Signs of the New Times:  Babylon Falling...Cyrus Rising!

The Cyrus phenomenon is a worldwide trend. Not just in the American election but everywhere in the world God is raising up new leadership to accomplish His purposes: The coming establishment of His Kingdom over all the earth.

Last week I introduced you to the prophecies that came out of the American church on the coming victory of Donald Trump as president.  Against all polls and predictions and expectations, including mine.  But if you are looking for "signs of the times" then it is vitally important for you to understand this "Cyrus my anointed sign".

The narrative from the prophecies was that the next American president would be the 45th president and that it would line up symbolically with Isaiah 45.  In Isaiah 45 we have the incredible prophecy by Isaiah that a ruler by the name of Cyrus would arise that would liberate God's people in order that they may rebuild Jerusalem and the Temple. Isaiah prophesied this about 150 years before Cyrus the Mede attacked and defeated Babylon.  Babylon the great city thought itself impregnable to attack as the river Euphrates surrounded it like a moat and a natural barrier to invading forces.  Cyrus diverted the river and walked across with his army while Balshazzar was still feasting with his lords....from which we get the scene in the book of Daniel the hand writing on the wall....Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin...."your time is over, this night your kingdom is taken away from you".

After taking Babylon Cyrus was shown the ancient prophecies of Isaiah that named him by name and he then issued his famous decree in 533 BC that the Jews are released from Babylon to go back to Israel and rebuild Jerusalem and the Temple and Cyrus also gave them back the Temple treasures as well as a great deal of money to help in the task.

What does this mean today?  What is the world wide Cyrus phenomenon?

The important thing about Cyrus was that God called him "my anointed, even though he has not known me..." (Isaiah 45:4-5). That word "anointed" in the Hebrew is "messiach" or Messiah.  God used a man who did not know who God was, called him by name before he was born and used him to bring down Babylon and liberate God's people and then told Cyrus to give His people treasure so that they can do their God given work.

This is happening all over the world....

God told the prophets in America that He had chosen Donald Trump as a Cyrus, even though Trump was not a Christian.  Trump announced as his major platform....Globalism is dead, America first.  He announced a $1 trillion dollar program to rebuild the crumbling infrastructure of American and bring back the industrial base of good paying manufacturing jobs, cut government regulations that stiffle business entrepreneurship and stop the foreign invasion across America's borders.

What does this have to do with the Church and God's "end time" program?

Well the impoverished middle class that for the last 30 years has been steadily losing income is mainly the evangelical church going community of America.  And regardless of all the "prosperity preaching" of the last 30 years they have been getting poorer every year.  And yes the Lord does not want us to live in poverty as He has created a world of abundance for all but tithing is not going to suddenly create prosperity.  You need the sound economic fundamentals:
- a proper monetary system that encourages savings and investments in productive enterprise
- a proper national and functioning infrastructure of transport, energy, education, capital equipment, skilled labour force,
- trade protection from predatory financial attacks.
- a financial sector that services the needs of industry rather than one that preys on industry.
- high paying jobs that put buying power back into middle class families who can purchase from income rather than from debt.

Yes folks....God actually cares about economics because He cares about people and families.  The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof says scripture.  And God is in the process of tearing down the Tower of Babel and Babylon that is a false world globalism that is based on a rebellion against the Lord and His Word....and He is raising up secular Cyrus's in business, technology, government to empower and release His people to do the work that He has called us to do.

So forget about all the New World Order propaganda you have been hearing about from the pulpits of Satan and the Antichrist running the world.  Those are fantasies dreamed of by evil doers that will  never come to pass. Only the counsel of the Lord God will stand and so will His purposes in all the earth.

Let me give you some other Cyrus's out there....

Elon Musk....Technology Cyrus

I can say this of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Google, Amazon etc....But let me just give you some fascinating news of the last two weeks.

Elon Musk  as you know has spearheaded the electric car revolution as well as the re-useable rocket launch technology that is going to make space launches ever cheaper through his other company SpaceX.  Both of these are critical for the Kingdom of God.

Musk just announced last week that his company SpaceX has filed for permission from the US Federal Communication Commission for the placing of 4,425 satellites in orbits ranging from 715-823 miles above earth in both equatorial as well as polar orbits.  Why?  He is going to cover the entire globe of the earth with very high speed internet capability so that anyone anywhere can set up a simple dish and get connected to the world internet and he promises 1Gps download speeds.  Google last year invested $1 billion into this initiative...with more investment coming.  Launch date is for 2019.

That is an incredible tool for the church!  Imagine every person on planet earth can access unlimited amounts of information at 1Gps speeds and no government can block it as with land lines.

Prophecy fulfilment:  "And they shall teach no more every man his neighbour and every man his brother saying Know the Lord; for they shall all know me from the least of them unto the greatest of them says the Lord." (Jer.31:34)
Hab. 2;14 :For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea."

