will be manifested.  Enemies will become family of God. Sick will be healed. Oppressed will be delivered. Finances will be restored.  Marriages will be restored. Students will learn. Civil servants will be both civil and true servants to the public. Corruption will be exposed. The wicked will be born again.

Why? Because Jesus is not coming one day to Jerusalem to rule, He is here now and wants to live out His kingdom in each of us.  But we need a new touch of Fire from God. We need a new level of intimacy with Jesus.  We need to have our spirits opened to the realm of heaven.  We need to hear the voice of God for our lives. We need to actually experience the angelic powers of heaven working with us.

My wife and I are trusting God for great things in business and in our church this year.  We have seen His miraculous hand in our businesses these last number of years, we expect greater things this year. We could not have come this far without financial miracles.  And we need it because the economy is sinking.  Many of you also reading this need a new touch from the Lord and a miracle in your finances.  Our church on the West Coast here desperately needs revival. We are as dry here spiritually as our nation is in drought.

But I have told my Revivalist brethren in the past, Here is what I think is holding back revival.  We are not making new wineskins to hold the new outpouring that is coming.  God wants to do a new thing. It is no time anymore for church as usual.  It is time to prepare ourselves for discipling our nation into the Kingdom of God. So that when the new level of power and anointing is poured out we know what we are called to do with it.

It is time for Revivalists and Dominionists to get together in fellowship, to hear the voice of God, to pray and believe for a mighty new outpouring in our land that will result in His Kingdom ruling over our land.

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