Kingdom Trend Analysis: The Storm Clouds Gathering

There are a lot of fascinating things happening in the world that I would like to give you a quick trend analysis on. My trend analysis is simply that...where I think things are heading using the Kingdom Now as paradigm to evaluate.

Just to be clear: The difference between my prophetic interpretation of the times and what you hear in church and from the TV ministries is this:

 The Kingdom of God has come, it is coming and it will come, growing all the time till it fills the earth. As opposed to the common prophecy idea that history is moving to a One World Government led by the Antichrist.

In Economics: The era of the Age of Mammon or Babylon, the rule of money power (as per Rev.18) is coming to an end with a major world economic crash ahead.

In Culture:  A world culture is developing powered by mass media access to all people in the world that is decaying traditional morality and breaking the bonds and cohesion that holds families, nations and cultures together.

The result?  As the prophet Daniel predicted in his vision of the all ends in a crumbling mixture of "iron and clay" with world empires falling apart and the Kingdom of God as the stone cut from the mountain growing to fill the earth.

The Crumbling World Political Scene

In America we have an interesting phenomenon.  It is election season.  But the two candidates that are stirring up the two parties are both insurgent outsiders: Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.  A self declared democratic socialist and an eccentric billionaire.  What both have in common is that they are not from the political fact they vow to take on the political elite in Washington. The masses in America are rising up and agitated. They know the political elite care nothing for them.  My prediction is that neither will win the presidency and Hillary Clinton will win...but the rotten mess that is politics at the highest level will finally burst open as Hillary is bought and paid for by the money power of Wall Street. And that will be the end of the political establishment in America.

In South America the corruption is so endemic that nations are now visibly falling apart. In Venezuela the country wasted the oil bonanza with billions offshore and next week the whole country will be shut down for a week because there is no electricity. In Brazil 2,5 million Brazilians are in the streets rioting and demanding the government be impeached for corruption. The economy is falling apart. Same for Argentina.

In China the elite money people have sent more than $380 billion in the last year offshore and this year already more has slipped out. Why? Because they do not believe China has a long term future.  They are getting foreign passports and residencies and their money out.  More than 900 unreported major riots all over China last year as the populace sees the political and business elite prospering and the people are not.

The Middle East is obvious.  Islam as a culture and religion of the future is finished. The sectarian wars will never end and the infrastructures of whole nations are devastated beyond repair.  The low oil prices mean that generous state subsidies are a thing of the past and there are no wealth creating industrial economies to pay for imports like food and basic goods.

Europe is crumbling.  The whole concept of European Union or a United States of Europe is now fast fading under the joint crises of millions of foreign migrants streaming across open borders and rising nationalism of people who do not want to lose their identity.

In Africa all the usual of decades past. Corruption is endemic and cannot be rooted out.  Here in South Africa the "Rainbow Nation" dream is long over.  The students are rioting on campuses, the municipalities are unable to deliver basic services, the service delivery riots are increasing; the nations prime economic assets have been sold of to foreigners to pay for a false prosperity leaving both the nation and the people deeply in unpayable debt. The top governing elite are openly selling government posts to the highest bidders for tender favours...and the list goes on.

I'm not going to even bother analyzing Nigeria, Zimbabwe etc. 

All over the world there is a common thread to the civil unrest.  The common people of the world are stirring. They are realizing that there exists a ruling elite strata of society that are siphoning off the wealth of nations and through economic and political corruption are destroying the middle class and their way of life; they are beginning to comprehend that there is no economic hope for a realistic comfortable retirement or for a future for their children.

The key political agreement that has made representative government work for 250 years is the concept of a "social compact" that sought the "consent of the governed". The basis for representative government is the mutual contract that the people of a nation make with one another and enshrine it in a written document called a "Constitution". It is supposed to be the rules of society that all must abide by.

But it is that "social compact" that is being broken by the political and economic elite who twist the levers of power for their own benefit.  And the common people around the world are waking up to this. They are realizing that it does not matter which political party you place in power...nothing changes, 

And the riots have started all over the world....

The Economic Crisis

There is one fundamental problem that is causing the insoluble crisis of our times.  If you look at the economic headlines it all the same around the world.  Issues like enormous debts, slow to no growth, slumping commodities prices, bankruptcies, unemployment etc....all these are but a symptom of a fundamental problem that the economic elite will not address.  Here is my analysis of the basic issue:

For any economy to function there must be production and consumption.  That is basic.  But there is one fatal flaw in this equation. The mass of people, the labourers who make the products do not have the income to consume what the economy produces. So future income must be loaned to them to buy today's goods.  That is the basis of our debt based system. And to create that buying power banks have the ability to create credit out of nothing and loan it our for consumption.

