The Birthpangs of the New Age: The Second Reformation.

Greetings for 2017...the 500th year anniversary of our Great Reformation that changed the world...and the beginning of the great Second Reformation that will establish the Kingdom of God on earth.  Let me lay out the vision and agenda for the  work ahead this year to conceptualize and actualize the new era of the Second Reformation.

When I published the Radical Gospel of the Kingdom four years ago I had one main objective with the book: I wanted to disprove conclusively Dispensational Theology and its core foundation tenet which was:

- We are now in an interim dispensation called The Church Age and that God needs to take the Church out of the world so that He can get back to His original Plan A which is basically a Jewish kingdom with Jesus ruling in Jerusalem for a 1000 years but which unfortunately after a 1000 years this also ends in failure as the Church Age ended in failure with the retreat of the Church and the victory of Antichrist. The 1000 year physical rule of Christ on earth also ends with failure as the whole earth rebels against the Kingdom of Christ on earth. Then God basically destroys the earth and starts all over again with a New Jerusalem coming out of heaven onto the earth...etc. etc.

In defense of the broad evangelical church who hold this view let me admit I also believed and preached this for many years. But as I studied the Bible more, listened to the quickening of the Spirit and very importantly studied history....I realized this was nothing but enemy propaganda that Satan had infiltrated into the church to divert us into a spiritual dad end with no vision of victory.

My approach in the book was to clearly separate prophecies that have already been fulfilled, make a biblical and historical case for their fulfillment and then see where are we now prophetically in the 21st Century and what is the task ahead of us.

I will not repeat my arguments for the fulfilled prophecies but I have made a strong case that:
- The Kingdom of God has already come to earth and was in fact launched in 33 AD at the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost and the Lord commissioning His church to go into all the earth and make disciples of all nations.
- That there is no 7 year Great Tribulation coming as the 490 year 70 weeks of Daniel were fulfilled in 33 AD.
- That the return of Israel according to the prophecies of Ezekiel were fulfilled in 141 BC with the independence of the new state of Israel under the Hasmonean dynasty recognized by both Rome and Damascus.
- That the subsequent invasion out of the north by the forces of Gog/Magog did take place in 37 BC.
- That "this generation" that Jesus said would see the "end" did see battle of Armageddon in 70 AD with the destruction of both the Temple and Jerusalem and the horrific slaughter of the war against the Roman armies.
- that all the many references by the New Testament writers to the "last days", end times etc were totally accurate as the "end times" referred to the end of the Jewish era which did happen to that generation from 33 AD to 72 AD with the destruction of Israel.
- the Antichrist did arise in the church, the Temple of God speaking lies and blasphemies and the Reformation saints were was the Papal Catholic system.

With all those prophecies of destruction, Israel, Armageddon, Antichrist all already fulfilled then where are we now?

And that was the core of my argument....we are in the Kingdom Age and our job is the disicipling of the nations.

Now let me be honest with the last four years I have printed up hundreds of books and given away all, mailing to ministers whose addresses I got hold of, attending conferences and just passing out my book to whichever ministry I can meet with my business card. The result?  In 4 years I can think of one minister of the gospel who showed some interest in this radical idea of the Kingdom of God and prophecy that I presented.

However as with all work that God calls us to labour at...we must be faithful to do our part and let God do the rest in His time. But I have little faith the institutional church is going to accept the New's too comfortable just carrying on with sermon, offering, audience.

In the interim the last 4 years of blogs I have been exploring the implications of the Radical Gospel of the Kingdom across all possible ramifications in the church, world affairs, economics, culture, technology etc.

I assumed the following "radical assumption" about the Kingdom of God and explored their implications in various blogs:

1) The Church

The Church not only will not be taken out of the world but will in fact be the primary instrument of blessing and judgment of the Lord to establish His kingdom on the earth.

This has radical implications for how we define and organize what we call the Church. This is also the core of the coming New Reformation.  With the expanded role that I see for the church of the Kingdom Age it means moving the church from the Synagogue structure (i.e. a weekly gathering of people who meet to hear a sermon, which was the new innovation of the Pharisees when they lost the Temple to the Sadduccees)  to the well known political entity of that time called an "Ekklesia" of which the best known was Athens and the Greek city states and after that Rome.

