Jacob Zuma and the Coming of Jesus

I need to make a commentary today on the enormous political ructions this week here in South Africa and put it in a prophetic context of what the Lord is doing in the nation.

I must ask forbearance to my international readers as I analyze this last week's turmoil here in South Africa but read on because it is of relevance to what is coming in America and other parts of the world.

Jacob Zuma our country's president and leader of the ANC (African National Congress) famously said that the ANC will rule South Africa until Jesus comes.  It is amazing how God uses the strangest people to speak prophetically.  I totally agree with Mr. Zuma. Except that Mr. Zuma and most Christians and world rulers do not really understand what the coming of Jesus is all about. And this spells big unforeseen trouble which I need to explain.

Jesus gave this parable to explain what His going away and His coming back actually means....and it spells big trouble for the world:

In both Matth. 21:33 and Luke 13;6 Jesus gives us a parable of a landowner who plants an orchard and then goes away on a far trip and leaves his property in the care of others with the injunction that he is coming back and he expects to see a fruit harvest.  On his return "he came and sought fruit thereon and found none." So the owner of the orchard said "behold these three years I come seeking fruit on this fig tree and find none, cut it down, why cumbers it the ground/". (Luke 13;17)

Now let me put that parable in a wider context for Mr Zuma and the ANC and in fact all other world governments to understand.

Jesus is the owner of all the earth and all the nations of the earth. He sets up governments and He takes down rulers.  This is what God (Jesus) said to Jeremiah (27:5-6)

"I have made the earth the man and the beast that are upon the ground by my great power and by my outstretched arm; and have given it unto whom it seemed meet unto me. And now have I given all these lands into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon, my servant...."

The context here is Jesus talking (He is God who made all the earth!) and what happened here in 604 BC is that it came time to visit the kingdom of Judah for fruit inspection....and He found no fruit. So He told Jeremiah to tell the people of Judah, I am selling you into slavery to Babylon as you will not serve me...you will now serve Babylon. The king of Judah and the people of Judah were outraged at Jeremiah's prophecy that Babylon is going to conquer them....not possible, we have the Temple of God, we are God's people, we have the laws of God! God is with us! They threw him in a pit.  And then the army of Babylon came....

Prior to this Jesus visited the northern kingdom of Israel and also found no fruit there and He sold them off to slavery into Assyria. (721 BC)

The earth is God's property.  He leases out property to nations and leaves them to carry on. Then comes fruit inspection time.

Fruit inspection time came to the people of Noah's day.
Fruit inspection time came to the people of Sodom and Gomorrah.
Fruit inspection time came to the Canaanites.

God is no respecter of people or nations.  He demands righteousness in the earth. Isaiah said "When the judgments of the Lord are in the earth then the people will learn righteousness."

God leased out South Africa to the white Afrikaners for 7 X 7 X 7 years from 1652 to 1996 (When the new constitution took effect).  Jesus came to look for the fruit of righteousness. He did not find any.  He sold them to the ANC to rule over and gave rule to the ANC over South Africa.  Since that changeover there has been the greatest move of God's Spirit among the Afrikaner people in South Africa than at any time in their history...but they have had to pay servitude in heavy taxes!

And here is my analysis of our present situation and what is ahead:

This last week two of the three world rating agencies lowered South African credit rating to "Junk status" meaning we are below investment grade. Meaning we are no longer a good place for international investors to invest their money.

In the streets this last week South Africans of all races and political parties took to the streets to say "we are fed up with the looting of our country by the political elite.". There are national demands for the president and his cronies to resign and face charges in the courts.

I read the financial press regularly and the constant stream of revelations of the incredible amount of corruption that permeates all of society is now finally reaching the masses as they realize the country is being stolen out from under them.

This last week I read R.W Johnson's updated newly released book "How Long Will South Africa Survive" It was very depressing reading.

This is the spiritual and financial reality that Christians in South Africa need to understand:  South Africa has already been sold into slavery to the world Babylon financial system.

