My vision for the Kingdom message is radically different from anything I hear anyone preaching out there in the broad Charismatic Evangelical movement. That is the reason for this website and my book “The Radical Gospel of the Kingdom”.
I not only believe that we are now in the “Kingdom Age” but that the time has come to trust the Lord for great breakthroughs in the Spirit realm, to actually believe and plan for discipling nations into the Kingdom. And I mean practical plans! Another reason for this website – practical planning strategies!

One of the key themes now being preached all over the world in Charismatic Evangelical circles is the concept of “the Kingdom”. Unfortunately too much preaching today is geared towards sensationalism – preachers pick up themes from each other and then “pulpiteer” it.  I see very few ministries willing to step up and say unpopular things. Unpopular things like “Babylon is falling” – i.e. the world economic system is falling apart and the world is facing a “Great Depression” and its time to exit the Babylon system. Unpopular things like, most prophecy preachers have it wrong when it comes to the “end times”, have it wrong when it comes to Israel, when it comes to the Rapture, the Tribulation. The Antichrist!

We need a new vision of Victory! We need a new strategy for Victory! That is the reason for this website!

It is time for a radical reassessment of what the Kingdom message is and what that means for a practical strategy to establish the Lordship of Jesus in the 21st Century!
I think the best way for me to introduce some of my ideas to you that will be expanded upon throughout the website, will be to engage with you in a question and answer session to try and anticipate what questions you might have as to where I want to take you in this new vision.

  1. Q: Simply put what do you mean “the Kingdom of God”?


A. The Kingdom of God is located wherever Jesus is Lord. It starts with making Jesus Lord of your life at point at which you are “born again” – at that point you have entered the Kingdom of God. From there the Lordship of Jesus must be extended over your mind (by bringing every thought captive to Jesus Christ) to your body (by crucifying the flesh) and then extend His Lordship outward to your family, your finances etc.

Q. But I don’t see anything so radical there, all evangelical will stand with you on that. Where do you differ?

A. Yes I agree and they will also agree with me when I say that the Bible tells us that eventually, in time, the Lordship of Jesus will extend to all of the earth and all of creation so that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord and the glory of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters covers the sea.

The difference is not the outcome, we have all read the end of the Book, we all know how this ends – the differences are around the questions of What? Who? When? How?. And that is the critical issue of our time for the Charismatic Evangelical movement.

Q. When you say you have a different interpretation as “them” who and what interpretation are your referring to?

A. The vast majority of the Charismatic Evangelical leaders have bought into the ideas of the Rapturist\Dispensational movement that has been effectively marketed by the American Church. Back in the early 1970’s the phenomenal success of Hal Lindsey’s books such as “The Late Great Planet Earth” popularized this approach. This book alone sold more copies than any book in the history of printing besides the Bible. This was followed up in later with the popular “Left Behind Series” which sold even books. Then there were many more such publications and popular Christian TV networks were 100% behind this vision. The Church in the rest of the world by and large have accepted this vision as the Gospel.

Q. But I read these books and I was greatly blessed by them!

A. And in the 1970’s I used the preach the same message – it all looked so plausible. 1948 the nation of Israel came into being, a generation later would be 1988 and everyone was expecting the world to blow up with a seven year tribulation period starting in 1981. Hal Lindsay published “1980’s the road to Armageddon” other books like “88 Reasons why Christ returns by 1988” sold millions. In 1982 Greece was the 10th nation to join the European Union – the ten nation Roman Confederation seemed to be formed, surely the antichrist would soon emerge to head up the EU and make peace with Israel? Russia invaded Afghanistan in 1979 and seemed poised to invade Israel next to kick off Armageddon! And then? Nothing…until of course Saddam Hussein started rebuilding Babylon and a whole new lot of prophecy books on Saddam as the antichrist. And then America invaded Kuwait and a whole new lot of Armageddon prophecy books. And then as 2000 approached a lot of new prophecy books on the end times and the millennium.
And then? Nothing…except preachers sell lots of books and tapes and the money keeps rolling in because why keep money in the bank for the antichrist? 

