Quantum Time and the End of Time

I have made a proposition that I believe there is no end to the growth of the Kingdom of God in this universe....and yet scripture seems to indicate and talk about "the end" and "the last day" when the trump shall sound and the dead rise. Is this not a contradiction?

This is another topic that needs a lot of explanation and more than what I can do in this blog, but let me pique your interest with some radical ideas.

I believe that one of the key concepts of the radical gospel of the Kingdom is the idea that scripture conveys of the Lord's plans for the "ages to come" and that this time period according to scripture is for thousands of generations.  I grew up believing that the rapture was going to take place about 1981 (after reading Hal Lindsey's Late Great Planet Earth) and would have been absolutely certain that planet earth would not last to 2017.  Yet here we are.....

I have learned a lot about scripture and physics since those years and so I can now to my own satisfaction believe that I understand how you can have both a "last day resurrection when Jesus comes" and yet have an endless time ahead in this physical universe for the Kingdom of God to expand endlessly for thousands of generations.

I want to make an attempt to explain that to you but I need to explain why this long time line idea is important for you to understand....and it has to do with the world political, economic, social and ecological crisis ahead.

I need to explain this because the prevailing view in evangelical circles is that yes there are big problems ahead but before the world blows up we Christians are going to be miraculously raptured out of here so that we do not need to face the coming world catastrophe...we only come back to earth when Jesus has sorted it all out.

But that is what the serious warning that is inherent in what I am writing is about...that theology is a dangerous deception.  Micah 4 is what is ahead.  Read it. It says there is coming a time when the world and the nations of the world are in such a crisis that they have run out of solutions and their last option is to turn to "the mountain of the Lord that will rise above all the other mountains" which refers to the people of God, the Kingdom of God and they will say "teach us your ways".  This is going to happen. I do not know when. But it is going to happen....which means that the Church needs to be on the earth and not in heaven so that we can teach the world the ways of God and disiciple them into the Kingdom of God when they have no more answers to the overwhelming crises of our times.

War Clouds Gather

I wish I can take you into the secret councils of the world powers.  The war clouds are gathering. Preparations are being made for a major confrontation that is now inevitable. Why? Because very clever scientists, military, intelligence agencies and futurists of the world powers (known as the Deep State) are looking at the decades ahead and spinning out scenarios. They are looking at energy use, oil reserves, sea life depletion, mineral depletion, food needs, population growth, debt levels, old age demographics, and countless other metrics that go into the complexity of a modern nation state and they calculate at what rate do things deteriorate to the point when law and order break down, when population needs cannot be met, when economic viability is threatened.

Its all only a matter of time because the world system as it is now structured is based on endless growth in a limited world of limited resources.  And the Darwinian law of survival of the fittest is the only law that is finally obeyed when the thin veneer of human civilization wears thin and the underlying barbarism of unregenerate man shows its true nature.

As far as these people are concerned there is endless time ahead. And they must plan ahead for the survival of their people and nations. Unfortunately the Church perspective is there is really no time ahead and then it all ends.

Have you watched the news lately...the American elections, the obsession in America that Russia is their great enemy?  Why? Because the vast continent that is Russia is the last frontier of unexplored open land mass filled with resources. That is why in history all sorts of nations have invaded Russia; the Mongols, Sweden, France, Germany...   But now Russia is linking up with China in a long term strategic partnership that will dominate the great Eurasian land mass. World power is shifting. Last year Russia became the largest wheat exporter and oil producer in the world. Last week a train from China filled with trade goods travelled 11,000 kms through Russia, through Europe to London.

China is investing trillions of dollars in the great "Silk Road" project....to build transport, communication and infrastructure linking Asia and Europe. In Africa China is investing heavily in similar transport, energy and communications infrastructure to extract raw materials and create new markets.

America and the NATO alliance looks upon this new world order centred around the vast manufacturing and financial power of China coupled to the vast resources of Russia and they see an existential threat to the future of the Western alliance. Coupled  to that is the inevitable breakup of the Euro and Europe and the threat is multiplied as European countries are seduced into the Eurasian alliance of continental trade and security.

This new Eurasian alliance is not only forming new trade and security treaties but it is planning on the implementation of a new economic world order in which the American dollar is replaced as the world trade currency. This is being coupled with a new financial clearing system that does not route through the US Federal reserve system in New York and the Brussels SWIFT system.

In the American "Deep State" there is a faction fight as to the response to this threat to America's long term viability. Russia is the key to this new world alliance that links Asia to Europe.  One faction wants to pull Russia out of the China orbit and offer them a place in the Western alliance....the other, the war hawks want a military confrontation and settle the issue by war.

