What Now? Reflections on the National Prayer Gathering.

Last Saturday over 1 million South Africans answered evangelist Angus Buchan's call to gather outside Bloemfontein to pray for the nation.  This was a truly historic and miraculous happening.  But the question under discussion in the Christian community is What now?

Unfortunately I was not able to make the journey last week to Bloemfontein but the testimonies of friends who went and those on Facebook were truly wonderful. I am grateful to the Lord for raising up Bro, Angus for such a time as this in our nation's spiritual history.  I also sense that he feels he has done what he could and it is time for the young generation to take the vision forward.  But where to?

But for most who were there the lingering question was now what happens after such a miraculous gathering.  Let me put it another way....There were many farmers there who have for instance when in crisis of drought prayed for rain. They know what they are praying for and in faith they prepare the ground and sow the seed.  And the answer to prayer would be rain and a harvest.

There are many there who have prayed for healing or the salvation of a loved one and when the answer came they saw a healing or someone coming to salvation.

But what or how do you pray for a nation?  What is the result that we are looking for that we will know our prayers are being answered? Is it the resignation of president Zuma? Is it the opposition party winning the next election?

I was not there to hear Bro. Angus speak and so trust the news reports quoted him correctly when he said "We need a Christian government." (Joy magazine digital edition) Now I fully agree and support that sentiment but I think from my knowledge of what is going on in the "end times" prophecy and preaching sector of the church there is not one preacher who thinks that is actually theologically possible in our age.

Which is why so many left there spiritually uplifted but theologically confused as in "but how do we do a Christian government?".

I have taken a census among ministers of various denominations, studied the main positions in eschatology teachings, pre-tribulation rapture Dispensationalism, Post- Millennialism, Amillennialism....no preacher and none of the "end times" teachings has a happy prosperous ending for this age.  All expect disaster, Armageddon, Antichrist, global one world government, persecution in all sorts of different permutations. But one thing all agree on....there is no way we as the church can fix the world's mess and create a new heavens and a new earth...Jesus must come to establish the Kingdom of God on earth and He will need to rule personally from Jerusalem with am army of angels and resurrected saints to get the job done.

Which brings up the obvious question: But then what are we really praying for? We have been preached to for decades that disaster is coming, judgement on the world system is coming, Babylon is falling, don't trust in money....but don't worry Jesus is coming to take us out of here before great tribulation comes! 

And now we look around our country and we have this foreboding of the great tribulation heading our way and the coming of Jesus nowhere in sight.

In fact let me be honest with you and answer the question What now for South Africa?.  The short economic answer is...we are bankrupt as a nation and going downhill. If you want a more extended evaluation of both the economic, social and political scenario that lies ahead I recommend Dr. Frans Cronje's, the CEO of the Institute of Race Relations, just released book "South Africa in 2030".  A very bleak assessment.

And don't think running to America or Europe is the answer...their economic day of reckoning is also coming. I stay here because I believe we can turn this nation around. I don't think America or Europe can be salvaged.

But let me make a response to Angus Buchan's prayer for a Christian government.

Let me distinguish between a Christian government and having Christians in government.  Under the present South African constitution you cannot have a Christian government...but you can have Christians in government and that alone makes a big difference. I will explain to you the difference.

As you know from my blogs that I believe we must have God's ambassadors of the Kingdom in all political parties, in all our tribes and nationalities, in all our trade unions, in all our corporate board rooms.  All of these Christians will make a difference in stopping corruption, improving race relations, improving productivity, improving crime statistics.

But that is not going to stop the inevitable economic and social collapse.  It will only delay it.  You can have great men of God like Daniel and Joseph as Prime Ministers in Babylon and Egypt but that did not stop the inevitable judgment of God on those nations.

American Christians prayed for a reborn Christian in the White House and carried George Bush in their prayers and votes by the millions into the Presidency....and he ended up taking America into a strategic disaster in the Middle East costing over a million lives and $3 trillion and still an ongoing disaster. The democrats said Obama is the man, "Change you can believe in" and he just continued all of Bush's policies. Now its Trump...the evangelicals finally have their God ordained man that is going to change the nation! Really? Lets see....