Q. So where do you see the problems and the differences?

A. The problem is that if they are right and the next thing on God’s calendar is the Rapture then none of us have anything to worry about, I’m ready to go and we can basically carry on as we are and wait for the trumpet blast. If they are wrong and my interpretation is correct then we are in big trouble because we are not ready for the big problems that lie ahead. If the Rapture does not take place in the next 15 years then mounting problems the world now faces means the breakdown of the world order and the local Church as we now have, meeting on a Sunday morning for 1-2 hours is not organized for the coming deluge and not ready for discipling the nations when they come running to us saying “teach us your ways” (Micah 4). The problems we now face around the world means that we can no longer carry on with “Church as usual”.

Q.   So what differences are you then talking about when you say What, Who, When, How?

A.  If you ask the Rapture\Dispensational folks, What is next on God’s timetable they will say, the Rapture is next, followed by the 7 year tribulation period, followed by the coming of the Lord and His reign on earth for a thousand years.
If you ask me what is next I will say, the fall of Babylon the Great (the world system)  is next, this means that the world economic political systems are in the process of collapsing and it is time for the Church to get our of Babylon. Then follows a great outpouring of power and glory from the Lord that will raise up a new generation of Kingdom warriors to destroy the works of Satan and start discipling the nations.

If you ask the Rapture folks Who? That is who brings in the Kingdom their answer is the Jews. Because the Lord takes the Church out of the world the message of the Kingdom will be preached by 144,000 Jews.
My answer to Who, is the Church! The Lord is raising up His bride, the Church to do great and mighty works in the days ahead as we preach the wonderful gospel of the Kingdom.

If you ask the Rapture folks When is the Kingdom? Their answer is sometime in the future when Jesus personally returns to the earth to rule during the Millenium.
If you ask me When is the Kingdom? My answer is the Kingdom has already come, it came when Jesus rose from the dead and said “all power in heaven and earth is given unto me” When will Jesus rule? He is ruling now!

If you ask the Rapture folks How will the Lord bring in His Kingdom? They will answer it will be through a mighty invasion of the army of heaven at Armageddon when Jesus kills hundreds of millions of people in a great slaughter and then rules from Jerusalem.
If you ask me How will Christ bring in His Kingdom, I say it is through His Church who will be empowered with increasing annointings of power and glory as time moves on to preach the Gospel and bring multitudes into His Kingdom through faith and repentance, not through bloodshed and war…that is what the Zealots wanted their Messiah to do to Roman armies and that is what Christian Zionists want Jesus to do now to bring in His Kingdom. It’s not going to happen. Jesus rejected it then and He rejects that now.

Q. So you don’t believe in the Millennium, the 1000 year reign of Christ?

A. You are referring to Revelation 20 : 4-6 which speaks of “a thousand years”. The problem is that the original Greek uses the plural word “thousands” not singular thousand. The plural word for thousands is “chilioi” – if John wanted to say a singular thousand years of reign for Christ he would have used “chilias” as he did in Rev. 7. He did not – he used “Chilioi”. (Check Strong’s Concordance if you don’t believe me).Christ reigns for thousands of years – there is absolutely no scripture that says Christ reigns for one thousand years. That is both a wrong translation of the original Greek as well as a wrong interpretation of the Kingdom reality. The Kingdom of God was launched on earth with the resurrection of Jesus from the dead in 33 AD and has been active on earth ever since growing until it will fill the earth with the glory of God as all the prophets told us.

Q. So you don’t believe in the 7 year Tribulation period?

A. Again there is absolutely no scripture that talks about a seven year Tribulation period. The scripture that Rapturists refer to is Daniel 9:27 – the He that the scripture refers to is the Messiah (check the previous verse to see who the He refers to!) – not the Antichrist. Besides that the whole idea that the American Church gets to be spared tribulation but the Chinese Church does not, I find to be objectionable. I also give you some very interesting historical information (in my book) on the 490 year countdown of Daniel (the 70 weeks prophecy) that conclusively proves that the 70th week has already occurred and is not some future 7 year tribulation.

