The 23 Sept. Sign and the Travail of the Woman (Rev.12:1-2)

Well it is 23 September this morning as I write and the expected rapture of the church in fulfilment of the Rev.12 sign did not happen.  Tomorrow the media mocking of the "Rapture-ready" Christians on talk shows will start.  Let me tell you what everyone is missing about this prophetic sign....

I warned you several blogs ago that prophetic commentators are misinterpreting this sign.  And that includes the scoffers that deny there is any sign for our times here to see.  I am going to go out on a limb here and predict in the years ahead we are going to realize that 23 September 2017 was a turning point in human history.

To explain why I need to relate two things to you:
- What happened in Jerusalem in 63 AD
- the growth and collapse phenomenon of the cycle of life

Something that happened in Jerusalem in 63 BC.  We get this story from Josephus the Jewish historian of the 1st century AD. He writes that when the great Roman general Pompey the Great invaded Israel and annexed Israel to the Roman empire ending the Hasmonean kingdom, he was eager to see the famous "one God" of the Jews resident in the great temple. So he decided to go into the Jewish temple into the secret Holy of Holies where only the High Priest may go. The Jewish priests were shocked and begged him not to go there. He ignored them and entered and then came out mocking saying there is nobody there.

History will record this curious fact about Pompey the Great. Prior to this incident in Jerusalem Pompey never lost a battle. After this incident Pompey never won a battle and died a defeated and broken man.

Now I want you to look at this chart below. The red line is what is called a "Seneca cliff" which I explained in a previous blog. 

Look at the top of the red line.  I predict looking back in years to come that top will turn out to have a date: 23 September 2017.  I predict that red line will be a fulfilment of Proverbs 14:12...
"There is a way that seems right unto a man but the end thereof are the ways of death"

That red line can be any number of things that mankind thinks is great, a solution to whatever problem needs solving but the end thereof is destruction.  I can only give a few examples for you to get the idea....

-  Governments, corporates and households think that spending is such a great thing for the economy that we can borrow endlessly to keep the economy growing...but we can worry about the debt later.  What could go wrong?
- Fish is a great form of protein and people need protein and there seems to be an endless renewable supply of fish in the sea....until there isn't.
- Every year huge swaths of rain forests in the Amazon and Indonesia and Congo are destroyed for more soya beans, palm oil and timber. None of the forests replaced.  How long can this go on?
- The world adds a billion people every 12 years.  How long can this go on?
- We think if we only had more technology we can solve our problems....and at the current growth of artificial intelligence, robotics, quantum-bits, internet of things....47% of  office and service jobs can be taken over by robots and machine intelligence and that does not even include the whole automobile manufacturing and service infrastructure wiped out by electric vehicles that do not need replacing after a million kilometres.  Tech is great until we ask where are the jobs of the future coming from for 9 billion people?

Now let me put the above two ideas together for you.....

Mankind carries on thinking that he knows how to rule himself, run the world and that progress is inevitable and the natural order of things.  But the phenomenon of "overshoot" is built into the hubris of humanity.  Too much of a good thing is not enough, we always want more.  Until you cannot stop the momentum to destruction.

And the second point is this: This is not mankind's earth. It belongs to God.  And at various points in the history of both the individual (like Pompey) and a nation and society and the world...the owner of the vineyard turns up for fruit inspection time.

That is the point of the parable of Jesus about the vineyard in Math. 21:33.  The owner plants a vineyard and goes on a journey leaving it in the care of husbandmen.  But then he returns to inspect what has been done with his vineyard.  Is there fruit there?

Now let me tie this into the sign of the woman and the time we are now in...

Here is what everyone is missing in their looking at the Rev.12:1 sign that says...
"And there appeared a great wonder in heaven a woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet and upon her head a crown of twelve stars.  And she being with child cried travailing in birth and pained to be delivered..."

Now let me just stop here and not give my own interpretation of who this woman is and why she is travailing but let scripture interpret scripture from Romans 8....

Paul writes....
"For we know that the whole of creation groans and travails in pain together until now."

So Romans 8 tells us that God's creation is in birth pangs, in travail like a woman groaning waiting to give birth.  That is what Rev. 12:1-2 is saying.

