In my last blog I told you I want to give you the key to understanding Revelations. This is very important otherwise you will not understand what is happening prophetically in the world today. But before I do that I want to give you an update of what is happening in the Middle East in the light of prophecy...but just a warning...this is not what you have been taught is supposed to happen.

There is a drama being played out in Syria that is going to affect the prophecy expectation of the vast majority of evangelicals.  The prophetic vision I have been sharing with you is this: We are in the Kingdom Age and that means that the Lord is bringing down every strong hold that is holding the people of the earth from entering into the Kingdom and making openings everywhere for the Church to disciple the nations. Countries and systems that do not allow the preaching of the gospel freely will fall: Communism, Islam and yes, Israel. The Church of Jesus Christ will be triumphant everywhere.

The Dispensationalist vision says this is the end times and the Jews will bring in the Kingdom which is yet to come and before that we have Armageddon with Russia and a coalition of nations invading Israel and being defeated.

Well lets analyze from scripture and news reports what is happening:

The centre point of the Middle East conflict has now shifted to Syria. The Shia Islam coalition of Iran, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon (Hezbollah) against the Sunni Islam alliance of the Gulf monarchies (Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia), Egypt, Turkey and Jordan with America and Nato supporting the Al Qada rebels. Russia is supporting Syria. This is a clash of epic proportions that is going to have a tragic conclusion.  News reports are that America is part of a 19 nation coalition that have moved 8,000 troops into Jordan for "military exercises".  Russia is sending warships and missiles for Syria.

But leading up to this conflict is this: Since 1979 when the Shia's kicked the Shah out of Iran the other dictators have been kicked out from Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Turkey (the military rule) and replaced by Sunni Muslim Brotherhood fundamentalists and Iraq's dictator Hussein replaced by Shia fundamentalists. Syria is just another domino to fall and soon probably the Gulf monarchies will be next.

Here's my interpretation:  This is part of the 1979 revolution that the Lord initiated to bring down Communism, Socialism, Banker Capitalism and Islam. The only world belief system that will be left standing at the end of the coming tribulations is the glorious good news to all people of the earth that Jesus is Lord. How?

As I said in my previous blogs, in 1979 Maggie Thatcher initiated the destruction of state socialism and released bankers and the financial powers from the constraints of state control. And given enough time and freedom from oversight the financial powers are busy destroying banker capitalism by their unbridled greed. The end result will be the destruction of paper currencies and the international banking system.

Also in 1979 God raised up Deng Xiaiopeng in China who initiated market reforms that released the productive powers of the Chinese people and which eventually led to exposing the bankruptcy of Communism which led to the collapse of Soviet Russia (because everyone wanted to get rich, especially the Russian communist commissars who proceeded to loot the national assets for themselves) and transformed the communist party of China into a fascist union of corporate and state power. But the real result in both former communist countries and China is the freedom to preach the gospel and for the Church to grow mightily. And here is my prediction: Just as Rome tried to suppress the Christian church but finally capitulated and had to recognize it because a majority of the Roma citizens had actually been secretly converted, so China will have to eventually recognize and free the Church and recognize that Christianity has in actual fact become the national religion of the Chinese people!

The other revolution of 1979 now being played out in Syria was the toppling of the Shah of Iran and the coming to power of Ayatollah Khomeini and the Islamic Shia Republic.  This has been followed through the years by the toppling of the other dictators and the installation of Shia or Sunni fundamentalist governments.  How does this affect the Kingdom vision?

God gives people what they want to let it play out to the end.  The dictators tried to keep one foot in the Mosque and the other foot in the world. Not anymore. Now it will be all Mosque and no worldliness.  Now comes strict Sharia Law.  Now lets see how that works out for these nations. Lets see if the young people of Iran or Iraq or Egypt who are on the internet are going to want to keep up with the requirements of Islam. Already the rumblings are there. They are back on the streets in Turkey and in Egypt, Bahrain and other places.  The collapse of the Islamic Republics whether of the Sunni or Shia variety are inevitable.  None of them can feed themselves or pay their way in the world. When the oil runs out so will the people's tolerance.