Q. But surely these are the End Times we are living in.? Just look at the things happening all around us! The signs are everywhere of Christ’s soon return!

A. In my book I do a study for you on the signs of the times and the idea of the “end times”. But to give you the short version, whenever any New Testament writer wrote about the “last days” they were speaking about the time they were living in – the End-Times that the Bible speaks about so many times occurred from 33AD to 70AD – from the resurrection of Christ to the fall of Jerusalem. It was the end of the Jewish dispensation and the start of the Kingdom age.

Q. And the Antichrist?

A. The standard interpretation of the Rapture\Dispensation folks is that some great leader is going to rise up over Europe and make a covenant with Israel. This is supposed to be the Antichrist. Anybody who believes this is not going to be ready for the biggest deception now being planned for planet earth. Which is why I make a special section in my book on the current occult revival now occurring world wide and being manifested by a raft of new TV shows, films etc. The Abyss has opened and the ancient Nephilim and fallen angels are loose and up to their old tricks – which why the waves of UFO sightings have multiplied since 1947. Church, get ready for major spiritual warfare!

Q. And the Rapture?

A. The Reformed Church is wrong to just dismiss the whole idea of “the Rapture” and the Rapture\Dispensational folks are wrong to think that the Lord is taking us out of this world. In my book I explain the scriptures that refer to the coming of Christ and explain the difference between Christ coming in the clouds, the Parousia and the Second Coming of Christ. The Rapture does take place and is scriptural, but it happens at the resurrection of the dead at the Second Coming of Christ just as Paul taught it to the Corinthian and Thessalonian Church.

Q. But what about the battle of Armageddon and the invasion of Gog into the land of Israel?

A. Let’s be clear here…there is no Russian invasion of Israel coming. All the prophecy writer have this wrong because they have not done the historical research to identify who Gog is and when this took place. I do that for you in my book and can easily prove to you the Gog invasion of Israel happened in 37 BC as a historical fact and the battle of Armageddon as prophesied by both Jesus and John took place from 66-70 AD.

Q. But then what about the return of Jews to the Promised Land to restore the nation of Israel in 1948?

A. I my book I show you the incredible prophetic fulfillment of Ezekiel’s prophecy that the people of Israel would return to the land from Babylonian captivity and rebuild the nation and restore the monarchy. He even prophesied how long it would take to do that…390 years to gain independence and 40 years to restore the monarchy. This happened exactly as Ezekiel prophesied in 141 BC and 101 BC which was then followed by his prophecy of Gog invading the restored nation of Israel living peacefully which happened in 37 BC. The current nation of Israel is a fulfillment of God’s prophecy with regard to Jacob’s brother Esau and his vow to take back the promised land as his rightful inheritance and when it collapses as it will the confusion in the evangelical church will be enormous. You need to get this information for what lies ahead.

Q. So what then is the idea of “Kingdom Strategy”?

A. I need to do several things with this website ministry. I need to convince you that we are now in the Kingdom Age – Jesus is now Lord! I need to convince you that instead of pulling us out of this world the Lord is going to take the wicked out and we inherit the earth. I need to convince you that the Lord has been taking us through a whole period of restoration for two thousand years – restoring to us everything we lost in Eden. I need to convince you that the best is still lying ahead – there is great glory and dominion coming ahead. I need to convince you that the world systems are falling apart and we need to build Arks of safety for the Church – that means that Church as usual is not going to get the job done that is lying ahead of us. There are multiple energy, financial and environmental crisis ahead that cannot be solved by any government institutions. And the Lord is not going to Rapture us out of here to somehow escape the calamities that are coming – instead the Lord is going to preserve us through the coming disasters by bringing the Body of Christ together in a new exciting unity. WE will have the solutions to the coming travails. They will come to us asking “teach us your ways”!
And that is what this website ministry is for – preparing you for the great Kingdom tasks ahead! Warning you of the troubles ahead! Giving you new strategies for building the Kingdom of God in a collapsing world Babylon system!

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