Part 1 The Government of Heaven....on earth.

I don't know one prophetic book that actually tries to describe how the government of God actually works and how it would work on earth except to say, "Well you see it is a theocracy. Jesus comes back and rules from Jerusalem for a thousand years." Well, frankly there are a lot of problems with that picture....

I've started a series of blogs with you on building the city of God, Zion, on earth. This Zion, the Temple of God or the habitation of God is in process of being constructed. As the book of Revelation reveals to us this city of God had two is build on the "prophets" (the Israel template laid down by Abraham and Moses) and the "apostles" (the New Testament church era which started on the day of Pentecost). There was an "end time" to the Israel era of the law and the prophets and we are now approaching the "end times" of the Apostolic Pentecost era.  Ahead lies the age of The Feast of Tabernacles, or the assembly of the great habitation of God on earth and a new level of power and demonstration of the presence of God on earth.

The key to this whole enterprise of building the Kingdom of God on earth is that it must be built as a mirror image of the Kingdom of God in heaven.  As God told Moses when he was to build the Tabernacle "See that you build it according to the pattern I showed you in the mount of Sinai..."

The problem we face with today's interpretation of how God is going to run His Kingdom here on earth is that we do not like God's pattern anymore than what the Israelites like how God war ruling them in Samuel's is what the Israelites told Samuel:
"We will have a king over us that we may be like all other nations; and that our king may judge us and go out before us and fight our battles."  (1 Sam. 8:19-20)

God tells Samuel: "...hearken unto them for they have not rejected you but they have rejected me that I should reign over them."

You see God was actually already the King over Israel and He was ruling.  But the people did not like that kind of king.  They wanted someone they could touch and see and who would shout out orders and head up an army and fight their battles.

This of course is exactly what evangelicals want today.  No use telling them that Jesus is Lord now and He is doing His will in all the earth. No they want to see a visible army from heaven with Jesus at the head slaughtering the heathen of the earth by the billions and then setting up a governing bureaucracy in Jerusalem.  This in fact was what kind of Messiah the Jewish Zealots were looking for along with most of the Jerusalem church in 66 AD when they declared war on Rome and fully a million people gathered in Jerusalem in 70 AD surrounded by Roman armies and they were waiting for the promised Messiah to come and destroy the Romans and set up His Kingdom in Israel. They all died instead of fleeing as Jesus warned them to when they see Jerusalem surrounded by armies.  Evangelicals are still expecting this Jewish Messiah to come and set up an Israeli kingdom.

Just do a thought experiment with me.  Let's play this idea to it's logical conclusion.  Lets say a mighty Armageddon hits planet earth after Jesus and His army invades earth.  People by the billions dead. Let's say there are only 42,360 that make it through the Great Tribulation into the Millennium Kingdom (same amount as left Babylon to rebuild Jerusalem and the Temple in 533 BC).  Now lets fast forward to a 1000 years of peace and plenty on earth. Lets assume 2% growth (which is what we have today under corrupt governments).  That would mean after 1000 years of rule by Jesus Christ we would have over 20 trillion people on planet earth.  That would be the population of 3000 earths of our present earth populations....all on one planet earth!

But I do not believe in the 1000 year Millennial Kingdom of Christ (see my book and articles to see why the Millennial reign of Christ started at His ascension in 33 AD when all power in heaven and earth was given unto him and why it will last "thousands of years") is incredibly difficult to imagine ruling 20 trillion vision is far more incredible and hard to believe:

  • I believe in the never ending expansion of the Kingdom of God in this our universe.  (Isaiah 9:7)
  • I believe God was not exaggerating when He said that His blessings were unto thousands of generations or that the seed of Abraham would be as the stars of heaven and the sands of the seas. (Deut. 7:9)
  • I believe not only will this earth be filled but this solar system and this Milky Way galaxy with 300 billion stars and from there to over 1 trillion galaxies in our presently observable universe. (Isaiah 45:18)
  • I believe there is no end to the expansion of the physical universe and it is meant to be populated and settled by flesh and blood human families, all redeemed by the Blood of Jesus and all filled with the Spirit of God and all carrying the glory of God in their earthen vessels until all the universe is filled with the glory of God.
  • I believe that this physical universe serves as a shadow of the real destiny of all beings created by inhabit the endless paradise of God in their glorified heavenly spirit bodies when they have matured here in this physical realm to be disicpled into the image and character of Christ and then they transfer to endless heavenly realms for experiences and glory that eye has not seen nor ear heard what God has prepared for those that love Him. (they transfer by the way "in the twinkling of an eye" without Paul said..."I show you a mystery...we shall not all die." In later blogs I will expand on this.)