This sorry state of affairs has many causes. But the chief cause is that financial capital needs a constant increase in the form of asset appreciations and rising profits. The result has been that more and more of national income has gone to financial capital and less and less to labour.  The voracious need for constant capital growth was made an international issue last year by French economist Thomas Piketty in his book "Capital in the 21st Century".  Capital must grow by at least 15% compounded yearly while labour income stagnates.  This demand of Mammon means they will ruthlessly cut workers and buy machines, they will relocate factories to low wage nations, they will cut benefits, they will offshore their profits to avoid taxes. Financial capital also has access to cheap loans to invest in more productive capital assets increasing production all the time....but wages are declining and with it the ability of workers around the world to afford to buy the production. 

The result has been desperate attempts by the financial elite to increase buying power through more debt issuing. But since workers are maxed out, the last 8 years it has fallen on governments to leverage up their balance sheets with massive increases of public debt.

The world debt loads are far higher than the crises of 2008 when Lehman Brothers collapsed and a world wide cascade of bank failures was only prevented by massive central bank purchases of junk bonds. But this time it is not just junk mortgage bonds in America that are threatening the world banking system. This time it is nations that are going insolvent, not just banks. And for that level of crises there are no remedies/

What is to be done....

We are at the inflection point of history where there are no political or economic solutions for the coming disintegration.

I can say very simply that only God has the answer and get agreement from all Christians and in the back of their minds they think I must mean the obvious solution....we must eagerly wait for the Second Coming of Christ and He will establish His government in Jerusalem and sort out the world problems.

Except I do not believe that is what the Lord is going to do and that is why the Church is so unprepared for what is coming and what needs to be done.

You see the Lord had the same problem with Israel as the world is facing today....what we call today the breakdown of the social contract and the consent of the governed is exactly God's problem with Israel.

He made a spiritual compact with them at Mount Sinai. He would be their ruler and He gave them the constitution or laws of His Kingdom. If they obeyed they would prosper. If they did not obey they would end in poverty and loss of land and assets and enslaved to foreign powers.  And that is what happened to them.

What the coming of Christ did was to bring about a whole new regeneration of the hearts of people so that God could live in them and the laws of God would be written in their hearts and they would obey out of love for God and not for greed or coercion or fear.  You see it is only the preaching of the gospel and the regeneration of the people of the earth and thereby create a new "social and spiritual compact" and with it the people's consent to be governed by King is only that dynamic that is going to heal the world and bring about a new world order.

And it is for that reason that He gave the job to the Church to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations!  The Church up to now has only seen its job to be that of preaching the gospel to all the world and get people saved and then wait for the rapture.  No that is not our entire job description. And that is what the Church is going to discover in the years ahead.  With the world order and economic order disintegrating around the Church and no rapture and no Jesus appearing in Jerusalem to sort out the world problems we are going to be forced to get on with the job of actually discipling the people into the government of God's Kingdom, into His way of ordering our lives, our families, our economies.

And believe me this whole idea of if we can only get a Christian in high office as president or in parliament etc....this is not going to work. Even when God Himself was King over Israel it did not work!  Unless people are changed in their heart, unless Jesus rules in the hearts of each person, you cannot have the government of God over a nation.  It starts with discipling people and then you can build a Godly nation on top of that.

And it is then that you can build a Kingdom economy. You can use Biblical economic principles to rebuild a collapsed national economy. But only if the people have the Lord in their hearts and have accepted to be servants of Christ and not servants of Mammon (you cannot serve two masters Jesus said).

And so here is my analysis for the ongoing world events....
- National structures will continue their collapse and new political parties are not the answer.
- International capital will continue to ravage the earth in search of endless growth and profits and will destroy nations in the process.
- The Church will face an increasing crisis of identity in the years ahead as none of the expected prophecies of the "end times" work out (Did you notice how excited the prophecy writers got when Russia's army entered Syria? Gog/Magog getting ready to invade Israel! And now Russia is withdrawing from Syria...What no invasion of Israel?). 
-The critical questions will be Who are we as the Church, What is our function? How do we re-organize ourselves to do the job God gave us to do?

And those are the issues we are going to address here at Kingdom Vision....

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