Revelation 12, Disclosure, Arrival and UFO's

Warning. This blog is pure speculation. It's about Revelation 12, war in the heavens, Satan and his angels cast onto the earth, worldwide deception....and UFO's.

Last week my blog introduced you to an idea being floated within the evangelical "blogosphere" of the internet that the unique cosmic alignments of 23 September 2017 is a once in a 7000 year time frame that mirrors what John saw in a vision in Revelation 12....and for them this means the Rapture of the Church is in sight.

My point, it's not a sign of the Rapture....if it is indeed a heavenly sign then I think it heralds the long awaited prediction of both Daniel and Paul:
"...and the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom..." (Dan.7:21)
" all of creation groans waiting in expectation for the manifestation of the sons of God" (Rom. 8).

I have always maintained as a critical insight to the radical gospel of the Kingdom that we are indeed at the "end times" just as the New Testament church was at the "end times".  They were at the end of the Jewish kingdom era and the start of the new Church era, we are at the end of the "laying of the foundation of the Church era" and are now entering the "possess the kingdom" era.
The Jewish era from Abraham to Christ was 2000 years.
The foundation laying of the Church era has lasted 2000 years.

The "end times" of 33 AD-70 AD was just as Jesus said it would be in Luke 21 and Matthew 24, wars and rumours of wars, persecutions, false Christ's, old temple and religious traditions destroyed, and the start of a new era of a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit, a new Israel, a new Covenant.

We are in a similar transition stage now.  Expect massive international disruptions, breakdown of economic and political power and traditions....and a mighty new outpouring of the Spirit of God to bring the Church into a new level of power to destroy the works of Satan and liberate planet earth.

In fact at some future blog I want to show you a fascinating parallel of the 2000 year history of Abraham to Christ with a 2000 year timeline of the Church history from Christ till today.  The 2000 history of Israel over this time including the periods of apostasy and captivity mirrors the 2000 year history of the Church.

The key mistake that the Dispensationalists make is that this era does not conclude with the disappearance of the Church and the world rulership of the Antichrist...this era ends with the defeat of Satan and the spreading of the kingdom of God....because of the coming of Christ in new power and glory in His Church (2 Thes. 1:10) to do the work of the Kingdom. This is presented to us as a worldwide company of overcomers in the Church that rise up and take their authority to be seated with Christ in heavenly places (the "man child company caught up to heaven") that results in the loosening of the armies of heaven.

And that work to be done is outlined in Revelation 12......

If we assume that Revelation 12 is being "visioned" in our time then there are two critical things to happen:
- War in heaven
- War on earth

War in Heaven

Rev. 12 tells us that a great war in the heavenlies takes place with Michael the Archangel and the armies of heaven tossing out the devil and his angels onto the earth. Then it mentions a very important follow up result of this expulsion: The rebel angels now know that that their time is short and they therefore must desperately cause a  great deception of the whole earth as to who they are and what they have done to humanity in history.  And they must at all costs try to deceive even the very elect of God who are destined to be their executioners. (Psalm 149).

War on Earth

The second important fact of this heavenly expulsion is that there are people on earth who are not deceived....the Church of Jesus Christ. In fact now the warfare takes place on earth with a combined assault from both the heavenly angelic armies and the Church ..."and they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony."  (Rev.12:11) So the church cannot have been raptured because they are defeating Satan and his army on earth!

So the questions are these:

Are we in the time of great warfare in the heavenlies?
Are heavenly beings being kicked out of the heavenly realm and making an appearance on earth?
Are we in the time of the great outpouring of God's Spirit and power on the earth?
Are we in the time of great deception on the earth when it seems that the earth is being invaded or visited by strange unknown heavenly beings?

If so, could it be then that the cosmic alignment of 23 September 2017 is a sign of the battle of the ages and the transition to a new age is upon us?

Here are my admittedly wild speculation and take it for what it is, speculation and not prophecy:

After Word War 2 some very strange things started happening in both the Church and the in the skies above.

It started during WW2 when pilots from both the Allies and Axis powers saw what they called "foo fighters" flying alongside their planes. Strange balls of light or flying discs that would track them but not interfere in the conduct of the war. Each side thought the other had developed new high tech weapons.

After the war it really broke open. 1947 Kenneth Arnold saw a group of alien space craft from his airplane that he described as "flying saucers". It hit national headlines. In 1948 the famous "UFO crash at Roswell" with newspaper headlines the next day "Aliens, UFo's crash" etc.  From there it has been an international phenomenon that just does not stop. Governments will not acknowledge or talk about it. More people believe in UFO's internationally than believe in God. 

