You can see the signs of the coming war every where in the media. Everything that America said about Iraq and Saddam Hussein to start the Iraq war Part 2 is being said about Iran. This time the weapons of mass destruction are the nuclear weapons capability.  We see the international inspectors coming and going, we see the international sanctions increasing, we see the war threats escalating.  The usual caveats of “all options are on the table” is narrowing down to one option…war.

In broad terms I can see why Israel wants to see the end of Iran. What I don’t understand is why America and the Christian evangelical community in America are so eager for war. I understand that for the American evangelicals “standing with Israel” is what they consider not just their patriotic duty but also their Christian duty. But praying for Israel (as we must do for all those who are lost and need to find salvation in Christ including the Arabs) is entirely different to “standing with Israel” in support of their war against Iran.  Unless of course you are actually praying for the Lord to help Israel wipe out Iran…which by the way I actually saw John Hagee do with Benny Hinn on his TV program. I could not believe it had I not actually seen it on YouTube.  A preacher of the gospel asking the Lord to help Israel launch a successful war that will result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people if not millions.  But Hagee and Hinn are not alone in that prayer. This is feeling of millions of other evangelicals in America as well as members of Congress and the media.

From a prophecy perspective I don’t understand why they would be so insistent on precipitating a war against Iran that will end up destroying that nation. Iran is supposed to be a key nation along with Russia (Rosh), Libya, Turkey, Germany (Gomer) et. al. that are supposed to invade Israel in the upcoming battle of Armageddon.  If you wipe out Iran now how does that help your prophecy predictions? And isn’t the Lord supposed to miraculously deliver Israel in this upcoming battle? Unless of course the Lord needs America’s help to save Israel.

My suspicion of course is that there is a desperate concern among the Christian Zionists that Israel must be kept functioning at all costs or else the entire edifice of “we are living in the end-times” and the entire financial industry within the American church that goes with that narrative will come crashing down. And I emphasize “will come crashing down”!  Any scenario that includes the destruction of Israel means the entire oil production region of the Middle East is also gone with it, that means the American economy is gone and that also means the tithing income is gone for all these ministries. But even worse, the entire credibility of tens of thousands of preachers who have said how many times the Lord spoke to them, “The Lord said…Israel…” and you can fill in the blanks of what the Lord very personally told them about Israel “my people”. 

So what is actually happening prophetically in the middle east and what does a future war with Iran do to prophecy?

As you can see from my articles on this website my view is this:

  1. the return of the Jews back to their land prophesied by Ezekiel in “the latter days” was fulfilled by 143 BC (400 years after his prophecy) and not the 1948 state of Israel (2500 years after his prophecy).
  2. The “last days” were from 33 AD to 70 AD which was when Armageddon happened (the destruction of Jerusalem, the Temple and the old Covenant with racial Israel)
  3. We are now in the Kingdom Age which lasts for thousands of years (there is no 1000 year Millenium) and Revelation 20:7 tells us that during this “millennial” period “Gog and Magog” would once again invade the land to posses it.
  4. The “Gog and Magog” invasion of Ezekiel happened in 37 BC when the Idumean’s (the descendents of Jacobs brother Esau) invaded Israel and took control of the nation, just as prophesied by Obadiah and Malachi but were defeated in 70 AD.   

So with these as my guidelines to prophecy, where does that leave us with regard to a war with Iran? My other assumption about this coming war by the way is that it is going to end up as an international tragedy.  American troops are trapped in Afghanistan and will become a casualty of this war. Iran will not only close the Straits of Hormuz but will launch what is known as “asymmetrical warfare”. They will attack other targets that are economically vital to the world economy, like the Saudi oil production facilities across the Gulf. They will start Shiite uprisings across the entire region including Saudi Arabia. Oil will go to $250 per barrel and with it the fragile international banking system. Thousands of rockets will rain down on Israel. The American 5th Fleet will be sunk. Iran will accept its martyr role of national destruction in order to bring about their own “Second Coming of the Messiah” – their prophesied return of the 12th Imam which is to miraculously appear to save them in the midst of world chaos. I do not believe that either Israel, Iran or the world economy will survive this chaos.

Where does that leave us prophetically? Well for the Dispensationalists who have “bet the farm” on Israel as the entire focus of God in the future and the key to bringing in a future Kingdom of God, the destruction of Israel means prophecy chaos. It means tens of millions of believers totally disillusioned because of  the many time they have been told that the fulfillment of God’s promises to Israel are a confirmation of the Bible as the trusted Word of God.

For us in the Kingdom movement? Well it would confirm what we have been trying to tell the church for a long time: The church is the focus of God’s attention and not racial Israel. It is the church that will disciple the nations, it is the church that brings in the Kingdom of God on earth. It of course will also confirm that Rev 20:7 predicting that Gog and Magog are up to their old tricks will be destroyed a second time like they were destroyed the first time: with the destruction of Jerusalem. And with that destruction will come the liberation of the church from Christian Zionism just like the New Testament church was liberated from the Judaizers with the fall of national Israel in 70 AD.

The other prophetic fulfillment would certainly be Rev. 18  “Babylon is fallen, fallen… “ There are other indications in revelations that this could be the scenario of today’s Babylon’s destruction. The original Babylon fell when the Medes and Persians surrounded the city but could not get over the famous walls of Babylon.  However they came up with an ingenious plan to get into the city: they stopped up the river Euphrates that ran through the city and then walked in on the dry river bed.  Revelations talks about the “drying up of the river Euphrates” that the way of the Kings of the East may be opened harking back to the original invasion. The way to bring down the world Babylon economy is to once again dry up the river that flows through it. That would be the river of oil and the river of credit that flows through the world economy. Dry those two out and the world system falls apart.

The coming war against Iran has all the potential to destroy the river of oil that powers the world economy and with that what remains of the world banking industry. This is not going to end well.  For evangelical Christians to egg on “Armageddon” with the expectation that they will not be around to see it is sheer madness! If the Lord was going to rapture us out of here to protect us from great tribulation then why in Rev. 18 does He urge us to get out of Babylon that we be not partakers of her judgment? Surely He could just rapture us out of here?

Church hear me clearly! God sent us signs on 11 September 2001 with the collapse of the twin towers and the attack on the Pentagon: the time of the world Babylon New World Order judgment has come. The Twin Towers and the Pentagram are occult symbols of “the New Atlantis” project of the “New Order of the Ages”. What is coming is old world disorder. Get ready for chaos.

How do you prepare for chaos? That is the subject of another book I am now busy with.  But let me give you an idea. The future is not 5,000 seat mega-churches meeting on a Sunday morning. The future is 5,000 member Christian communities that are debt free and self sufficient in food and energy production. You are going to need the Body of Christ in the future, more so than you could ever think. You cannot make it through the coming times alone. You need to be part of a really good Christian fellowship that really practices community. Find one if you are not part of one now.

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