There are some scandals that are even too bizarre for Hollywood to put on the screen. A case in point: The Borgias.
  The Borgias (2011) Poster I really enjoyed watching this historical series when recently screened on our Satellite TV channel here in South Africa.  It was a timely reminder of why Luther and all the Reformation church considered the Pope the antichrist.  It was also a timely reminder of why the Jesuit order of the new Pope Francis came into being shortly after.  Let me explain...

What the TV series failed to show was that Pope Alexander (played by Jeremy Irons) was having an affair with his own daughter Lucrezia, who was also having an affair with her two brothers Cesare and Juan (also not shown in the series).  This lust triangle turned deadly when Cesare killed his brother Juan out of jealousy.  All of Rome was appalled at the goings on in the Vatican. Famous historian William Manchester wrote, "Even for those times this was scandalous".

Then things turned even more bizarre.  Lucrezia became pregnant and it was now critical that Pope Alexander get his daughter married off.  He found a suitable Duke as husband but custom demanded that the Duke marry a virgin.  So the Pope had a Vatican Council declare that she was a virgin (while showing six months pregnant)....a true immaculate conception!  All to no avail as Cesare killed the Duke in a fit of jealous rage.

While this was going on Martin Luther was 16 years of age and 7 years later entered a monastery.  Not many years later in 1517 he posted his 95 thesis on the Wittenburg church door and the Protestant Reformation was started. It spread like wildfire. All of Europe was sick and tired of a corrupt and rapacious Catholic Church.  Half the property in Europe was owned by the church and a third of the national property in England. The Catholic Church was bleeding the people dry for their rapacious demands of financial penance for sins to escape hell.  Everyone was ready for Reformation.

The Rise of the Jesuits and the Black Pope  Adam Weishaupt (Jesuit trained) founder of the Illuminati.

As the Reformation sprad, in 1534 a soldier Ignatius of Loyola started the Society of Jesus (afterward known as the Jesuits) with six others after a dramatic conversion.  He and his fellow Jesuits pledged personal loyalty to the Pope and dedicated themselves to cleaning up the church and bringing the world back under the authority of the Pope and the church through missions and education.  They swore poverty and obedience, abstaining from all the fancy frills of the church....which is why their leader the Superior General is also called "the Black Pope"...he always dresses in simple black cassock and he is reputed to be the real power behind the Popes to keep them in line. 

But this "Society of Jesus" after several hundred years of growth became a threat to not only the power of the Popes but of all of Europe....these Jesuits were serious about power!  They had become so subversive in their actions both overt and covert that by 1767 they were banned throughout Europe and in 1773 Pope Clement the 14th finally had to ban them.  This only moved their activity underground.  In may 1776 Jesuit trained Adam Weishaupt launched the Order of the Illuminati with a view to infiltrate the Masonic Lodges and launch revolutions across Europe. The Jesuits were reinstated in 1814.

The Jesuits and the Catholic Church Collapse

It is my belief that the election of Jesuit Francis I was engineered by the Jesuits to start a major clean-up of scandals in the church and get the Catholic Church back to their mission of world control. Their church is visibly falling apart and losing what little moral authority they have left.  The Jesuits launched the Counter-Reformation to win back the lost ground of the Reformation.  They must once again step in to try and win back the hundreds of millions that are leaving the Catholic faith for Charismatic Evangelicalism.  The media like to talk about the Pope as leader of 1,2 billion Catholics. This is pure fiction and the Jesuits know it.  They know Catholic churches are largely empty across the world.  The priesthood is old and dying out. The new recruits for priesthood are largely "gay" orientated.  The majority of confessing Catholics mostly ignore whatever the church teaches on topics like condoms, sexual orientation, abstinence,  penance etc.  A typical Catholic uses the church for child baptism, marriage ceremony and burials.  Beyond that the church has no influence on their lives.

Beyond these obvious problems are the hidden scandals of money laundering by the Vatican Bank for the Mafia and other groups so much so that Italian banking authorities placed an injunction on the bank.  The paedophile scandals are now coming out everywhere.  And no wonder this evil has become entrenched in the church considering what Pope Benedict himself said to rationalize this evil in 21 December 2010 to the Cardinals at the Vatican: "In the 1970's paedophilia was theorized as something fully in conformity with man and even with children. It was maintained even within the realm of Catholic theology, that there is no such thing as evil in itself or good in itself. There is only a "better than" and a "worse than". Nothing is good or bad in itself."  Can you now understand why paedophile priests are not kicked out of their church?

The Jesuits as "God's Marines" of the church know all the above. They know their church is dying out. The international banking authorities are after them, the public prosecutors are after their priests. They know this could very well be the last papacy before the whole edifice collapses under scandals and sheer irrelevance.  That is why I believe they orchestrated this papacy....there is no more time to be the power behind the throne...they need to take control of the church and launch a new international Counter-Reformation if they are to survive.

The New Counter Reformation

I write this blog with one view in mind. I am not interested to air the Catholic Church scandals.  heaven knows we evangelicals have our own scandals in both financial matters as well as homosexuals in our pulpits. I am not pointing out the mote in the Catholic eye only to ignore the beam in our own eye.

I am writing this to warn you of the deception to come.  The Jesuits absolutely must stop this massive loss of converts to the evangelical charismatics.  They need people to stay in the Catholic Church.  To do this they need our help.  They need us to assure all those people that the Catholic Church is indeed a good church and they are brothers in Christ, we are all just one big family of God with just different traditions. That means a big "ecumenical" outreach to the evangelicals. This will go hand in hand with a major PR push from the Vatican of a new type of Pope, a simple man, simple garments, simple ceremonies, a man of the poor.  There will be new ecumenical meetings with evangelical leaders. There will be talk about an "evangelical Pope".  This is what they call in America "smoke and mirrors" and a "dog and pony show".

The reality is this:
- There is no way that the Catholic Church considers evangelicals to be saved or part of God's family. We are un-baptized, we have not received any of the sacraments and are therefore headed for hell.
- Catholicism is an extension of the pagan mystery religions of Rome. It is a pagan cult. The Roman Emperor was the high priest Pontifix Maximus of the Roman gods and that is why the Pope is "the Pontiff". The prayers to the "saints" by Catholics is sheer paganism prayer to demons which the Bible calls "familiar spirits" and is absolutely forbidden by scripture. The payment of "penance" for sins is extortion. Jesus paid it all!  And much more...

Be careful and prayerful...there is big deception coming.

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