Rogue One Death Star Conundrum

For we Star Wars fans it's always good news to have another instalment in the series and next week
I plan to see Rogue One. But in the meantime let me challenge your holiday imagination a bit with some theological speculation on the enigma of the Star Wars Death Star and the moon of Saturn, Iapetus...and lets see where it leads!

As you know from previous blogs I believe we are commanded by the Lord in Psalm 19 to diligently study the heavens and as verses 2-3 clearly state they speak every day and night to us even though they speak silently. So there is a message out there that we need to decode and it gives us additional information to add to our foundation revelation in scripture.

Then the other theme I have been emphasizing is that the media and popular culture is sending out a message as well to the broad mass of people with the main purpose of a major brainwashing exercise in deception. And nothing is more popular these days than space fantasies like Star Trek and Star Wars.

Star Wars of course resonates with me because we are getting a lot of cultural resonance with our own Bible theme of "and there was war in the heavens...". And in the Biblical account we have this rebel alliance of fallen angels who are marooned on planet earth in exile and their leader Lucifer boldly declaring "I will rise...I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will set my throne among the stars...." etc. And he seems to be actively recruiting on the earth offering exotic technology for escaping earth and establishing a new space civilization for especially the world elite who want a "breakaway civilization" and get off the sinking planet earth.

Of course in this analogy if Lucifer is the brave rebel leader fighting the evil galactic empire then that makes our heavenly Father the evil Emperor and Michael and his angels the Imperial Storm Troopers....oh well at least they got the white armour right.

The Star Wars Death Star

In the first Star Wars movie in 1977 this is what the Death Star looked like under construction and in the new movie Rogue One which is supposed to be "prequel" to that one the finished Death Star looks like this:

In 2004 the Saturn Cassini mission arrived at Saturn and came within 40,000 kms of the Saturn moon Iapetus and these were the strange photos of a very strange moon:


Here are the positively weird facts we learned about Iapetus from Cassini mission:
- Iapetus is the 3d largest moon in the solar system and has an almost perfectly circular orbit around Saturn.
- Like our moon it always faces Saturn with the same side as it revolves 79 days around the planet.
- It is bright on one side but the other half is spread with a dark material as if a blast occurred close to it.
- It is the only moon of Saturn to rotate around the planet at an angle and its distance  from Saturn is 60 times the radius of Saturn. Whoever placed it there wanted it to be noticed!

And what is really weird and NASA cannot come up with a reasonable explanation...
- There is a 20 km high mountain range stretching continuously in a straight line for more than 1300 kms right on the moon's equator! There is no geological explanation to explain this incredible phenomenon.

Does this look slightly weird to you....

Since George Lucas made Star Wars in 1977 and we only knew what Iapetus looked like in did Lucas and know and when did he know what Iapetus looked like?

Remember the movie "2001 a Space Odyssey" that came out in 1969? In Arthur C. Clark's original book the spacecraft went to Saturn (not Jupiter like in the movie) as there was something at Saturn that would show mankind they have been visited in the past.  How did Arthur Clark know there is something strange and artificial at Saturn?

Why was the planet Saturn the main object of worship as the place from where the Gods came in most ancient and modern religious cults?

And now something equally weird closer to home here in Klerksdorp, South Africa.

I have this huge book in my library (over 860 pages) called "Forbidden Archaeology" by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson.  The whole book is a collection of the most fascinating discoveries around the world of man made objects and human skeletons found in the most unlikely places...unlikely in the sense that human remains  should not be found in coal seams millions of years old etc etc. Anyway they catalogue from around the world these strange artefacts coming up from mines and other deep out of reach places.

From South Africa, on page 813, the following spheres were found by miners and are to be seen in a museum in Klerksdorp...


Look familiar?  The article quotes the museum curator Mr. Roelf Marx that these spheres were found by miners deep underground, "the spheres are of two of solid bluish metal with white flecks another of a hollow ball filled with a spongy material....The spheres are a complete mystery. They look man-made yet at the time in earth's history when they came to rest in the rock no intelligent life existed...". The material is so hard that steel cannot scratch it according to Mr. Marx.

Atheist scientists are in a major quandary as they explore the very small (i.e. DNA) and the very large cosmos.  They are trying to explain extreme complexity and obvious design constructs with only time and chance as their answer.

The biggest UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) in our sky is our moon. The more you study it, the more you study the mathematics the more you understand physics, the more impossible both our moon or Saturn's moon can be construed to be made and placed in orbit by the mere chance of crashing space rocks. And neither can the complexity of DNA assembly in very small realm be done by chance.

What is my take on all this with regard to the Kingdom of God?

The study of theology is the study of the revelation of God and His plans and purposes.  My primary source for foundational understanding is scripture which I call "special revelation".  My secondary source of information is to study the works of God which I call "general revelation". If you are going to be a serious theologian, you need to spend time on "general revelation" as well as "special revelation".

I do not think we can understand the full scope of the Kingdom of God and His plan for the ages without intensive study of such "general revelation" sectors such as cosmology, physics, mathematics, biology etc.

I do not believe we can build the Kingdom of God without farmers, technologists, scientists, doctors, engineers, teachers and most importantly without families that produce Godly children.

I believe that the theological view of the Kingdom of God that places a timescale of 7000 years on the start and end of the Kingdom of God in this earthly realm is a total misunderstanding of both "special revelation" from scripture and "general revelation" from science.

I believe that we are in the midst of a cosmic drama that has a history of billions of years behind us and billions of years ahead of us.  I believe that in our solar system there are the debris fields of ancient battles and the remains of past conflicts of which scripture only hints at because the failures of others have nothing to do with the success of Christ and His Church in our time and in our work for His Kingdom. 

I believe because of the extremely limited vision of today's church leaders and their limited vision of the Kingdom of God, when these artefacts of bygone wars in the heavens are revealed by the governments of the world then there is going to be a very unnecessary crisis of faith and a great falling away of weak Christians who came into this great move of God for what they could get out of it and were never truly discipled by preachers who were too busy with the masses to take time with the discipling process.

I believe our success is assured from the foundation of the earth. And our prime directive from heaven remains..."Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth (and the cosmos) and take dominion over all the works of God's hands".  That is the first Great Commission! ...all the works of God's hands....this earth...our solar system...our galaxy....our universe.  All to be filled with the glory of God, all to bring forth the life of God.

Oh and by the way...the rebel alliance on planet earth will need to be vanquished and when we do that we can take all their anti-gravity and zero-point vacuum energy craft and use them for extending the Kingdom of God through all the cosmos.

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