Part 3: The Pattern of the City

I want to show you the pattern of the virtual city of God that we are to build over our cities and over our nation and then we need to look at strategies and technologies to achieve that goal.

Our theme so far:
The vision of the coming Second Reformation is the vision of Revelation 21-22. We are now as a Church worldwide from a prophetic perspective at Rev. 18...Babylon is Falling...meaning the world order is crumbling. It is time for a New World Order. We are now moving to Rev.21-22...the building of the New Jerusalem, a universal Church that is capable of two things:
- it will be a vessel that can contain and manifest the glory of God on earth
- it will be an army of God that is capable of healing the nations and teaching them the ways of God in order to manifest the Kingdom of God on earth.

Now look at the illustration below:

This is important for you to understand because this is the illustration in God's history of what Reve.21-22 is all about.

God told Moses after he had led the Israelites out of Egypt and before they went in to possess the land of the Canaanites:
Ex. 25: 8.9.40 "Let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them...according to all that I have shown you ... and look that you make them after the pattern which was shown you in the mount."

This pattern you see in this illustration above is what Acts 7:38 calls "the Church in the wilderness".

Before taking the land of Canaan God did the following:
-- They had to build a tabernacle for God to dwell among them
- Gave them a pattern for worship and offerings for sins through a priesthood that the people might be the children of God.
- Gave them a set of laws, a constitution to regulate their affairs and by which the land He gives them was to be regulated
- separated them out from all other people and entered into a Covenant relationship whereby both parties, God and Israel promised to fulfil their sides of the Covenant
- Divided the whole Israel people into 12 tribes and each tribe into clans and each clan into families and gave each unit of the nation a command to go and posses a portion of the land of Canaan...but all had to work together to possess the land.

Now fast forward to the New Testament:
- God has created a new people in which anyone can become part of God's new Israel by faith.
- This new Israel has a New Covenant by which Jesus Christ is both the new High Priest but also the sacrifice for sins and all the new Israelites are invited to become priests in His new tabernacle.
- The place where God now dwells on earth is no longer a tent but a people, His Church.
- But this new Israel also has a constitution of laws and regulations as to how God wants the land they occupy to be run. And we will be getting to that in a moment.

Now this is critically important for you to understand....
Just like Moses went up the mount and God showed him the pattern of the Israel Church and the objective of what they were to possess, their promised land, Canaan a beautiful and fruitful land but a land filled with wall cities and giants..

So God took John the apostle in the book of Revelation in the Spirit and showed him the New Israel, the Church, the New Jerusalem, the Bride of Christ....

But this is the critical thing you need to see in Rev. 18. 20, 21-22...

Rev. 18: the world systems epitomized by the city of Babylon is going to fall to be replaced by the City of God. Just like Canaan was filled by great walled cities and giants.

Rev, 20: this battle that the Church is going into will last "thousands of years". That is right...there is no "one thousand" year reign of Christ. The original Greek word in Rev. 18 is "chilioi" thousands and not "chilias" one thousand. The Church with Christ at its head has been literally fighting "thousands of years" ever since 33 AD when He rose from the dead and said "all power in heaven and earth has been given unto me...go and make disciples of all nations".

Reve. 21-22  Now this is important.  God gives to John and his readers in the Churches of Asia the size of the New Jerusalem that they are to construct on the is 12,000 furlongs long on a side. That is about 1500 miles on a side. Which if you were a citizen of the Roman empire in Ephesus reading John's vision you know what that means...that was the size and dimension of the known world empire of their time, the Roman empire, stretching from Britain to Asia.

Their Canaan land, their Promised Land given to them to conquer...turn the empire of Rome into the empire of the New Jerusalem by healing the nations and disicipling them from obedience to Caesar to obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ.

And instead of the 12 tribes of Israel such as Judah, Gad, Zebulon, have the church of Ephesus, the church of Antioch, the church of Corinth...each responsible for bringing the Kingdom of God to all the nations of the Roman empire.

Two thousand years later where are we now....

Well we almost lost the vision during the dark ages just like the Israelites lost their land and their temple and their priesthood and were taken into captivity by Babylon.