Or better yet, as the RF frequency from the satellites cover the earth like the water covers the sea...the universal internet will allow each person to know the knowledge of the Lord and no need for the one to teach the other...all people everywhere can teach themselves and can access the international spread of God's new universal order that will cover the earth!

Elon Musk also announced the amalgamation of Solar City with Tesla. Solar City is now offering roof tiles that convert sunlight to electricity and the roof tiles are cheaper than normal tiles.  The electricity is stored in the new Tesla Wall lithium-ion battery packs and will power not only the home with free electricity but also charge the electric car in the garage,

And also coming in 2019 announced at last months Paris International Car Show is every world manufacturer of cars is coming out with a range of electric cars from 2019. The end of the world dependency on oil is in sight which is why the oil nations are pumping everything they can out of the ground now as soon as possible because a lot of it is still going to be left in the ground.

In Russia....another Cyrus

Vlad Putin from 2000 had to literally rebuild an economic and cultural waste land that Russia had become after 70 years of communism and 9 years of Yeltsin allowing the international oligarchs to rape and loot what was left of the wealth of Russia.

But here is the important point:

Putin pulled Russia out of globalism and said 'Russia first".  And then he made a strategic alliance with the Russian Orthodox church to rebuild the soul of the nation and ground the new Russia on a Christian foundation.  They call it there "The Third Way" policy.  Meaning they reject communism and western capitalism.  They are pioneering a new direction for their nation.  This new Third Way is a rejection of the liberalism of the decadent west.  They are consciously calling for a uniting of Church and State as the true embodiment of the Russian people.

That is why it is a crime to in any way denigrate the Russian Orthodox church.  Which landed the punk rock group "Pussy Riot" in jail.  And also got a young man in jail months ago who stepped into a church to play Pokemon on his IPhone.

The result has been a resurgence of church attendance in Russia. The Russian state has built over 10,000 new churches across the country and 27 new seminaries to train the thousands of new priests needed.  And no charismatic evangelicals from America not welcome there (along with Scientology, Mormons etc) and why should they be teach Russians how evil Putin and Russia is because that is Gog and Magog going to invade Israel and join with the Antichrist?  Really?


As I mentioned before... all the intercessory prayers going back to Hudson Taylor and the China Inland Mission of the 1800's is all coming to pass.  God commanded the Communist party...enough is will now stop your 'Cultural Revolution" and let my people go...God turned them around and first the rural peasants were allowed to grow what they want, then business was freed up to produce what they want and the people released to believe and think what they want.  Then God ordered the Communist party to start a national program of proper housing, transport, health, education and communications for the whole nation.

The government literally created trillions of Yuan out of nothing and diverted it into the greatest national reconstruction of a nation.  Literally in the space of just 30 years 500-600 million people were lifted out of poverty to middle class prosperity, famine and hunger eliminated, restrictions lifted, and literally an overabundance of whole cities standing empty so many new cities built from the ground up.

In the midst of all this was the most rapid increase of any church in the entire history of the church.  In 1987 the evangelical charismatic movement was introduced into China in a great underground revival.  Today the evangelical charismatic church there is not only the dominant church of over 200 million believers but the dominant cultural phenomenon of the nation.

The New Cyrus's

God is raising up His Cyrus company all over the world.  In Europe there will be important new elections next year in Italy, Spain, Holland, Germany.  The EU and the Euro are finished. That whole Tower of Babel is crumbling.  And with it goes the favoured fantasy of Dispensational preachers of an EU Antichrist and a Revived Roman Empire.  God is breaking up all the plans of the world Globalists.

The only New World Order will be His Kingdom...all the rest will be dreams turned to nightmares.

But watch out for the new technology and economic Cyrus's!

God is commanding people who do not know him to create the technologies for His people to build His New Jerusalem where righteousness will reign all over the world.

The new energy Cyrus's must labour not only in new electric transport but must also give is unlimited energy breakthroughs in Thorium nuclear energy; LENR's (Low Energy Nuclear reactors); Modular Fusion reactors and many other new technolgies.

Economic Cyrus's must develop new economic models for capital diffusion so that all people can have access to productive capital as a means of universal passive income...which is what the Jubilee in Israel was all about.

New forms of currency and banking through the breakthroughs from Bitcoin and the Blockchain.

New universal high quality education for all through high speed internet university modules.

New gene splicing techniques to conquer diseases and create new therapies for cheap medicines.

New city designs that will end urban sprawl and provide massive housing for all and create living spaces where living, work, recreation and shopping can be integrated with public transport and universal high speed connectivity for all as a national utility.

I write this as an encouragement to my fellow evangelicals.  There is a new agenda for the Kingdom of God.  We do not have time anymore to sit in meetings talking.  God is on the move.  There is a new world out there and we can go out there and posses the land for our King.

Babylon is indeed falling...but the Kingdom of God is rising. It is time to get organized, set goals, make plans and get to work!

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