This idea of "Christian influence" can somehow save a nation is not gospel truth. Christian influence cannot make you child of God...only a genuine reborn experience can. And the same with a nation.  Sinners cannot please God neither can they live the law of God in their hearts...because it is not there.  They can only operate under threats of police violence and courts and punishments to keep the law.

God's plan and mission for the Israelites was not to be captives in Babylon and be a big blessing for Babylon!  Yes they were a wonderful testimony.  His plan was for Israel to be a template to the nations of the laws and principles by which nations were to be discipled.  They rejected that calling...they cried to Samuel (1 Sam. 8) we want a king and government just like other nations.  God told Samuel "They have rejected me to be king over them therefore I will give them a king but warn them that he will steal from them and take their sons and daughters as servants an their flocks and land for himself" (sound familiar?).

Christians today are like Israelites of old.  They want to live among the prosperous heathen and rise up in the organizational structures of government and corporations and from there try to be a witness for Jesus (most just actually keep silent not to make any waves).  Until of course the inevitable....the inevitable result of nations whose laws are contradictory to the law of God and sinners who are just out for themselves inevitably bring those systems down.

In such a time are we now entering here in South Africa.  The rainbow nation dream is turning into a nightmare.  The economy has been living and prospering on debt. We have sold off the economic crown jewels of the nation to finance exorbitant lifestyles for the last 20 years.  Our international credit is running out.

The cry in the townships and in the political world is for "Radical economic transformation".  What that means is that since we are basically running out of people overseas who will lend us their savings to spend...we will have to start taking property, assets in South Africa....expropriation without compensation.  That is what is lying ahead from a coalition government of the EFF and ANC.

Or the church can present God's radical economic transformation program as outlined in the Bible whereby God's plan calls for universal prosperity through the Jubilee plan I have outlined in previous blogs.

But for that to happen we would actually need church leaders who actually believe that we can and it is God's plan for the church to disciple nations into the Kingdom.  But let me tell you the actual belief of both Christians and church leaders....

They do not believe this is possible.  They believe this kind of radical national revival and the birth of a Christian nation is only possible one day when Jesus is physically on earth and in Jerusalem.  They do not believe sovereign God Jesus Christ who created heaven and earth is capable of establishing His Kingdom on earth while He is seated in heaven as Spirit.  He must be physically on earth for us to actually see Him and hear Him.  Can you recognize the basic unbelief in this theology? Of course it gets nicely dressed up in theological language as it is not the time...it will only happen one day in the Millennium.  It is not we the Church that brings in the Kingdom...that is the responsibility of the Jews...they will do it when we have been raptured out of here.

All of this is the theology of unbelief. The same unbelief in the power of God that the Israelites succumbed to when on the borders of the Promised Land the Lord told them to go in and possess the land.  But they refused...there are giants and walled cities, we cannot do this.  So God sent them into the desert wilderness there to die and wait for another generation who is willing to take the land.

On such a time we have now arrived here in South Africa and soon the rest of the world. We have a choice before us...either we disicple this nation into the Kingdom of God or the Lord will turn this place into a desert wilderness where this generation will die out.  There is no IMF bale out to save our economy there is no nation to run to as refugees.  This is it. This is our time, this is our country and we are the generation that is either going to do what thousands of sermons have told us to do or we and our generation are going to die out in an economic wilderness with social collapse all around us.

Oh yes there will be some who think of escape, you will hear of preachers with a sudden call to ministry in America or Australia....but they will miss the great spectacle that the Lord wants to do...He wants one nation to volunteer to be the example to the world of a people in crisis who not only turned to the Lord in repentance but rebuilt the foundations of the new nation on the Word of God....and prospered!

Why...because the rest of the world is soon following in the same economic collapse and we can be a witness to the nations to lead them into the Kingdom of God in their coming time of trial.

That was Israel's calling, they failed and Jesus said I am taking the Kingdom away from you and giving it another people....and I believe that is South Africa's calling.  You know it in your heart. You know there is something special about this land its people and its history. You know this nation has a destiny and calling from God.

We can do this great thing for the glory of God!

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