Part 4: Creating New Storehouses of God

God is creating a new world order in which all things must come into His kingdom and under the authority of and dominion of Jesus Christ. Our key focus in this series is how to create new receptacles that can contain the riches that must flow into His kingdom.  That means we need to imagine a new financial system in which our money works for the kingdom of God....and the technology for that is now available.

The first receptacle that God created was His church as His dwelling place on earth.  This is the wonderful message of Rev. 21:2-3...the city of God is the church, the Bride of Christ.  And John says..."Behold the tabernacle of God is with men and he will dwell with them and they shall be his people and God himself shall be with them and be their God."

Now read the rest of Revelation 21 and 22.  Get the picture.  God has created this city as a receptacle of His glory and dwells with His people but He sends them outside the city and tells them to go into the world and bring the nations into the city....
Rev. 21: 23-26 "and the nations of them which are saved shall walk in the light of it and the kings of the earth do bring their glory and honour into it....and they shall bring the glory and the honour of the nations into it."

Did you get that last sentence? The "they" are you and I. We are tasked to bring the glory and honour of nations into the Kingdom of God under the Lordship of Jesus.

So lets get practical as to what we are saying here and what are we going to do about it.

I am proposing to you that we have the means at out disposal to systematically take every part of what constitutes a nation, an economy, a culture...its assets, its people and step for step take it out of the collapsing world Babylon system and transfer it into God's New World Order.

What is a nation?  It is a group of people who made a covenant with each other called a Constitution and said these are the rules by which we are going to conduct our selves, drew lines on the ground and said this is now our territory and within these lines everyone obeys this set of rules. And then the people of the territory go out and create educational, social, economic systems to interact with each other and in Biblical terms they each by their efforts bring "glory" or wealth creation whether social or cultural or financial wealth into the covenant community.

The task that God has given to us is very similar.  God calls a people out of the world system and says here are my set of rules, my Constitution by which you live by; draw a line around you and in your community. I will dwell with you therefore you must be a holy people living by my laws; now within your community you now also create a culture, a social life, a creative life an economic life but all done for my kingdom and for my eternal purpose. And what you do is I will crown you with glory, with power and ability beyond yourself and now go out into the world and bring the assets of the nations into my Kingdom.  But that requires receptacles to contain those assets.

And here is my point about the technology available to do this great work...
I wrote to you about the Puritans who went to the New World and set up the first colonies in America to establish the Kingdom of God in a new land.  What happened? After they did the hard work of taming the wilderness, thousands of other non-Christians came streaming into the American colonies and soon took over.

I am not calling for separate communities in the wilderness.  We have the technology now to create our own communities while living and operating in the world system. 
We can do the following now:

  • We can create a barrier of entry by creating a virtual cyber community whereby we can decide who has access to the community and who does not by controlling the electronic pass codes for access into the community.
  • We can create our own law system within the community by which if people who do not behave and who are abusing the community can be judged by an eldership of people with spiritual maturity and excluded from participating  in the community for a period of time depending on the severity of the situation.
  • We can create platforms for not just social interaction but also educational, cultural and entertainment interaction.
  • And very importantly we can create a community economic system by which we can create our own businesses, supported by our own buying power, we can identify where work opportunities are giving preferences to community members, we can do crowd funding to start new businesses.
  • We can have our own voting system to elect our own eldership and leadership for our communities.
  • We can have our own legal system of arbitration to settle disputes as Christians and not waste time and money on the world's legal system. With this we can have a community register of those who have a good name and reputation in business and service which the Bible says is worth more than gold and jewels and conversely identify those who have a bad reputation and need to go under intensive discipleship.

Which brings up the next important technical breakthrough that we can make use of...

We critically need to have our own financial system that allows us to take control of our finances and brings them into the service of the Kingdom of God and not Mammon.

Which brings us to the very important technical breakthroughs in the world of payment systems, crypto-currencies like Bitcoin and public ledger systems like blockchain.    (To understand more go to Wikipedia "Bitcoin")

Now for some technical explanations of why this is critical and how we go about bringing the world of finance into the Kingdom of God.

The current world financial system has a hidden fraud in it that all bankers acknowledge and which all economists know causes the booms and busts of the economic cycle.  It is called "Fractional Reserve Banking" (See Wikipedia for more info)

Basically this is what happens: I deposit R1000 in my account. The bank loans my R1000 to Joe who deposits the money in the bank and then loan that R1000 to Sue who then deposits that money in the bank and the bank loans it to Bob. Now in actual fact that R1000 is technically owned by me and Joe and Sue and Bob. So my R1000 deposit allowed the bank to create R3000 in new money in the form of credit on their books. But they know that all four of us are not going to suddenly turn up at the counter and ask for R1000 in notes.  But banks crash when all four of us do turn up asking for cash (that is called a "bank run") or if Joe, Sue and Bob do not pay the loan back.