But just as Israel came out of Babylon and returned to rebuild the temple, rebuild Jerusalem, rediscover their laws during the time of Ezra and Nehemiah.... so too we from the time of the Reformation came out of our Babylonian captivity of the dark ages and started to rediscover the Word of God, the priesthood of the believer and build the Church as the Tabernacle of God with praise worship being restored.

Now it is time to take the land....

First things now on the agenda as follows:

Create a Covenant People

Separate out from the world and Sunday Christians a real people who want to take the land, our Promised Land, from those who think it is impossible and who want to go back to Egypt.  We need to identify a Caleb and Joshua generation who want to get on with the job of establishing the Kingdom of God on earth.

After identifying each other then come into a covenant relationship that goes beyond the usual identities of race, culture, nationality, denomination....are you wholly committed to "seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness"?

Recognize that just as there were 12 tribes in Israel there are many tribes in the Kingdom of God. Respect those who have different callings, different giftings and different views on theology etc. 

Do this in each city and area across the nation....and I will go further later on the technology that can make this possible.

Establish a Kingdom Law Structure

Every people that come together that form a national entity create a constitution of basic principles by which all members of their society agree to abide by. Most constitutions are not very long. The American one is less than 6000 words. All laws of society that are passed thereafter which regulate the finer details of the life of the community must be in accordance with the original intent of the basic constitution.

Use the civil law codes of the Bible as given by God to Moses and the people of Israel as a basic constitutional guideline and use that as a guide as to the interest areas that God says He wants action on:
- all ordinances in the Old Testament relating to sacrifices, priesthood, temple etc are already fulfilled in Christ and His Church.
- now take all the civil codes in the laws of God and see what guidelines God is giving to us as areas that need to be addressed in our Kingdom economy, culture and way of life. 

Let me give you some examples:
- God told Israel that he wanted a monetary system of equal weights and balances. Meaning a shekel of silver had to be the same weight this year as it was 100 years ago. What does that mean for our monetary system and inflation. God wants a sound monetary system. How do we achieve that. How does that impact our fractional reserve system of banking?
- God said there are good foods and bad foods....pork was bad then, full of diseases. Is that still the case today? I don't think so...I think we have a major problem with too much sugar that is killing us.
- God wanted an economic system in which all Israelites had ownership of national assets which then was land so that all people had income from both labour as well as passive income from productive assets. How do we achieve that today?

Can you see where I am going with this?

Create New Apostolic Companies to Possess the land

The new Apostolic companies of the Kingdom age are not the ones that are traditionally going to establish a new congregation.  That has become too much like a McDonalds franchise system of denominational growth.

An Apostle in the Kingdom Age is someone who wants to build where nobody has built before.  It is someone who says that this restaurant that I am starting is going to be owned by the Lord Jesus Christ and the food is going to be outstanding this factory I am starting and its people are going to be making the finest products for the glory of God.

And God is going to give this new apostle an evangelist (marketing manager) and a prophet (a visionary for new product development) a teacher (skills trainer) a pastor (a manager for the company) and God is going to send people with ministries of "help" or workers for the enterprise.

What the new apostolic companies do is that they see that there are areas in the world, in society, in the economy...that have not come under the  Lordship of Jesus Christ. And Caleb they say..."let me take this mountain"

Creating a Storehouse for God

And then this is what is going to happen as Rev. 20-21 describes....
"the kings of the earth bring their glory into the city".  This is why we need to create the "virtual city of God"....we need to create a vessel into which our labour and our giftings can be used to the benefit of others in the Kingdom of God.

Practical example:  All your money that you work hard for, all  your savings which is the representation of your sweat labour is deposited into a bank account owned by some corporate conglomerate.  And that bank, without your express permission takes your savings and lends it to someone else to build their business...and you will get no benefit from that.  The great corporate empires were all built on what they call 'OPM" other people's money. They use very little of their own money...most businesses are funded by debt...or other peoples money.
The government takes your money because you are in a covenant relationship through the national constitution. And they mostly waste your money. The banking system takes your money and lets others use it because you are in a covenant relationship with the financial system.

We need to create a new storehouse for the people of God, separate from the world system whereby the people of God can through new covenant relationships bring their glory into the Kingdom of God for the blessing of the people of God.

And that is our blog next week:

Part 4 : Creating New Storehouses of God
(warning...I need to get technical here and talk about things like Bitcoin, Blockchain and the other technologies that can make this vision a reality).

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