So with that as my belief as to the purpose of life on earth and this universe...the question remains...How does God rule His realm of human believers who inhabit the planets of a trillion galaxies?  Does He do so sitting on a throne in Jerusalem or on a throne seated in heavenly places? Is Jesus who is God and omni-present everywhere, is He able to be wherever two or three are gathered together in His name or must we travel to Jerusalem to see Him?

How do we set up such a government that there be peace and prosperity and love and abundance for trillions of people uncounted in number and complexity in ages that stretch for billions of years of endless growth and in a trillion galaxies across the universe?

Consider our present predicament on planet earth and the governments of earth.

A good place to start would be to read any of the following to get a real perspective of why nations states, economies and governments are failing:

Herman Hoppe: "Democracy: The God that Failed"
Joseph Tainter: "The Collapse of Complex Societies"
David Goldman: "How Civilizations Die"
Ruchar Sharma: "The Rise and Fall of Nations".
Acemoglu & Robinson: "Why Nations Fail".
Philip Lymbery: "Farmageddon"
Paul Roberts: "The End of Food: The Coming Crisis in the World Food Industry".

And I can go on and on with just books on my shelves, apart from the thousands of others available, that describe the crumbling systems of industrial and financial capitalism, or socialism and the political systems of liberal democracy.

Nobody has any answers to the mounting economic, ecological, cultural or governmental crises the nations of the world face in the decades ahead.

And yet the Lord God is giving the Church the blueprints and action plans and power to establish His government on earth that can achieve  His objectives of endless growth and the great challenge of producing a new level of spiritual humanity that reflects the image of God.

The key is to understand the principles under which the Kingdom of Heaven operates and then mirror those on earth.

But let me warn is going to mean re-organizing and re-conceptualizing what we call 'Church".  Here is the reason....

Hebrews 12:22:
"But you are come unto Mount Zion and unto the city of the living God and to the heavenly Jerusalem and to an innumerable company of angels, to the general assembly and church of the first born which are written in heaven and to God the judge of all and to the spirits of just men made perfect."

I need to pull that verse apart for you in our study ahead.  We need to understand the principles of how the government of God works in heaven and then apply it to here on earth.

Here is a hint:
Did you see that statement "the general assembly and church of the first born".  Did you know there is a "church" in heaven?  Did you know that the readers of Hebrews in the New Testament church knew that this was a description of a political form of government that they recognized? Do you realize that anyone reading this today mentally sees a building with a steeple and a meeting on a Sunday morning?

 You need to understand what the church in heaven is and how Jesus when He said 'I will build my Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it" He knew what the Church in heaven looked like and He was going to do the exact same pattern here on earth?

I am going to introduce you to the idea of how to operate as citizens of heaven and earth and how to operate the laws of heaven and earth....this is what Rev. 1:6 means when it says "He has made us kings and priests unto God and Father."

God is creating kings and priests...people who know how to operate in heaven and earth and have dominion in both realms.

Have you wondered what kind of government is it whose citizens are all kings and priests?  The answer will surprise you.

Folks let me share with you an inconvenient truth about the coming new age...

Every time there is a transition from one age to the next...God ends the previous comfort levels of the previous age and makes it impossible to return to them.

When He destroyed the land of Eden with a flood there was no going back for Noah

When he destroyed the Babel rebellion to scatter the people to fill the earth...there was no going back.

When He destroyed Sodom...there was no going back for Lot and his family.

When He destroyed Egypt...there was no going back for the Israelites...a greater destiny waited for them on the other side of the desert.

When He destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple in 70 AD there was no going back to the Old Covenant of sacrifices and there was going to be no political Messiah with an army to destroy Rome and set up a kingdom of Israel.

We have come to the end of another era.  Liberal democracy, the nation state and finance capitalism are crumbling and when they fall there is no going back....a better political party or better political leaders or better monetary policy are not going to rescue the crumbling world order.  And for my American readers...Donald trump is not going to make America great again.

God is going to make His Kingdom on earth great again!  It's the Kingdom alternative or chaos.  There is no turning back.

But let me encourage you. 

God has given us a roadmap for the journey ahead.
There is a new level of power and anointing coming to create a new vision of a Church triumphant.
And just like the Israelites left Egypt with great wealth and the Israelites left Babylon with great the Lord is empowering us with an enormous amount of really great technologies and assets to build the next phase of the Kingdom of God on earth.

We have everything we need for the journey ahead.

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