But give birth to who or what?  Again both Revelation and Romans 8 clarifies this for us. Rev,12 says "a man-child who is to rule the nations" And here is where the "rapture" folks totally get the interpretation wrong because they do not allow scripture to interpret scripture.  They think this Rev 12 sign means either this is the rapture of the saints to heaven or the second coming of Jesus.  So we have a lot of prophecy people looking at this sign and now very carefully repeating "we are not setting a date but...."

But they are leaving the clear loud impression, today is the time of the coming of the Lord and the rapture.  And tomorrow all the explanations are going to come.... "well it's not necessarily on this day could be 16 October" etc etc.

No, Paul in Romans 8:19 tells us exactly who God is birthing into the world...

"For the earnest expectation of the creation waits for the manifestation of the sons of God"

God sees the earth groaning and heading over a Seneca cliff towards destruction.  This is once again the time of the "coming of the Lord".  What is the coming of the Lord?  Jesus explained it in His is fruit inspection time to see what mankind is doing to his property.

This coming of the Lord is a recorded phenomenon throughout history and recorded in scripture numerous times:

- The Lord came for Adam in the garden....'Adam where art thou..." And Adam was expelled.
- The Lord came down to inspect the anti-deluvian world and found the earth corrupted and destroyed it but started it over with Noah and his family.
- The Lord came down and inspected what Nimrod was doing at the Tower of Babel.  And He destroyed that and started over with a new family....Abraham.
- The Lord came down and visited Abraham and told him he was there to inspect Sodom and Gomorrah...he destroyed them but got Lot and his family out.
- God came down to Egypt hearing the cry of Israel...He laid waste to Egypt and rescued His people.
- Jesus told the religious leaders and His disciples...."I am coming back in the clouds and this generation will see it and Jerusalem and the great temple will be destroyed"...and He did exactly that in 70 AD and only a small group of the Jerusalem church escaped before hand to Petra.

Do you hear throughout the Church world wide "Jesus is coming, it is the end times look at the signs"?  I agree whole heartedly...but they are misreading both the signs and the purpose of His coming.

Yes Jesus is coming....because once again in the history of the world and mankind it is fruit inspection time.  And the Landlord is here to inspect His property.  Judgment is not in one day. It is the outworking of a long process of false growth built on sand and then comes the "Seneca cliff" and things have a way of falling apart quickly.

The coming of Jesus is to take away the old and bring in the new.  There are a new set of husbandmen getting ready to run the affairs of God's vineyard.  It is not the purpose of God to take us out of the is the purpose of God to deliver us out of a world system that is destroying not only planet earth but also the moral, spiritual order of His rule over mankind.  And it is infecting even His church just as Lot was getting swamped by the immorality of Sodom or His Jerusalem church getting infected by the leaven of the Pharisees.

I don't need to belabour this point put just some stats I read this last week in America (and heaven knows we here in South Africa are swamped by a nation mired in corruption, violence, murder, rape...and we profess to be a Christian majority people!)

- Charisma magazine reported the result of a survey that revealed that 68% of adult Christian men in America "view adult material on a regular basis" from 4 million porn sites on the internet.
- According to the CDC 110 million Americans have a sexually transmitted disease.
-  In the 1970's 70% of men between ages 20-39 were only 35%. And 35% of young men between ages 21-30 are still living with their parents.
-  70% of all Americans are on a daily prescription drug...most of those being for depression.
- In 1956 5% of babies born in America were to single 40% of babies.
- Since abortion was legalized in America in 1973 more than 60 million babies have been murdered.

These types of stats are easily available from America, but we here in South Africa are worse, never mind the rest of Africa or the world.

Here is my prediction:
In years to come we will note that after September 2017 there came ever increasing evidences of economic, political, ecological and moral collapses of world systems.  The world started down rapidly over the Seneca cliff.

What everyone is missing about the Rev.12 sign is that the travail of the woman or the travail of the collapsing earth will bring forth people that will get serious with God. That is what Isaiah says "When the judgments of the Lord are in the earth then the people will learn righteousness".

But in the midst of the increasing desperation of a collapsing world order there came around the world a spiritual revival of God moving in all nations to bring forth His people who will re-constitute a new world order.

It will not happen in a day, nor in a decade....but it is already started and He who rules over all will accomplish that which from ages past He has purposed in the earth.

And here at Kingdom Vision I will attempt (by His grace) to keep you updated on the collapse of Babylon and the strategies we need for establish God's New World Order.

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