When Jesus said I will build my "Church" He was not referring to a Synagogue gathering even though He attended synagogue regularly as a custom. He was referring to an entity that comprised a city state, a calling out of a people who create a cultural, economic, spiritual identity for themselves apart from the surround peoples.
That is the same structure that Stephen in front of the Sanhedrin called "the Church in the wilderness" (Acts 7:38) referring to the 12 tribes of Israel gathered around the Tabernacle.

The next great move of God in the coming Second Reformation is the emerging of The City Church out of the many Synagogue meetings of various denominations and independents. It will be the Church of Cape Town, The Church of Pretoria, The Church of the West Coast as it was with the Church of Ephesus and the Church of Antioch.

The people of God of various theological or denominational persuasions are going to come together in a region to do the work of establishing the Kingdom of God in the region.

Why is this inevitably going to happen?
- Because people are getting tired of endless sermons and meeting 100 times a year for more sermons.
- Because there are more and more people of God growing up to maturity who want to use their gifts and abilities for God and realize as in all endeavors in life there is little you can do on your own  you need to work with others to accomplish tasks in life....but they would rather work with other Christians than with unbelievers.
- Because God has given us new and wonderful social networking technologies to bring together those called to work together to accomplish the great new work of the Kingdom.
These new technologies also make local economies viable, make private money and currencies viable, make community banking viable, make local area government viable and will increasingly make people realize we do not need big government, big corporations or big banks....and they are all falling apart in any case!
- Because with over 700 million charismatic evangelicals in the world now (1 in 10 of the world population) and with revivals spreading everywhere evangelicals are realizing we are sufficient to form our own world economy, our own unique world cultural entity and we need sinners less and they need us more to keep laws. pay taxes, behave. work and make the world work so that they can carry on with pillaging, looting, scamming, destroying and rioting. 

The second great Reformation is about uncoupling from the unfruitful works of darkness and letting sinners face the economic, political and cultural consequences of the rebellion against God....and we moving on with the Kingdom agenda.
- Because more and more ordinary Christians do not care what your views are on election or Rapture or form of baptism etc, we are the Body of Christ and want to come together in work and fellowship with other Christians....which is why I as a classic Pentecostal am worshipping on Sunday at my local Dutch Reformed church.

2) Israel

My second radical concept: The Israel of 1948 creation was not a fulfillment of Bible prophecy, is in fact a deception to sidetrack the Church as to it's own identity as the true Israel of God. The American Church's obsession with Jews and Israel has permeated throughout the world and even though I can get agreement from many of my evangelical brethren on issues like the reality of the present Kingdom of God...they all balk at Israel. Paul had the same problem with the Judaizers of the Jerusalem Church who were convinced that a special DNA structure of your race gives you special grace from God apart from faith in Jesus Christ. This racial heresy known as Dual Covenentalism is the last hope of the any moment rapture crowd....that the nation of Israel is proof this is the end times and the Antichrist will take over the world but we will make a miraculous escape so that we do not suffer hard times.  Paul could not convince the churches of this doctrinal racial nonsense and I have even less success. Anyway after 70 AD that doctrine died a natural it will too in our time I predict.

3) The End Times and the New Age

My third radical concept....this is the same kind of "end times" as the "end times" of the New Testament writers.  They were writing and living at the end of an age, the Jewish Age and the beginning of a new age, the launching of the Kingdom Age. It was accompanied by signs and wonders, false Christ's, false apostles, war and tribulation, signs in the heavens and the coming of the Lord in judgment on the old order but also the coming of the Lord in new outpouring of His Spirit into His people on the day of Pentecost.

The old Jewish order from Abraham to Jesus was 2000 years. My radical prediction: WE are now also at the end of a 2000 year historical period of the founding of the Church and the beginning of what scripture calls "The Tines of the Restitution of All Things". It will be accompanied also by the same signs: A new and greater outpouring of the power of God on His Church for the great work ahead, apocalyptic collapse of the old order world Babylon/Mammon system to make way for God's new world order economy; false christ's, false prophets, signs in the heavens, another Armageddon as east clashes with west....and once again the fall of Jerusalem for the last time to finally finish the Judaizer heresy.

