You are bombarded with information overload and so you need to allocate your precious time very carefully. I have nothing to sell and nothing for you to join. This website therefore has a very specific niche in the Christian ministry sphere:

- I am here to show you signs of the ongoing collapse of the New World Order and how this is going to affect you, your family and the Church.

- I am going to give you practical strategies to survive the coming collapse.

- I am going to show you signs of the spreading world wide revival of the Church and the Kingdom of God and give you practical strategies of how to use your God given talents and ministry to participate in the Kingdom agenda.
The Lord told us to watch for signs and to interpret what those signs mean. He sets up Watchmen on the walls of Zion to look for signs and to warn His people. The Lord always tells His people what He does before He does it. And that is my ministry to you…to tell you what the Lord is doing in the earth in our generation and what we must do to work with Him.

I will try to do this as best as possible through regular blogs commenting on the world scene and what the Lord is doing internationally.  I will also be doing a series of books and articles on the theme of the Kingdom and the Kingdom strategies covering areas like prophecy and strategy. I also will be doing videos and other media presentations to get this Kingdom Vision out into the world. All the above however constrained by several businesses that need my attention as well.