My Vision of the New Heavens and the New Earth

This week I want to digress to the end of the book of Revelation to give you my interpretation of what I believe lies ahead of us....a great and wonderful unlimited future. Warning: This is a very unconventional interpretation of Rev.21-22 but hopefully it will stimulate your own thoughts of God's plans for our future.

The most important thing about interpreting scripture correctly is to allow scripture to interpret scripture. So if you see words or phrases in these two chapters that the Bible has already dealt with, go back there for your answers. So if these scriptures says the New Jerusalem is the Tabernacle of God and the Bride...then do not be surprised if this is not talking about an actual city. And if it talks about "the tree of life" in the city then go back to Eden and Genesis to find some answer.

The other thing I want you to try to do is to look at the wonderful picture in these two chapters in dual view. What do I mean? In 2 Kings 6:17 Elisha and his servant are surrounded by the Syrian army and the servant is in a panic. Elisha says don't worry, those that are with us are more than those against us! And Elisha prayed that God would open his servants eyes and behold!.....the hills around them were filled with angelic hosts of which only one angel could have wiped out the whole Syrian army. That is dual vision...natural eyes see the enormous problem of surrounded by powerful enemy....spiritual eyes see the other reality of the spirit realm around us...the armies of God around us.

Now look in dual vision at Rev.21-22....

The spirit world reality is this:
- the Tabernacle of God is now once again among men.
- The presence and power of God is now restored to earth as a constant light of glory.
- From this Tabernacle of God flows the river of living water that nourishes the Tree of Life for the healing of the nations.

The natural world reality....
- Around this restored Tabernacle of God are nations of those who are saved and their kings or rulers bring glory and giftings to the City of God or the Tabernacle of God....which is His Church!
- But also we see that apart from those who are saved there are many still who are not saved and it expressly says that outside the city are all those who are "dogs, and sorcerers and whoremongers and murderers and idolaters and whosoever loves and makes a lie." (Rev. 22;15).

This is not a picture of heaven or paradise.  This is a picture of Eden restored with the Church as the second Adam doing the work of Adam!

I have made this contention before:  Adam and Eve were not the first or only people on earth. They were God's High Priesthood to be God's representatives on earth to bring the knowledge and salvation of God to the lost people of a destroyed earth.  They were to heal the nations.  That is why the Tree of Life and the river of God and the presence of God are in both places.  Adam and Eve radiated the glory of God because the glorified Jesus Son of God walked and talked with them in the royal tabernacle of God on earth called Eden.

This glory is going to be restored to the earth. This restored glory of God is not going to be manifested in a building or a temple.  The only habitation that God has ever said in scripture that He is to inhabit is His people, the church, His Bride, His Temple....which is why Paul could say, "Christ in us, the hope of glory"!

Ok what I said above is not so controversial. Lets get to the controversial stuff....

The current debate in the evangelical movement is very much caught up on the "end times" discourse. And in that discourse we have dominant ideas such as how long is the reign of Christ and when does it begin and when does it end. I have asked preachers, ok after the coming of Christ \say at the end of the 1000 years Millennium or before....what then? What happens then? And nobody is really very sure and most feel the new heavens and the new earth is somehow paradise where we are all in glorified bodies and there is no old planet earth and that is the end....we are all in heaven and that heaven looks a lot like earth.

Really?  And what about the inconvenient Rev.22;15 that tells us in this new heaven and new earth we have nations that need healing and there are whoremongers and murderers and liars!

Let me give you my vision of the future instead and tell you how I reconcile these seeming contradictions.

Firstly forget about or change you mind about two very important scriptural facts:
- The Kingdom of God does not last for 1000 years, it lasts forever! Furthermore scripture tells of that kingdom that the growth of His Kingdom has no end. Endless eternal growth!
- Secondly change you mind about earth.  In previous posts I have proven to you that scripture says that the earth is forever, it is not cursed, it is blessed and when God finished making it He said it was all good.  Consider also that God said in Isaiah 45:18 that He made the earth and the heavens not in vain but to be inhabited.

Now consider also the latest astronomical findings about these heavens that God created to be inhabited:  There are at last count from what we can see about 15 billion galaxies each with hundreds of millions of stars and planets.  Consider also that science has proven that this great universe is not contracting but is endlessly expanding.

