Prov. 8 and the Coming European Collapse

The protesters across Europe are demanding an end to “austerity”. What they are really asking for is the suspension of the laws of economics.  The economic debate in Europe is a false one. The terms of the debate and the supposed choice being presented to the people of Europe is, “growth or austerity?”.  So who would actually choose austerity?  But this is a false choice and the fools on the streets of Greece, Spain and other EU countries are fooling themselves as to the real choices before them.

The book of Proverbs has much to say about the predicament that Europe finds itself in. Of the many verses I could apply to this unfolding human tragedy I think the entire chapter 8 of Proverbs is applicable here as well as other societies like America that are in deep denial as to the reality of how this universe works.

Proverbs 8 is a personification of our Lord Jesus. He is God’s Wisdom.  By Him was all things made.  He made all things by wisdom.  The universe was made by wisdom and responds to wisdom. The laws of the universe also serve to punish fools over time who think they can bypass the laws by which the Lord runs all things. There are spiritual laws that govern the spiritual sphere of the heavens. There are social laws that govern the relationships of society here on earth. There are natural laws that govern the physics of our physical world. There are economic laws that govern our working lives.

Europeans have as a general rule rejected the gospel of Jesus Christ as a collective. There has not been a spiritual revival there for a long time. The people for the most part are spiritually dead.  Consequently what they believe in and what they have put their trust in is the power and provision of the state.  What they are essentially asking their governments to do is to overrule God’s laws of economics. The most visible of the three basic laws they wish to be overturned are these:

  1. There is no consumption without production
  2. You must not consume more than you produce
  3. You must not have unequal “weights and balances” in your trade.


When the mobs cry out for a rejection of “austerity”, basically they are saying we wish to consume and get paid for more than what we produce.  Europe has been doing this for decades. For that matter so has many other nations, most prominently America.  Austerity means in the European context the need for governments to cut back on expenses and basically as a nation to live within its means.  All households know this to be essential as do all businesses.  You cannot keep paying with your credit card for daily living expenses or luxuries for that matter. The bill eventually comes due. And for Europe, the bills are now coming due with a vengeance.

The problem for Europe for a long time has been the collective illusion and lies that everyone wishes to live on.  This has been especially revealing in Greece as the truth of their real economic performance has been coming out in many news stories.  The people just do not pay their taxes.  Cheating the taxman is a national pastime. The government bureaucracy is overstaffed by lazy officials who want high pay and benefits for little work.  The entrepreneurs are discouraged by burdensome regulations. Every industry is controlled by unions that demand high wages and early pensions. The voters elect politicians who promise higher benefits with lower taxes. This litany of woes is of course the same for many countries.

 Greece thought they could carry on as always with their entry into the Euro zone.  They get to use a strong currency basically backed up by the productive work of nations like Germany. This  would mean breaking the Biblical law of “equal weights and balances”. Enjoy the blessings of strong currency and low interest rates while not producing the work, productivity and savings needed to create a strong currency.  Ride instead on the back of the German worker.

Low interest loans from European banks and pension funds meant bills and salaries could be paid by other peoples savings and not having to cut back their lifestyle to meet their actual production. There is another of God’s economic laws broken. Consume more than you produce.

But now the bills are coming due.  The creditors are demanding belt tightening, fiscal discipline, or better known as “austerity” or no more loans.  What will happen?  The loans of course will never be repaid. That is true not just for Greece but also for other EU nations like Spain, Italy, France and eventually America.  There is always a day of reckoning.  You do not break the laws of God, they break you.

The world is heading for a major global depression. The western nations are on course to destroy either their economies or their currencies.  The massive debts that all these nations face will be paid in either of two ways:

  1. either cut back national spending enormously to start repaying debt which will cause buying power to shrink as people get laid off and money circulation drops precipitously causing massive deflation and then depression
  2. or start printing money furiously by the trillions to pay off the debt by massive inflation of the currency thus destroying the debt at the cost of destroying the currency.

These are the choices now facing the industrial nations of the world. It has started with Greece the home of “democracy”.  And a fitting place for it to start. For it was democracy that created government as the “god” of the masses and it will be democracy that will destroy governments around the world.  Greed is the basic foundation of their demise.  Let the government pay for my healthcare, for my retirement pension, for my schooling, for my safety and my protection.  I can live an autonomous safe life and have no need to worry about the future.  Well the future has arrived and it has met with reality.

What you will witness over the coming months and years is first the flight to safety as people withdraw their savings from banks that they think are shaky and that will collapse those banks.  Then they will withdraw their money from nations that they think are shaky and shift them to what they think are safe havens such as Switzerland, London or America.  But Switzerland will eventually say no thanks to more cash, the UK is in greater debt problems than Greece and the USA is in even greater financial trouble. 

When the world wide economic crash comes and it will come, there is going to be a wonderful opportunity for evangelical Christians all over the world to be a witness for the Kingdom of God.  The new world economy after the crash is going to mean local economies are going to be back in fashion, community on a local level is going to be critical and community self help greatly needed. This is where we Christians are at our best. This is where we will be able to be not only a local but an international witness.

I predict a great spiritual revival coming to Europe as the Lord takes away the false god of government from people.  I predict we Christians are going to be in the forefront worldwide with a new vision and design for local community structures as well as our own newly created community currencies backed by real productive work and real savings.

I believe the world economic collapse that is now in motion and which is insoluble by any current economic or political program will lead the people of the world to come to us and say as Micah 4 says they will,  “…teach us your ways.”

That means we in the Church need to start a dialogue with one another as to what is the Lord telling us about community, about work, about money, about self-government, about Biblical principles for economy and society.  We are not getting raptured out of here until the job is done and the devil and the antichrist is not taking over the world.  The Kingdom of God is taking over the world and the Church is the Lord’s instrument of world revival.

Exciting times ahead!

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