The 2018-2030 Technology and Finance Revolution

There were several breakthrough reports this last week in the world of technology and finance that confirm to me that the Church will be forced by the Lord into a Second Reformation during the period of 2018 to 2030.

There were a number of breakthrough announcements this last week in finance and technology that will have severe impact on the world in the time frame of 2018 to 2030. More and more trend analysis I see from political and economic think tanks that are modelling the near future are looking at this time frame as being one of the greatest eras in human history for social, economic and political upheaval.

And it is going to be rapid technology breakthroughs that are going to make these social, economic and political upheavals inevitable. Basically it comes down to this...
- predictable physical work will be rapidly replaced by robots
- predictable knowledge work will be rapidly replaced by AI (artificial intelligence).

Half of the world's workforce will no longer be needed by 2030!

Before I get into this let me show you a chart released by Deutsche Bank this week:

Look at these trend lines carefully. They extend a hundred years from 1917 to 2017.

The 2017 trend line is what feudalism looked like in 1517 at the start of the last Reformation.  The 0,1% of priests and nobles controlled most of the wealth of Europe...and the vast populace of peasants lived a hand to mouth existence of poverty.

By 2030 this chart is going to be off the wall as the top 0,1% hold most of the world wealth along with their 10% population enablers. The rest of the world 90% peasant class will be in even greater financial distress than they are now....replaced by robots and AI...the middle class will be devastated.

The McKinsey Report on Automation

This last week the McKinsey Global Institute issued a report on the effects of automation on the US and world employment in the next 13 years to 2030.  The headline that caught my eye was:

Robots could replace nearly a third of the U.S. workforce by 2030

"Over the next 13 years the rising tide of automation will force as many as 70 million workers in the United States to find another way to make money"

What the report states is that the robot revolution coupled with the AI revolution is going to put huge parts  of the jobs at risk that rely on repetitive labour or repetitive knowledge skills being replaced with machine or AI substitutes.

Think of the following:

- Already Amazon who is the largest employer in America (apart from the US government) is planning on replacing tens of thousands of warehouse workers who stack and retrieve goods running around the warehouse with robotic stackers and retrievers.

- Amazon has also opened a concept grocery store in Seattle in which there are no check out tills.  You take the groceries off the shelf and walk out the front...the AI financial system automatically recognizes what you took and debits your account.

- Tesla unveiled this last week their electric and self driving big rig trucks.  Truck drivers both long distance and city delivery drivers are some of the biggest employment creators in the world.  It is now possible to program a truck to go from place to place without a human driver.  US laws forbid a driver to drive more than a certain amount of hours a day. Robots don't need to sleep.

- Intelligent robots with great manual dexterity can now take orders in a fast food burger shop...and make and wrap the order.

- Already large parts of the employment economy have been taken over by computers, the internet and automation.  Think of estate agents, travel agents, book stores, shopping malls, auto workers....many more to come.

The New Computer Era of Artificial Intelligence

There are at present at least 16 companies working on a radical new computer architecture that in both hardware and software mimics the human brain.  IBM is in the forefront of this revolution with what they call "neuromorphic chips". I quote from a recent report....
Neuromorphic chips have three attributes that will make them an important part of the new era of computing. First, their architecture makes them ideal for pattern recognition tasks, like speech and image recognition, medical imaging and understanding patterns in data so that systems can do things like identify fraudulent or criminal activity in a network.
Second they are scalable down to a single core or up to a large array. So  a neuromorphic core—which is only slightly bigger than the width of a human hair—can be embedded in sensors to process information at the source. “Instead of bringing data to computation, we can now bring computation to data,”.
On the other end of the scale, IBM recently installed an array of sixteen chips at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, which contains 16 million neurons and 4 billion synapses, to work on advanced simulations and machine learning applications. This array, which is not much bigger than a shoebox, has the potential to replace large supercomputers performing similar tasks.
Finally, neuromorphic chips are thousands of times more efficient and require only a miniscule fraction of the power that conventional chips do. So robots can be made to run with far smaller battery packs and our smartphones will be able to handle machine learning tasks—like voice recognition and navigation—without draining the battery.
Where robots replace physical and repetitive work, the new computer revolution led by neuromorphic chips of vast computational capability in the size of a shoe box will allow a whole new level of human like interaction and intelligence by computers.

This already allows new levels of speech and pattern recognition allowing an almost human like interaction with computers.  These new offerings from companies like IBM will allow you to populate these AI's with all the knowledge base of your industry.

IBM has already proven that their Watson AI is capable of better medical diagnosis than a doctor.  Their AI is capable of scanning thousands of medical journal reports coming out yearly and applying that knowledge to their knowledge base.  No doctor has the time or the ability to keep up with all the medical advances in their field.

The same holds true for the engineering professions.  Electrical, chemical, mechanical engineering problems can all be solved by the emerging AI's.

And you can extend that into the legal profession, government workers, secretaries, and eventually in the home with a personal home AI to help the kids with their school work....far better than teachers.

Now let me warp this up with a comment about Bitcoin this week and what does this mean for our vision of the Second Reformation....

Bitcoin went over $11,000 this last week...and then fell...and then rose....

But for those of you caught up in the old eschatology of Antichrist and One World government think of this.  The idea was always "You cannot buy or sell unless you have the mark of the beast".  And so computer chips under the skin etc became a big "sign of the times".

Well here is a different sign of the times....some backroom computer geeks made a worldwide home made money not controlled or issued by any government or international banks that is now worth more than $160 billion...out of nothing and without asking anybody's permission.  So how do you think Antichrist can control what you buy and sell when you can create your own money, create your own local manufacturing, your own national and international distribution system for goods and service? I am not saying Bitcoin as such is the has merely shown that the solution is out there for the Church...should we actually want to transfer the wealth of the wicked to the righteous instead of just talking and preaching about it.

It is time for we evangelicals to realize there is a new world out there. It is a world that through technology revolutions now on the go and unstoppable by governments or banks or corporations or the Illuminati  or whatever your favourite conspiracy theory is....God is on the move...and He is busy disrupting the whole world economic, political and social systems.

And that gives us using these same disruptive technologies the power to create wealth and distribute that wealth into His Kingdom. And remodel the world systems for God's Kingdom agenda.

You see the governments and financial systems of the world are not capable of solving this new feudalism problem.  Greater and greater assets of the world ending up in fewer and fewer hands until there is coming a social explosion because jobs are bring destroyed and the middle class is disappearing...there is no buying power any more and the general populace have no more capacity to take on more debt to create artificial buying power.

And this great world disruption is now accelerating to the point that every trend line I see from world think tanks is projecting a 2018-2030 world crisis.  That means somebody needs to come up with a new world economic and political order that is going to restore equity and fairness into the world because the technology that is being unleashed now can create enormous wealth....but the financial and economic system is still mired in the 19th century and it cannot cope with the new realities of how to distribute that wealth.

It is here that the Church of Jesus Christ will need to step up and offer a new vision for the world.  But first we will have to change our attitude and our theology.  That starts with acknowledging that 'the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof" and that administrating God's property for God's agenda must now become a Church agenda.

That will require a Second Reformation.  Integral to the Second Reformation is a new economic model that will recognize that all these new technologies are a gift from the Lord to the Church to help us create community and end poverty, disease, hunger. And allow us to spread the "knowledge of the Lord all over the earth as the waters cover the seas."

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