Part 4 Babylon Falling: The 2025 Seven Year Transition Revolution

Technology is creating a profound shift in structures of relationships from hierarchies of control to networks of relationships. I predict a seven year transition revolution ahead that will in effect amount to Babylon Falling with profound implications for political, economic, social and spiritual hierarchies of control.

Let me illustrate what I mean by hierarchies and networks.....


The image we have in both the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation is that of successive "Beast Empires" that exercise successive control over the people of God until the time comes when the saints of God are liberated to establish the Kingdom of God on earth. (See Daniel chapter 7).

So in prophecy we start with the captivity of Israel by Babylon and then Persia and Greece and Rome and then it continues in Revelation with other Beast empires that rise from the sea and the land.  And we are given the image of such control that you cannot buy or sell without the "mark of the Beast" or nations and people who have the "mark" on their hands and forehead etc.

Of course there is a lot of speculation as to what is the mark of the Beast on the head and the forehead? Without going into a lengthy argument here (which I will cover in a future blog) let me say this is significant of the reality that the prevailing "world system of control", the Beast system controls the very thoughts and works of the people of the world.  They serve or "worship" the Beast with their thoughts, their work, their actions, their relationships.

This demand for total obedience to the "system" was illustrated in the book of Daniel for us where the king of Babylon demanded that Daniel and his companions must adapt to court life in eating and living and learning and worship of Babylon's gods.

This control mechanism of people in their economic activities, their political activities, their social relationships were throughout the ages controlled by hierarchies. Mechanisms by which you are bound by systems of control:

  You are controlled by what information you are allowed to have, as in you are tortured and burned at the stake in the Catholic system if it finds you reading the scriptures in your own language.

You are forced to use the system money if you want to have an economic existence as in Rome demanding payment of taxes in "denarii" (with the "image of the Beast, Caesar, stamped on the coins).

As a serf and peasant through all the ages the ownership of property and freedom of movement was severely restricted as you were bound to your "liege lord" for generations by the Feudal System.

We basically understand this form our known history of the misery of the human race and their endless control in all cultures and at all times by cruel hierarchies of kings and priests...

But here is the critical mistake that the Church of our era has made....please understand this critical concept because it is at the heart of the gospel or the good news of the Kingdom of God....

It is this: The Church (here I mean the evangelical church) has mistakenly interpreted prophecy by thinking this state of control over the people of the earth will not only continue but will intensify in the years to come by a world-wide Antichrist New World Order.  Second mistake: That our only escape from this oppressive world dictatorship is "the Rapture" out of the world or somehow the supernatural coming of Christ in the clouds to destroy the world and take us all to heaven.

This is a crucial error and if you continue to believe this then you will not understand the profound confusion and the world system of control that will be visibly crumbling over the next 7 years.

The clear message of both Daniel and Revelation is that, yes there are successive world  control empires that will oppress and seek to control the people of God and persecute them. But then there comes a time when the whole systems of control fall apart and the saints of God possess the Kingdom of God and spread it to cover the earth.  And this is the profound and exciting moment we are now transitioning into...the breakup of world control hierarchies and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all flesh. And with that will come a new Godly system of world government...networks of community and fellowship, instead of hierarchies of control!

And the point of these series of blogs on technology and the Kingdom of God is that the Lord is giving us profound gifts in order to destroy the hierarchies of control and allow us to form networks of communities of fellowship.

Let me give you a quick list of the defining technologies now emerging that will over the next 7 years cause a radical re-ordering of the world political, economic and social system and allow the hundreds of millions of God's people in all countries of the world to unite into a virtual and actual Kingdom of God on earth....

Social Revolution...

Facebook now has almost 2 billion people connected all over the world, This means virtual communities can be established to discuss and share any information and action among themselves. I belong to two such groups where we discuss prophetic matters.

Facebook was credited with bringing people on to the streets in the 'Arab Spring" revolution and many other social actions.  Dictators cannot hide behind no news anymore.

Information Revolution...

The internet is causing a world information revolution. The first website went live in just 1991. Today there are million. And to access that information we have the incredible search engines of Google and Bing and Yahoo.  There goes expensive encyclopaedias, there goes Yellow pages, there goes newspapers.  In fact a statistic this week is that newspaper printing circulation has dropped to what it was 77 years ago.

