The Antichrist Conundrum

The worldwide UFO phenomenon certainly qualifies for what the Bible describes as the "mystery of iniquity".  But the Antichrist conundrum the Church faces in the 21st century is that we have yet to analyze or solve this mystery of iniquity and come up with a plan and program for its defeat.

In my last two blogs I have introduced you to two "signs in the sky":
- the one a possible mystery in the stars pointing to a coming great move of God
-.another a possible revelation of the "mystery of iniquity" in the near future of who and what is behind the UFO phenomenon.

Both of these I intend exploring in more detail next year...

But here and now let me elaborate a bit more on what I want to call "the Antichrist Conundrum" that the Church faces.  By "conundrum" I mean a problem that is a mystery that requires a solution....

The Antichrist is a popular topic for both preaching and book themes among preachers.  But it has become like telling ghost stories around a camp fire to scare the kids.  Its done for the "chills down the spine" effect.

Every generation has its antichrists and every preacher seems to have his favourite antichrist sermon.  The online media is filled with endless conspiracy tales. In Christian book stores it is a perennial best seller. Like most fads they fade over time but generate much sales and excitement while they last.

By way of illustration, of which I can cite too many and don't wish to take up valuable time and space, but do you remember last year the excitement on the web among Jewish and Christian apocalyptics about a Jewish boy named Nathan in Israel who went to heaven?  Everything verified by doctors of his near death experience, his rabbi confirming that what he came back to tell he did not hear from him etc etc. And what did young Nathan hear in heaven?  Barack Obama is the "antichrist" the Gog and Magog and will lead an army to invade Israel.  This of course during the time that Obama signed on to the Iran peace deal and so much excitement among right wing Jewish and Christian groups and preparations for Armageddon.

My point here is this:

Intrinsic to the Gospel of the Kingdom is the victory of the Church over time to fill the earth with the glory of God....and the corollary to that is the defeat of Satan and his worldly empire over time and in history.  This is axiomatic and fundamental to the good news that the Kingdom of God has come.

But the Church is not really taking this seriously.  There is no systematic effort to do in depth analysis of the "mystery of iniquity" of our time and then come up with a workable plan to educate and mobilize the Church to defeat that iniquity.

We have basically given up on this world...we save souls and get them to heaven, which is wonderful....but the actual belief that the worldwide defeat of Satan and his program can be defeated and planet earth liberated is not there.

Here are the essential foundation points for getting this program going and let me also then mention some of the key points of "antichrist" analysis and victory planning we need to tackle:

The key to the Antichrist Conundrum:

1) There are many Antichrists
Forget about the idea of one antichrist.  And that comes straight from scripture: 1 John 2:18 "...for even now are there many antichrists..." and that was said 2000 years ago so there are many antichrists and they have been around all this time.

2) Every generation has its Antichrists
For the Churches of Asia to whom Rev. 13 was written of the beast with a number 666, that number in Hebrew spelled "Neron Kesar" or Nero Caesar who was persecuting and killing the Christians.  For the Reformation Church it was clearly the Catholic Church system that ruled the earth for 1260 years as prophesied in Revelation and where the Pope took on the title "Vicarious Filii Dei" in Latin meaning "in the place of the Son of God" which is where his title in English is Vicar of Christ and in Greek is "Anti-Christ"....standing in the Temple of God (the Church) proclaiming to be God...or in the place of God.
It is incumbent on our Church of the 21st century to discover our antichrists and their operations and defeat them...just like the new Testament under great persecution conquered Roman antichrist; just like the Reformation church conquered and exposed the Catholic antichrist....and I will give you some of my ideas of areas we need to be looking at.

3) Antichrist means "in the place of Christ"
This means that the Satanic strategy is to replace and imitate whatever God is doing with his own counterfeit operation. And it is this aspect that is the essence of the "mystery of iniquity" that we need to be investigating, exposing and defeating.

4) We are not going to be taken off planet earth to protect us from the Antichrist
This is a very popular deception in the evangelical church.  God's supposed timetable is: Rapture next and then comes the Great Tribulation when the Antichrist will be revealed and rule the earth. Here is one scripture to totally demolish that deception:
"Let no man deceive you by any means for that day (the coming of the Lord) shall not come except there be a great falling away first and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition." (2Thes. 2:3)
And that scripture tells you very plainly what I am trying to tell you....
You are going to be on planet earth.  Satan will finally be revealed to mankind. This will cause enormous deception.  This will cause a great falling away from the faith by shallow Christians not grounded in the Word of God. But the manifestation of the power of God in His Church will destroy the rebel angelic deceiving hosts of Satan

Here are the things I believe our generation the Church of the 21st Century needs to be aware of as the "mystery of iniquity" unfolds around us:

1) Don't look to the Sky

Satan is the prince of the power of the air. What is appearing in the sky is deception. The coming 'Cosmic Christ" is a deception. That is why I am alerting you to the UFO phenomenon and that is why we are going to be looking at it more closely in next year's blogs.  The place to look for the coming of the Lord is exactly where scripture says He will manifest His His Temple, which is His Body, which is His Church (2 Thes. 1:10 "When He shall come to be glorified in His saints...")

