New Heavens and Habitats for 10 Quadrillion People

Let's have some fun imaging the New Heavens and the New Earth that I believe God has in store for the future and which I believe John saw and described in the end of Revelation.

My case to you this far in the New Jerusalem series of blogs has been to describe a new earth where the glory of the Lord fills the earth and a new world government directs human affairs....this new government is the New Jerusalem, the Bride of Christ that manifests the presence and power of God in the earth.

Note that I have not said and John does not say this is a literal city but it is the triumphant Church of Jesus Christ healing the nations and discipling them and note also that Revelation does not say this is the heavenly paradise.  Note please that John says there are sinners and wicked people still around outside the city of God that need to be saved.  That is the new earth that is coming....the saints have possessed the Kingdom but there are still plenty of sinners around that need salvation.  I repeat...Rev.21&22 is not a vision of heaven one is a vision of how the Lord meant the earth to be. And our job is to restore Eden on earth so that we can get on with taking dominion over all God's handiwork.

But there is also a new heaven that John says he saw.  Consider that the New Jerusalem is not only stretching over the earth bit it stretches into space since he says it was 12,000 furlongs high...which makes it 1500 into space!.  And John also says he saw a new earth and new heaven but he did not see a sea there.

So here is my faith speculation.  I believe John was looking into the far distant future and saw humanity spreading out into space where there are new heavens and no seas like on earth, because he was seeing mankind spreading into the solar system in space habitats.

I have said this before but I will say it again....the Bible clearly states that the Kingdom of Messiah is forever and that "of the growth of his kingdom there is no end."  You cannot have endless growth on planet earth!

I have also said that endless growth requires families that produce children and that takes place in this universe that we were born into and does not take place in the heavenly paradise that we are heading for ultimately for eternity when each of us finishes our work here on earth (or in space!).

Now to have endless growth we need access to endless supplies of room to grow, resources to support our growing families and endless supply of abundant energy.

So just to stretch your mind a bit I want to tell you what we have available for growth in our small local solar system nearby. And I want to quote this from a book I have by Prof. John Lewis called "Mining the Sky".  Prof Lewis is head of Planetary Sciences at University of Phoenix-Tucson. 

Prof. Lewis in his chapter on the wealth available to us in the asteroid belt describes how much material there is to build space habitats and how many people we can accommodate in these space habitats.  Here is a picture of where the asteroid belt is.  It is located between Mars and Jupiter and scientists believe there used to be a planet there that for some reason exploded and now there is a vast debris field of asteroids floating there around the sun in orbit.

Prof. Lewis and other space scientists have made extensive researches into what these asteroid debris are made of and they have estimated how much material there is in order to build space habitats for human colonization of space using these floating debris materials.

Now when he and other space experts talk about colonizing space they are not talking about a colony on Mars.  For many reasons that is just a dumb idea. The gravity is wrong. You have space radiation that will fry you and it is just bad environment.  No they reckon the best plan is rotating torus as pictured below where you can create your own gravity by spinning the torus. Plus you can create a perfect climate inside and perfect protection from solar radiation. Plus you can populate it with your favourite foods and animals and leave behind mosquitoes, flies, rats and snakes.

Now to build such structures you need a lot of material and the most abundant metal you need is iron.  Fortunately the asteroid belt has plenty of iron and all the other minerals we have on earth. And what is nice is that we do not have to mine it deep into the earth and then lift it into space at great cost.  It is just floating there in space ready for us to pick up.  And that includes also vast quantities of gold, platinum, copper, silver, nickel, cobalt, phosphates, carbonascious condrites that contain lots of carbon material, water, volatiles etc.

Let me quote Prof. Lewis on how many or how large a space habitat we can build with just the iron available there....

"Earth's population wants to expand into space.  We have enough asteroidal iron to make a metal sphere.... Hollowed out into rooms with iron walls like a gigantic city it would make a spherical space structure over 2000 miles in diameter which will allow 300 cubic meters of space for each resident with nine foot ceiling we could provide each family of five with a floor area of 3000 square feet for private residential space and still set aside 3000 square feet of public space per family.  This artificial world would have enough room to accommodate more than 10,000,000,000,000,000 people...that is 10 quadrillion people! Very simply that is a million times the ultimate population capacity of earth,,, a million earth's of  resources and room" (Which is why we are not interested in colonizing Mars, we want a million earths of space habitats. Elon Musk can have Mars)

Sounds like a description of the New Jerusalem does it not with its diameter of 2000 miles!

But I like his next idea better. Instead of one giant structure he says there is a better way to this!

I quote...

"People however can make themselves at home throughout the solar system. We can divide our supply of iron divided among ten billion space habitats each carrying one million residents.  Each crew picks a location in space where it wants to settle and make a living there.

I know where I would want my colony to settle....close to Saturn! Most beautiful spot in the solar system. And it has the advantage of having a system of moons with amazing resources. The moon Titan has oceans of liquefied natural gas and a thick atmosphere of very useful nitrogen.  The rings of Saturn contain an enormous abundance of water and other valuable minerals just floating around waiting to be picked up.  And man that view every night!

Fortunately the digital revolution has allowed people like Google to store the entire cultural history of mankind's books, literature, music, films, we can take all the great education and entertainment with us.

We can team up with a group of other million people colonies and start our civilization according to the Biblical principles that we believe in and build more space habitats for the growth of our families.  And with millions of fellow settlers we can have all the necessary people needed for all the professions and workers we need to be entirely self sufficient in all we need.

And by the way the needed breakthroughs in energy production either in small modular nuclear energy (my favourite would be thorium reactors) will ensure plenty of clean energy. In addition there are abundant sources of the isotope helium-3 only found in space that scientists have already proven to be the key to fusion energy. And with the power of fusion energy we have the vast power needed to traverse the long distances of space in times of weeks and months...not years and decades.

And then there are the coming breakthroughs in gravity shields that the Lord is going to give the Church so that we can lift large loads of people and goods off the earth.  That in itself is a fascinating story which I do not have space to go into here but I can assure you these technologies are soon to be made available.

Folks the Lord has placed us in a solar system with an overabundance of energy and minerals and plants and animals and plenty of room that we can accommodate easily more that 10 quadrillion people for millions of years.  And that is just our solar system.  There are still more than 200 billion stars in our galaxy and a trillion galaxies beyond our own.

What does this mean for us as the Church....

How big is your faith and your it big enough to believe that "eye has not seen nor has it come up in the heart of man what the Lord has prepared for those that love Him"?

We need to get the Church reorganized for exponential growth...that means we need our own non-wasteful economic system. Our own money and banking system whereby we can allocate savings into productive investments for Kingdom growth. It means a basic libertarian economic-law structure with mutually owned community assets, low government overheads and a totally revamped educational system geared to true skills development for our children.

Plenty here that needs discussing but enough for now....more to follow!

And yes the Lord has always had space colonization as part of His vision for our future....

Isaiah 45:18.....

"For thus says the Lord that created heavens, God that himself created the earth. He established it (the heavens and he earth) he created it not in vain, he formed it (heaven and earth) to be inhabited.  I am the Lord, there is none else."

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