The control of information to the masses was previously critically controlled in a few hands. No more. News is free and available from a multitude of sources that cannot be controlled anymore.

Bibles and the Word of God is freely available everywhere all over the world. YouTube is revolutionizing teaching information.  I spend more time watching YouTube presentations of my favourite ministries then I do church sermons. I have learned more about science and technology from YouTube presentations than I have from books and classes.  And everything is so wonderfully illustrated. And it is free! Google who hosts that service says there are a billion hours of YouTube watched every day worldwide!

Anyone, anywhere can learn anything they want, when they want...for free!

And it is only going to get better.  Virtual reality as well as "augmented reality" will allow a new and exciting means of teaching students by allowing virtual science experiments or learning calculus or physics with visual 3D illustrations to see what it all means instead of just words on a book.

Artificial Intelligence or AI....

AI is developing at such a rapid pace with all the major tech companies spending billions on it.  Already in 1997 famously IBM's "Deep Blue" AI beat the world's best chess player Gary Kasparov.

Today AI is learning to absorb millions of documents of medical journals and can now help and assist doctors in better diagnosis.
AI with special algorithms can do far better financial management and trading than humans.  Already thousands of Wall Street brokers are losing their jobs because computers are better and faster.  In fact the entire financial industry of salesmen, brokers, traders and analysts are in danger of AI replacement.
AI has already replaced most of the travel industry agents. People do their bookings on-line.
AI is also doing better jobs in the engineering professions of designing chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electric power systems, structural designs in civil engineering and many other knowledge based professions.
AI in future will tutor pupils, answer questions, help with customer service, answer phones.
AI in robots will manufacture in factories, store and retrieve in warehouses, manufacture on factory floors and flip burgers and serve customers in restaurants.
AI will replace lots of clerical work done in lawyers offices, accounting firms and government offices.  They can do your taxes better than accountants.

Energy Revolution....

The energy revolution will make it possible for individuals and communities to disconnect from the national power grid and make their own energy for their communities.  This includes photovoltaics and battery storage technology which I covered before which will also cause a transport revolution....but it will also be in new technologies that will make small scale modular nuclear reactors the size of a truck or house that can power industrial processes for a community.

3D Printing...

3D printing is a rapidly advancing technology that will allow anyone to own equipment that can make with various materials in both metals and polymers layers and layers of deposits that will end up as critical spare parts of equipment or machinery.  You can self manufacture or your community can manufacture critical pieces of equipment by simply downloading the pattern software for the item needed.

Gene Editing....

The breakthroughs here are staggering in their implications.  It is now possible to cheaply do an entire gene sequence of anyone or any plant or animal very cheaply. Then knowing the gene sequence we can cut and move and replace genes to do add or take away genetic effects.  This way we can isolate disease causing genes or we can add genetic material to plants and animals to produce certain chemicals or proteins. This had great productive and destructive potentials.

The Fintech Revolution....

The financial technology revolution is far advanced and has major implications for the world economic power structures.  The major world banking systems are insolvent, so are the pension funds, so are government finances. The only answer the world financial system has is temporary...keep printing up trillions more every year of more debt of dollars, yen, euros etc.

But with the Fintech revolution it is now possible to create our own new "crypto-currencies" as Bitcoin and 800 other new crypto-currencies have shown and with "Blockchain" technology we can have a secure unbreakable open public ledger system that will replace central banks to keep track of how has how much money, where it is and where it is being paid to.  Which is going to be a critically needed replacement system as every paper-fiat currency money system in the world has always failed from excessive money is happening now again. 

The Coming New World Order

I can mention many more critical technology breakthroughs but let me encapsulate my ideas with these 3 thoughts:

It is no longer possible by any conceivable means for an Antichrist to arise from anywhere you wish to imagine to create a One World Government to oppress mankind. Those days are fact as you will have seen in my writings I prove that the prophesied Antichrist has already come and gone.

The world systems of hierarchy control of the masses through economic, information and political control is crumbling under the power of the technology revolution and by 2025 it will be obvious these systems of control are no longer effective or can last and that a new world order is emerging.

I predict that the New World Order that will emerge out of the collapse of the old world order Babylon Beast empires is the Kingdom of God helped by the networking creating capability of the new technology revolution that will be able to help us create a world community of Spirit filled Christians and local communities independent of political and economic control. It is these new communities that will be an example to the world of a new economic and social system based on God's Kingdom principles.

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