We are inundated with movies, TV shows, entertainment....all centred around the aliens have arrived theme now for decades. Star Trek and Star Wars are perennial favourites. Last month it was another new aliens have arrived movie entitled appropriately "Arrival".  It does not stop.

Then the other great post-WW2 world the Church:
- After the war came the great world wide crusades of signs and wonders and a revival of the miracle working power of God.
- God started a world restoration of the 5-fold gift ministries of the Church. Evangelists in great tents and arenas. Apostolic missionaries going into all the world to establish a strong indigenous church in all the nations of the earth. The rise of great mega- churches and teachers, the rise of the great prophetic movements; the rise of young people of the Jesus generation going into all the world; the rise of the charismatic movement and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in all denominations; the rise of Christian media and great gospel music for a new emphasis of praise and worship.

Here is my question to you:
Do you think that the Lord has been doing all of this in His Church for the last 70 years just to rescue us out of here with the rapture so that we can be protected from Satan's persecution? Really?
Or do you think that this has every appearance of God raising up a mighty army for showdown battle with the forces of Satan to liberate planet earth from this malevolent evil that has possessed this planet for millennia?

This is my speculation of the time we are in:

The UFO phenomenon is a manifestation at its core of heavenly beings being kicked out of the heavens and thrown onto the earth.  But at the heart of this phenomenon is not only fallen angels and demons but world powers who in exchange for exotic technologies, the kind of forbidden and exotic technologies that were attempted at the Tower of Babel, are in collusion with these dark powers....because they are under extreme deception as to what these powers are and what they represent.

I believe there is coming a day of great deception on the earth that all of mankind has been in preparation for with the last 70 years of brainwashing by the media and entertainment world...the day of visitation and "Arrival". The day of disclosure by world governments of the reality of an alien presence in our skies and on earth.

These are not benevolent space brothers come to help and save mankind. These are evil forces of fallen angels and their demons.  They lie, they abduct, they traumatize people, they abuse abductees physically and sexually, they trade on fear and intimidation and the only ones who have successfully been able to defend themselves from abduction experiences have been those who rebuke them in the Name of Jesus Christ...from which these dark forces flee.

Here is what the scripture prophecy's will happen one day:

Psalm 82: 1-8 "God stands in the congregation of the mighty; he judges among the gods (the fallen elohim angels) long will you act unjustly?...they know not neither do they understand; they walk in darkness; all the foundations of the earth are out of course. I have said you are gods all of you are children of the most high. But you will die like men and fall like one of the princes. Arise O God judge the earth for you shall inherit all nations."

These fallen angels who were once sons of God, mighty elohims, are to be kicked out of the heavens for their wickedness and onto the earth where they will be exposed and die like men because God will take away their power and immortality.

Isaiah 14:12-17 "How are you fallen from heaven O Lucifer son of the morning, how are you cast to the ground which did weaken the have said in your heart, I will ascend to heaven.. I will ascend to above the heights of the clouds....I will be like the most High....Yet you shall be brought down to hell to the sides of the pit. All will see you and consider you and say, Is this the man that made the earth to tremble that did shake kingdoms and made the world as a wilderness and destroyed the cities thereof?"

Again God prophecy's, Satan is to be cast onto the earth where he will dream and plot to somehow rise again from the earth into the heavens to escape his judgement here. Therefore the need for space craft like UFO's to escape the earth and the collusion with earth powers to join his space rebellion and escape earth by giving them high tech exotic energy craft to defeat time and space.

But all that will come to nothing. He is going to be exposed for all the people of the earth to finally see who their age old tormentor has been and what he has been up to. And they will are you the one....And he will die like a man and he and all his fallen angels by being cast into this physical realm have been robbed of their immortality...which is why they know their time is up. They will be caught, judged and the combined forces of the Church on earth and the armies of heaven.

2 Thes. 2:8 "Then shall that wicked one be revealed whom the Lord will consume with the spirit of His mouth and shall destroy with the brightness of His coming" (the original Greek actually says "shall destroy with the manifestation of His presence.")

Again Satan will be revealed to all the world, and he will be destroyed! By who? The Church on earth and the warring angels of heaven.  When? I could be wrong here but I think that time is coming upon us soon.  Get ready....

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