And through it all the Church will grow and triumph to establish the Kingdom of God on earth.

4) The Final Defeat of Satan and his forces.

My fourth radical proposal is the reality of the coming unmasking of Satan as he is cast to the earth along with his demons and rebelling angels and their final defeat and judgment by the Church. Literally a mass exorcism of planet earth to rid this universe of this malevolent influence....and cast the lot of them into the lake of fire for that we can carry on with the work of the Kingdom without that unnecessary interference.
It's coming folks....including the coming great deception on the earth by Satan before he is actually unmasked by the church for who he is.

5) The Endless Growth of the Kingdom of God in this Universe

Isaiah 9:6 says that of the growth of His kingdom there shall be no end. I have though long and hard on the implications of this as follows:
- The Kingdom of God can only grow endlessly if there is an endless supply of new babies.
- Babies are not made in heaven, they are made in this physical universe from husband and wife having sex.  There is no marriage in heaven according to Jesus and no sex to make babies.
- Ecc. 1:3 says the earth is without end, Ephesians says "world without end" and Genesis 1:31 says that when God created this world He was very pleased with the result and Isaiah 45:18 God says to look to the heavens and earth that He created, He did not create it "void" or empty for nothing, He created it to be filled with people.
- the latest cosmology estimates of the created physical universe is that there are about 1-2 trillion galaxies each with hundreds of billions of planets and we have command of God to fill them all with life.
- that means that on the Kingdom agenda is the colonization of space for the endless colonization of an endless universe.
- This means that science and technology and education and a new type of economic system that allows for endless growth and is orientated to family growth and not corporate greed is now on the Kingdom agenda.

6) The Coming Victory over Death

Here is radical concept no.6....the coming age of the Restoration of All Things will have the end result that we will finally conquer death. Here is what I mean. Paul writes to the Corinthians to say that the last enemy to be conquered is death.  Before that we are going to conquer poverty with abundance, sickness with health, we are going to restore the and revert the deterioration of man, and beast and environment after the fall of Adam to what God meant it to be.

The plan of God is for man to live hundreds of years of productive happy labour and family life. And when a person has grown as Jesus did "and he grew strong in spirit and stature and in favour with God and man", when you have developed your identity and your personality and your character under all the restrictions of this three dimensional time and energy constrained universe then it was the original plan of God with Adam and Eden that there is a place for mankind to step through a portal, after hundreds of years of productive and happy life here on earth, you go to Eden and like Enoch who walked with God, you step through the portal from time to eternity, from physical body to immortal body, You say good bye to family and friends and with great rejoicing you are sent to be changed in the twinkling of an enter the eternal spirit realm of Paradise and the Throne of God to live forever.

That is my radical view of the coming resurrection of the dead and the rapture and the endless earth and the endless expanding universe that is made by God to be our nursery and our school, that is meant to supply an endless amount of children for our heavenly father and His eternal family in heaven.

Folks there is no end to the growth of the Kingdom of God and the Church needs to  plan and act accordingly!

But next.... The Coming Second Reformation of the Church is what we need to concentrate on this coming year and like the first Reformation of 1517:
- we need to destroy the new feudalism of the banking/corporate/state that is destroying families, the environment and wasting resources on greed and farcical mirage of endless corporate growth on the back of endless debt creation....and provide a replacement.
- like the first Reformation that had new technology in the form of the printing press to spread the Word we have an abundance of media and new technology to not only fill the earth with the knowledge of God through the internet but we can now also create new communities, new corporate expressions for business, new financial is endless how we can use our creativity and innovation and our loving committed communities to disrupt the world economic and power structures to create a new world according to the pattern that God shows us in the heavens.

And that is our blog emphasis this ideas to be explored for the New Reformation of Church community concepts, new economic concepts, new vision for expressing the Kingdom of God in all the earth.

Have a great and blessed 2017.

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