Billion of Galaxies

Now further consideration:

A 1000 year rule of Christ on earth is not feasible in either fact or scripture.  A 1000 years of 1% growth will give us a population of about 83 trillion people.  You need 10,000 earths for that population density. Meaning what? Meaning that God is not interested in just 1000 years of Kingdom growth, he wants endless growth! And that requires galaxies by the multiplied is not room enough!

And consider this as well.  The growth we are talking about here very practically are children and families!  The place for making babies and raising children is not in heaven. People do not marry in heaven and do not have sex in heaven. That is what the physical universe is for. This is God's great womb, His great nursery and playground to conceive His children and to train them in righteousness and wisdom.

But does God want more children? What did God say to Abraham?  I will give you children the number of which are like the stars in heaven and the sand of the sea. He said nations (plural nations! Not just one nation Israel) will come from you.  God promised that His blessings are for thousands of generations! Those are endless numbers!

Do you think scripture and God are exaggerating? If God knows the hairs on your head do you think he has difficulty counting the stars He has made or the sand grains of the sea?

The dispensationalists demand that we take literally the rule of Christ as being 1000 years.  When are they going to take literally that God says He has plans ahead for thousands of generations?  What are those plans?  The essence of those plans are that He is a Father and He is creating a family and He wants and endless supply of children to be produced for His family and those children need to be perfected and trained and grow into maturity and that is what this earth/universe is for.

Yes Jesus is coming, but that is not the end!  That is just the end of the beginning.  We are now in the time of the restoration of all things.  What needs to be restored? That which we lost. What was that?  Everything that we were supposed to have in Eden.

We lost the manifest presence of God on earth.
We lost our fellowship with God through losing our salvation.
We lost our dominion over all the works of His hands.
We lost our wonderful bodies that should be good for hundreds of years.
We lost our calling to heal the nations and bring righteousness to earth and its peoples.

Everything we lost through the fall of the first Adam, we have regained through the resurrection of the Second Adam.

Here is what I see lying ahead....

God is step by step restoring His glory and power in the Church.
Now we only have the "earnest" or down payment of our inheritance but there is coming a greater outpouring of His Spirit on His Church.
We are going to see greater manifestation of miracles and gifts of the Spirit.
We are being prepared for a greater spiritual battle ahead when we will judge the fallen angels and demons being released from the Abyss and consign them into the lake of fire and thereby rid the earth of their evil influence.
We are going to see the real return of Jesus Christ in His Church the same way He left...appearing to all His disciples: This phenomenon is already manifesting all over the world and the appearance of the Lord and His angels among God's people are becoming more frequent.
This greater power and anointing of God among His people will result in a greater authority and power to heal the nations and disciple them into the Kingdom of God.
As more and more of the scientific, financial and entrepreneurial men and women get saved all over the world so more and more of "the glory of the kings of the earth are brought into the city of God".  And so the wealth of the ungodly will ultimately end up in the Kingdom of God.

Now my predictions for the natural universe as opposed to the spirit world around us...

Here are photo's of my idea of the coming new heavens and the new earth:


Yes that is right....Space Colonization is integral to the long term Kingdom Agenda!

And if you look closely we decided not take any flies, or mosquitoes with us or anything else that we do not want.  We can design whole new worlds and build them in space with the abundance of materials available to us there.

How do we do this?  We are going to do this because the Lord told us that we have been given power over all his creation. That includes all forms of power in this universe and that means we are going to be given the secrets to controlling gravity and we are going to unlock the power of fusion energy...just like we have progressively learned how to control animal, wind, water, steam, coal, petrol, electricity and nuclear power.  The next levels are nuclear fusion and gravity. And those are the key powers for space colonization and endless energy.

Space and its resources are endless and so are the energy resources of the universe.  God made this universe for endless expansion and growth!

All these new frontiers and new powers are going to require the enhanced bodies that the Lord always wanted mankind to have to live more than a thousand years before transiting to the spirit realms.

These new endless wealth and power potentials will require us the develop a new Biblical Kingdom economic system based on endless abundance rather than our current economic system based on the allocation of scarce resources.

We are going to need new form of governance for a people who love one another and not a government mode that is geared towards restrictions and punishments which has to constantly try to keep sinners from destroying everything around them.

This is now the critical time....we are at the intersection of the old world systems falling apart and the birth pangs of a new world order of God's Kingdom bursting forth all over the world. And the old world wine skins cannot contain the glory of the new world order.

In future blog on this topic I want to cover some more in depth of the new economic systems we need to start working on, the new technologies we need to master, the new city designs that we need to plan for.

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