I sketch this background which I will amplify on in future blogs and which I call the shifting of the ages, in order to warn the Church....there is no miracle escape for the Church out of the world of troubles ahead.  Those troubles are centred on the fact that we live in a finite world with finite resources but nations and economies growing in exponential rates.  The only answer to the coming world conflict is the regeneration of mankind into a "new man" that can build a new endless sustainable "new economy" and a new world order centred on the Kingdom of God.

This is the great juncture of the history of the world and the history of the Church that we are now entering.

The world needs a New World Order and the Church needs a Second Reformation to create that New World Order.

Quantum Time and the End of Time

With all that said let me give you an idea of why we can hold the view of earth time being endless and yet there also is a "last day" that Jesus said would come when He would come to resurrect the dead.

In 1905 Albert Einstein introduced the world to the Theory of Special Relativity and in 1915 he rounded it out by including gravity and introduced the Theory of General Relativity.  The theory shocked the scientific world and changed the entire perspective of how we view the nature of reality.

What is of interest to us here among the various implications of Relativity Theory was his prediction that time was not constant. The speed of light was constant for all observers but time was relative. It was relative to speed and it was relative to mass. What he predicted was that as you speed up time slows down and the closer you are to mass, time also slows down.

This crazy idea could not really be proven by experimentation until we came to the modern era and the invention of highly accurate atomic clocks that could tell time in billionths of a second.  So scientists then decided to test this idea that if you take two atomic clocks and set them to the same time and then see if one slows down relative to the other. They did this with one clock flying around the world in a jet, they did this with one clock flying in the American space shuttle around the earth....and Einstein was right. The faster you go, the slower time passes.  They even measured the difference in the clocks high up a mountain and low on earth...and again, the closer to the mass of the earth, the slower time passed.

What Relativity predicted was that the closer you speed up to the speed of light the slower time passes. Many science fiction novels have been written around that theme. People move at half the speed of light through space and only a few months pass by on board the space craft but on earth decades pass by. The prediction is that if you hit the speed of light time comes to a stop. But here is the rub....for the people on the space craft time seems normal, but for those on earth millions of years have passed.

Can you see where I am going with this?  Here is my theory:
Every person who has ever died has hit the speed of light in their resurrection out of this body and out of this world. For those of us left behind the millenia pass by. For those travelling the spirit realm...the resurrection and the coming of Jesus Christ is already happening. The result is that although millions of years can pass along here on earth...for all those who die it all happens at the same time. Einstein was right...time is relative to speed and mass. It is not fixed. There is no time in heaven and eternity as we know it here on earth, it is beyond our comprehension...because there the density of the energy of the spirit world is beyond comprehension and in that realm of light the speed of thought and action is beyond our comprehension.

So my theory is this....there is an endless earth time ahead....but there is a last day when all will be resurrected and stand before God in the final judgment. But that final day of resurrection is not on the earth timeline...it is on heaven's timeline. And as Einstein predicted it is all relative to how fast you move and where you are at. He predicted that nothing in this physical universe can move faster than light. That means that in this world there will always be time...but the moment you move out of this physical body into a heavenly body and move faster than light, then time stands still...and you have entered into an incomprehensible realm of an endless now.

And it is in that endless now that all are resurrected from the earth time line and all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, all the beings from the countless years of earth time, all resurrected in the eternal now.

Obviously this idea I have on time, resurrection and relativity is too complex to elaborate in a short blog. But I offer it to you to just give you a glimpse of an alternate reality to what you read in the prophecy books.  We need to plan our future as a Church on the basis that this earth is ours and we are going to be here for thousands of generations.

God has created this earth for endless earth time.
God has created the heavens and the spirit realm for endless no time.

God has given us His Word to help us design His Kingdom on earth to enable us to sustainably live in this universe for thousands of generations. The world system does not know how to do this. They already know they are in serious trouble and the only way they can think of as to how to keep going as they are now is to go to war to steal resources from others.

The urgent task ahead of the Church in the years ahead is to extend the world revival that is now taking place into all nations of the world. Then we need to link up the Christians in America, Africa, China, Russia, Europe etc and create a new world order based on the Word of God and the Kingdom of God. That means a Second Reformation that moves from individual salvation to disicipling the nations.

If we as a Church do not catch that vision then I predict we are heading for World War 3 as inevitable. God gave a warning to Moses when the Israelites did not want to enter the Promised Land to possess their inheritance....I will wipe out this generation and start again with another generation that will possess the land. God has endless time...we don't.

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