2) As in the days of Noah

 The mystery of iniquity plan in the days of Noah was to increase wickedness to such an extent on earth that God is compelled to destroy the earth. Here is how they did it:
- get humans to invite fallen angels to mingle among them, marry among them
- watch out for things like "trans-humanism" as new technologies make it possible to form human alien hybrids, human animal hybrids.
- get mankind to continually concentrate on evil so that their thoughts are continuously evil, watch the media onslaught on the minds and hearts of humanity; the TV, film and media onslaught that promotes family break-up, that encourages alternative life styles

3) The Tower of Babel Technology Deception

Mankind said lets unite and build ourselves a means to reach to the skies.  And God came down to see what they were doing and said "If they are able to do this thing then nothing shall be impossible to them that they imagine to do.":
There is a deep significance here.  Much to say but no space here, we will follow up next year but let me say this:

The fallen angels want to share technology with mankind that will seem to empower them to unleash the limitless powers of the universe.  Scientists call this :the zero point energy of the vacuum space".  It is the holy grail of science fiction. It is what powers UFO's, field propulsion, anti-gravity, direct engineering of space time itself.
That is the "power of the air".  And the Bible says that Satan is the "prince of the power of the air".

There is credible evidence that the Tower of Babel, like the Gizeh Pyramid and other great megalithic structures including medieval cathedrals and ancient temples are special structures placed on key energy 'ley lines" that are in resonant frequency with earth harmonics to enhance mental and spiritual powers for acolytes to tap into "zero point energy of the vacuum" to effect time and space.

There is also credible evidence to suggest that Nazi special operations under the direction of one Hans Kammler and his special branch connected with Himmler's SS were developing exotic high technology weapons based on the same principles of tapping into "zero point energy" using counter rotational spinning discs in the "Glocke" (the Bell) experiments that eventually led to what we call "flying saucers" and that the technology for these technical breakthroughs came from secret occult sources. Now other powers have this technology...

Much more to investigate here....but let me say this:
Most of what or who are flying in UFO's are not aliens.
Nazi bases developed in the expeditions of 1937-38 to Antarctica (Neuw Schwabenland) are perfect places for the ongoing hidden development of exotic technologies away from prying eyes.
And when you hear in the media in the last several months that the visitors to Antarctica included John Kerry, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church Kirill III,
Buzz Aldrin (the second man on the moon) and Prince ask yourself "what is going on down there?" (at least I ask that and the answers I get are fascinating).

4) The Sodom Strategy.

While Sodom and Gomorrah are symbolically known for their homosexual lifestyles that is not the real problem of why the Lord had to wipe them out. Yes that was a contributing situation. I don't have time or space to go further or deeper here, I did that in a previous blog several years ago, but let me say this: These places were well known in ancient times for their dealing in psychedelic drugs. Poppy, mushrooms, cannabis etc that were key to mind altering drugs needed for temple worship and access to the demonic world....and known in scripture and literature as "wormwood and gall".  Which is what Jesus was offered on the cross for His suffering and which He refused.

Today the use of drugs is a worldwide epidemic.  What is of interest to me is a recent article in Wired magazine that an incredible amount of professionals in Europe and America are now taking what is called micro-doses of LSD two or three times a week in order to enhance their creativity and problem solving ability.  Steve Jobs who was allegedly a regular user of LSD famously said of Bill Gates he needed to loosen up and 'drop some acid".

Dropping acid or taking LSD to release the creative energy of the brain is now needed to keep up with the pressure to perform in high stress jobs on Wall Street and high tech. The devil's substitute in the place of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit to be endued with power from on high!

5) The Mammon Strategy

Jesus famously said, 'You cannot serve God and Mammon".  Today the money culture that has invaded the Church tries to disprove can serve God and Mammon at the same time. Satan has most of the world enslaved to the Mammon culture.  Money has become the substitute for "faith"...where once "faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen" now it is money that has become the substance you need to get the things hoped for.  You lack faith? No, you lack money.  People's lives are centred around making money and spending money. It motivates them as to marriage, jobs, career, daily decisions...its all about money.

The corporation and the state have come to replace the Church of Jesus Christ as the place where people are brought together to solve problems and make the rules of life.
The money empowered world has replaced the faith empowered people of God. The drug controlled people have replaced the Spirit empowered people of God.

If we are going to ever defeat the mystery of iniquity then the Church will need to get real about the mystery of banking, money creation, debt enslavement, corporate control of people and resources. The Church will need to accept the responsibility that come with solving world problems and meeting the needs of humanity.

It is going to require us to create a new world of work, a new money system, a new banking system and new way to organize work and new way to organize corporations to serve people and not people serving mammon.

The above are merely the beginning of the areas of "antichrist" investigation for the Church of the 21st Century. Like the Canaanites squating on the inheritance of Israel in the Promised Land had to be the devil and his counterfeits need to be removed and replaced with God's people and God's solutions.

But of all the church ages through time....we, our generation have the ability, the revelation and the gifts needed to finally expose the Satanic antichrist system enslaving mankind and bring peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.

If we don't...we face the environmental destruction of planet earth and the fall into a new cycle of Dark Ages and the long wait for another generation to rise up and possess the land.

Our choice....2017 is going to be a pivotal year!

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