There is a strong delusion circulating among evangelicals. Its origin is "easy grace" preaching. Praise God "I am not under law...but under grace" (we sing heartily...actually its a nice song).  Its a favourite preaching theme because people love to hear about something for nothing. But as lives, finances, families and communities fall apart Christians look for miracle solutions of easy grace instead of studying the Word of God for understanding of His Kingdom laws.

You need to understand a problem in our evangelical churches. It has to do with "fast food".  That is what you are getting on a Sunday morning. Typically it is an "exhortation" type message/sermon. Its all very upbeat, positive and encouraging to get you out there on Monday to be a winner and overcome all obstacles you may confront. In this environment the Old Testament is a rich source material for stories to encourage your success drive. This type of sermonizing is very popular. Its quick, tasty but not very nutritious. Paul described it as the milk of the Word not the he would have described it as "junk food".

But what is critically lacking is the whole counsel of God whereby people are taught the laws and precepts of God's Kingdom laws, step by step line by line as a way of life that leads to success. People don't have time for that and our churches are not set up for that.  Let me explain to you the difference...

Take as your starting point the simple basic truth that "everything that was made was made by Him" (John 1:3). All things were made by Christ and for Christ. Ok we believe that. Now add this truth from Proverbs 8 (urgent! Read Prov. 8) Jesus made the world and all that is in it by wisdom, and He rules over all by wisdom. What does this mean? it means that everything that is created is made according to God's laws and all things operate by divine law.  Your success in life is determined to what extent you discover those laws of His Kingdom and to what extent you apply them in your life, family, work, health and finances. The dumbest thing anybody can tell you is that you are not under law! You need to wake up to reality and get under a ministry where someone is teaching you step by step, line by line the laws of God.

Let me give you some of my researches in this area.  I am absolutely intrigued and fascinated by how many areas of life the Word of God has a pronouncement about. It literally covers all areas of life. But you need to take Genesis to Revelations seriously and stop picking apart a few favourite verses. I started doing this through the Bible and let me give you a summary of all the laws of God I have discovered and which areas they cover. I will not give you all the scripture references because I have limited space but so far I have 20 areas of Biblical law already:

1) The Ten Commandments

2) Laws of Relationship to God
Fear of God, obedience, praise, worship, faith and belief, backsliding, confession etc

3) Laws of Relations to other People
Duties to brethren, duties to the poor, disputes and strife, adversaries, handling of fools, liars and various other sinners, etc.

4) Laws of Justice
Law of the land, oaths and vows, witness and testimony, standards of judgment, bribery, dispute resolutions, sentencing, bail, limited liability, debt jubilee.

5) Marriage and Divorce
Duties in marriage, principles of marriage, adultery, fornication, prohibited marriages...

6) Family Law and Relationships
Parent responsibilities, requirements of children, education of children, inheritance and birthright.

7) Animal and Environment Regulations
Care of animals, damage and injury by animals, care for the land and vegetation.

8) Government and Civil Officers
Requirements of Civil leaders, frame of government, judges and magistrates, obligations to government and officers to people.

9) Feasts and Observances
Feasts of celebration and remembrance, Sabbath rest, laws of Jubilee.

10) Laws of Judgement, Offences and Punishment
Murder, kidnapping, theft, witchcraft, disobedience, immorality, slander etc, laws of punishment, restitution and forgiveness, judgement guidelines, modes and execution of punishment, lawsuits and court procedures.

11) Foreign Relations
Alliances and treaties, foreign policy, aid and help, foreign enemies.

12) Laws of Etiquette and Morals
Chastity and virtue, dress and appearance, courtesy and kindness, drinking and drunkenness, indulgence, gossip, slander and backbiting.

13) Economic and Monetary Laws
Laws of labour, work ethics, borrowing and debt, just weights and measures, usury, buying and selling, taxes and revenue, money policy,  capital accumulation, capital preservation, capital diffusion to the people.

14) General Welfare
Charity and hospitality, the poor and the needy, widows and orphans, the handicapped.

15) Food and Health Laws
Healthy food and unhealthy food, plants and herbs, fasting, personal hygiene and sanitation, general health laws.

16) Personal Character Laws
Slothfulness, diligence, greed, revenge, patience, self improvement, work, envy, lust, hypocrisy, fools, anger and wrath, pride, wisdom and knowledge.

17) Property Law
Law of inheritance, private property, caring for property and assets, liability for damages, property rights and theft.

18) Church and Ministry
Offices and duties of ministers, guidelines for assembly, admittance and expulsion from the assembly, financial support guidelines, qualifications of ministers. Laws of intercession, supplication and forgiveness. Laws of headship and authority.

19) Labour and Work
Laws of employment, servitude, freedom, wage rates, skills development, productivity, responsibilities of workers and employers.

20) Laws of Warfare and Military Service
Causes for war, exemptions and deferment from service, rules and conduct of warfare, conduct to enemies.

And that is just a start. You know what this tells me?  Jesus is Lord over all. He is interested in all our areas of life. Kingdom life is a lifestyle that reflects the laws of God in all our areas of life. We apply the Word of God to our whole lifestyle. This is not about nitpicking silly issues like should I give up pork and keep Saturday Sabbath! Its about the principles that the Lord is trying to teach us such as there is such a thing as healthy eating and proper rest and worship to restore our bodies and our souls.

But the deeper I go into the practicalities of Kingdom living the more I realize that God meant for us to do this as a community of believers. He meant for us to be a witness to the world as body of believers who can say, "This is who we are and this is how we live!"    

There is no "easy grace" solution of instant miracles to solve your problems. Your problems aren't the devil and demons. Neither is the Lord's hand shortened that He cannot save. But all of us need to face the reality of the world that God made and how He made it. He made it to glorify His name, to reveal His nature. And we can only do that as a community of believers who walk in wisdom following His ways and living by his Kingdom laws which will then produce the results of abundance and blessing that he promised would result.

In the meantime our reality is that we are wage slaves in a corrupt economic and political system that eats away our earnings in taxes, inflation, theft, corruption and inefficiency while we live in fear of violence and our bodies deteriorate from stress and junk food.  Our families are suffering, our children our marriages our finances...and I offer you now easy grace quick solution to a collapsing world system. I only promise you that the Lord has given us a way out in His Word.  Its the laws of His Kingdom if we are willing and obedient to put them into practice.

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