Here are some interesting prophecies from Isaiah on the nations which are still unfulfilled.  Isaiah prophesied about 740-720 BC. A lot of his prophecies have come true such as the coming of Cyrus to free Israel from Babylon (Isaiah 45) and especially his prophecies about the coming of the Messiah and His work of salvation.  But I love his prophecy of Isaiah 2:2-3 that nations will be saved and brought into the Kingdom of God and this will be accomplished by God showing His power in the earth to bring all  the high places down and nations opposed to him will brought down.

In Chapters 17,18 and 19 he makes three prophecies to three nations on the earth that have yet to come to pass:

Chapter 17:1 is the prophecy over Damascus, Syria:  God says, "Behold, Damascus, shall be taken away from being a city and it shall be a ruinous heap." Damascus has always had wars and been rebuilt.  But the time is coming when it will be taken away from being inhabited and made into a ruinous heap. As I write the Assad troops are bombing Damascus and the rebels into a ruinous heap. Is this the time for that prophecy? Across the border stands American and Israeli troops ready to intervene. Iran has just sent 4,000 elite Guard troops to support Assad. A cataclysm is building up.

Chapter 19 is a prophecy over Egypt which is also yet to be fulfilled. Isaiah says in verse 1: "The burden of Egypt. Behold the Lord rideth upon a swift cloud and shall come into Egypt."  Just a an important point here...when the Bible says God is coming on a cloud it means He is coming in judgment. When the Bible says Jesus will come on a cloud it means He is coming in does not mean He is coming to rapture you away.  Now read the rest of the chapter. It describes the coming destruction of Egypt but it also has good news for Egypt!  Verse 20-22 says that Egypt will be smitten by God but they will turn and repent in that day and will end up serving the Lord. There is a glorious revival coming there...pray for the large Christian church in Egypt, the Lord has a wonderful plan to use them to bring revival and bring the nation into the Kingdom! This is going to happen, it is prophesied!

Chapter 18 in between these two national prophecies of destruction for Damascus and destruction and salvation for Egypt is a wonderful prophecy of a nation that Isaiah does not give a name to because they were not in existence when he received the word of the Lord about them. During the time that Damascus and Egypt will be judged there is a people that Isaiah 18:1 says live "beyond the rivers of Ethiopia". When standing in Israel and looking south past Egypt, past Nubia and past Ethiopia you are now looking at a region that can only be Southern Africa. Isaiah has wonderful prophecies for these people in that day that live in Southern Africa. He says they are God's offspring and that He has placed His name on them, they are His Zion, His place of rest and that upon their mountain (their nation) the Lord will raise an ensign to the nations (Isa. 18:3).  Folks there is coming a great revival out of Southern Africa that will win Africa for Christ and will shake the nations! (Zeph.3:10 says the same prophecy by the way).

But what about Israel? Well here is the prophecy that evangelicals will not accept:
Jeremiah 19:11 God says through His prophet Jeremiah that the day is coming that the Lord will shatter and break Jerusalem like a clay jar and it will  never be repaired again. And to emphasize that Jeremiah took a clay jar to the valley of Hinnom (or also known as Gehenna or Hell) and broke it there and said it will never be repaired.  Through history Jerusalem has been destroyed and rebuilt a number of times but hear the word of the Lord...The day is upon Jerusalem as it is for Egypt, Damascus and all the nations that God has a word for...Jerusalem will be destroyed and never rebuilt!

Why?  Two reasons: Israel will not accept the Lordship of Jesus and will be treated just like any other people and nation that will not come under the Lordship of Jesus, God is not a respecter of persons.  The second reason...because He is building a New Jerusalem whose builder and maker is God as  a habitation for Himself and that New Jerusalem is His Church His bride.  But evangelicals will not accept this or believe this. Their dispensationalist traditions have made the word of God of none effect.

The Middle East is in turmoil and what is about to happen the prophecy books you have read will not be able to explain. And that is why next week I am going to give you the key to understanding Revelations because God gave the early Church that prophecy before He destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD. But the next destruction of Jerusalem will be the final one and you will really need to understand the message of Revelations to us today if you are to come out of the coming confusion.

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