The essential fraud in the centre of the world financial system is that by this means banks world wide create virtual money through credit creation making people think they own my R1000 and making me thing my R1000 is safely tucked away in the vault and I can come and get it at any time.

The entire corporate world economic empire is built on what is known as "OPM" or other people's money.  The world banks take everyone's deposits and pool them into vast pools of capital and then a corporation comes and borrows that money at low interest rate and they buy back their shares or buy another company or other assets using in fact our pooled savings to do that. Except we get no part of the huge profits that corporates make using our savings for their purposes of endless profit growth. Nobody asked our permission 'Can I use your savings for this project?". Our savings are our surplus labour, our surplus energy converted to money. And technically our surplus energy and labour is then used by the corporate world or government for their expansion purposes....while families finances get decimated.

We have to get control of our money as to where it goes and how it is used. And this is where Bitcoin technology and blockchain technology comes in.

I am not advocating for the use of either Bitcoin or crypto-currencies. I like my South African rands. But I like what the technology behind Bitcoin can do for us in the Kingdom of God to have control of our own financial system in the Kingdom communities.  I am doing a far greater in depth presentation of this new financial and banking system in my upcoming "Second Reformation" book but here are the basics:

Bitcoin is basically an electronic tag onto a piece of money. Of course in the Bitcoin world there is no actual money backing it.  Its value lies in its scarcity in that only 21 million Bitcoins can ever be created and they can be transferred anywhere in the world electronically without government control. Current Bitcoin price is $1240. But what Bitcoin does is that you open an electronic wallet on your computer with your own password code. You buy Bitcoins from an exchange and they credit your electronic wallet with say 10 Bitcoins. Each Bitcoin is electronically tagged with a comlex number and it can be subdivided into a 100,000 smaller pieces for very small payments. Payments and transactions are done mostly by I-Phones using holograms.  Nobody can go into your electronic wallet and use your Bitcoin. You must transfer from your wallet to someone else's. This payment is logged onto what they call a "Blockchain". The blockchain is a public ledger that tracks who owns every piece of Bitcoin in the system. This blockchain records where every transaction that takes place in sequence so that there is no dispute as to who owns which Bitcoin. The blockchain is distributed on a lot of computers that nobody can tamper with the sequence of transactions.

All major banks in the world are now looking at Blockchain technology as the future of how ownership of anything is going to be determined, not just money. Shares that change hands, property that changes ownership...anything that requires a contract agreement about ownership can be put on the Blockchain on multiple public ledgers to make it failsafe as to who owns what.

For the Kingdom of God and setting up our own financial system these two technologies are going to be critical.  We can work with a financial institute just like the Muslims have their own Islamic Banking section in the major banks who must work according to Sharia we can do the same with our banking system. We use the current banking system in our country and our rand money system.  But we get ownership and control of our money. We use the Bitcoin technology to create a means by which our rand savings are tied into electronic id's and then those "electronic bits" are credited into our own electronic wallets.  The new payment systems that are now coming out are all using the technology of the I-Phones as payment points...the days of ATM cards and credit cards are soon over. All stores are going to have to have electronic payment systems geared to phones. My further innovation is that all our cash deposits are collected into treasury department of say an institution such as Postbank who then use those cash balances to buy government bonds that are both liquid and  pay interest.  So if someone asks me what is the backing to your electronic currency then I say very it is not gold or silver (that can still be done) but South African government bonds (which will make our government happy that out savings are going into their bonds).  Here are the advantages of such a new system:

- It is entirely safe as our cash is going into safe government bonds that pay interest into our accounts while we get to use the Bitrands for payments.
- Whenever we want to actually have cash notes we can always cash in our Bitrands at any Postbank (or whatever finance group we use).
- We can use our Bitrands to pay throughout the economy at any story because it is not some fake crypto-currency it is actual rands that are stored safely in the government bonds and through the national payment system will clear all transactions in rands.
-   Nobody can use our rands taken out of our electronic wallets without our permission.  Therefore the banking system cannot use our savings to create credit and debt.
- We can set up our own financial investment operations within the community in mutually owned insurance and building societies.  Remember the days when we here in South Africa had mutually owned insurance companies where the profits went to policy holders and not to shareholders? Remember when you used to buy preference shares at Building Societies because you chose to have your savings invested in house bonds that paid a higher interest rate than ordinary banks?
- Using blockchain technology and our Bitrands we can set up our own community stock exchange whereby we can finance new or expanded companies and have a secure public register of share ownership with cheap and quick share ownership settlement.
- We can have our own community tax system whereby a small amount of each Bitrand transaction is transferred automatically and electronically into the ministry account of our choice for the financing of ministry outreach.

There is plenty more financial innovations we can do with the new technologies available and what is also fantastic is that some of the best brains and most creative people in the business and finance world are committed Christians....they just need to see the vision of the Kingdom of God and then get working on creating new storehouses for the community finances to be used for the expansion of the Kingdom of God.

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