As the financial crisis unfolded this last week the analysis that I read from economists is this:

- Since 1994 when the ANC took over foreigners swooped in and bought out the absolute crown jewels of the South African economy.
- They also bought up as at present calculation R2 trillion rand worth of our Johannesburg Stock Exchange listed companies and R1 trillion of our government and corporate bonds.

The financial interest and dividends of these investments drain hundreds of billions each year out of the economy to overseas bank accounts.
- South Africa needs at least R100 billion a year from overseas money flowing into our country to buy up more of our national assets in the form of bonds, shares and investments just for us to be able to pay for our deficit on the current account.
- Our government debt 10 years ago was R1 trillion it is now R2,2 trillion and rising rapidly each year.
- As South Africa sinks deeper into junk rated territory we will have to pay higher and higher for international loans taking us deeper into debt.

And what did we do with that R3 trillion rand of money that flowed into the country to buy up assets?

Well it is quite simple...we spent it!
- South Africa has more shopping malls (2000) than Germany (1300).  We squandered that money on two decades of high salaries for a bloated public service and excessive luxury consumption living as a nation far beyond our means.
- Corrupt looters of state resources spirited billions overseas to international bank accounts.

We have been looted both internationally and locally to the point of national bankruptcy.  The prophet Joel had this to say about the same situation in Israel:

"That which the palmerworm has left has the locust eaten; and what the locust has left has cankerworm eaten; and what the cankerworn has left has the caterpillar eaten" (Joel 1:4)

I can say that the Lord has sold us to the international Babylon bankers but in actual fact we as a nation through our leaders have sold ourselves and our nation and our inheritance.  We have left the next generation with a bankrupt country that because of the corruption in major capital projects like our power stations, harbours, roads, telecoms etc were all built at twice the world costs and double the time, we are no longer a competitive economy that can compete in the world of manufactured goods.

I saw signs this last week when our finance minister was sacked that said 'South Africa is not for sale!".  Well actually it is. In fact most of it has already been sold, or at least the most valuable parts.

In the years ahead in order to financially survive we are going to need more loans. But the international Babylon bankers are going to exact a cruel price from us as a nation in the form of very high interest rates.  Our currency is going to plummet and we are going to have to learn to actually live within our means.  And that is going to be a serious wake up call.

But before then fingers are going to be pointed everywhere. Blame will placed everywhere for the ensuing financial disaster.  The "entitled generation" who declare "it is out time to eat" will find the cupboard bare.

But this is what I believe will save us.

God also promised in Joel "the years that the locust as eaten I will restore unto you." But we are going to have to do what Joel chapter 2 commands, raise up the army of God,

Joel 2;15 'Blow the trumpet in Zion sanctify a fast call a solemn assembly gather the people sanctify the congregation, assemble the elders...let the ministers of the Lord weep between the porch and the altar, let them say Spare thy people O Lord and give not thine heritage to reproach that the heathen should rule over them (Babylon)..."

A good place to start for us is to be at the solemn assembly that Bro. Angus Buchan has called for a million Christians to turn up in Bloemfontein on 22 April to pray to the Lord.

Then after that we Christians of all races in this nation will have to come together to "redeem the land" as I outlined in a previous blog. We are going to have to start a Biblical economic system for this nation and be prepared to take responsibility before the Lord for the nation and covenant with the Lord that if He empowers us with a national revival we will make South Africa into a fruitful nation that will bear fruit for him for all the world to see.

But frankly I do not see that happening until Jesus finishes coming for Zuma and his corrupt government and the people run out of excuses to blame and point fingers at everyone except "it's me oh Lord!".

And I also do not see God giving the Christians of this nation the responsibility of national fruit bearing until Churches and leaders actually start practicing what they preach and start acting like we are all the Body of Christ and within the Church are the people with the gifts and the abilities to turn this nation around...we just need the Church leaders to see that and start acting on it.

Until then we are and will be in poverty bondage to our new masters that we as a country have been sold to ....the international bankers of Babylon. 

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