I want to continue later with some more blogs on the "Book of Life" series but I need to digress this week.  Part of the ministry of this site is as a "Watchman on the Walls" warning or alerting you to problems ahead. Two things drew my attention this week that requires a warning for my fellow evangelicals.

In America, Pres. Obama nominated former Sen. Chuck Hagel as his nominee for Secretary of Defense.  From the UK I received a report from the UK Prophetic Council on what they believe the Lord is telling the church for 2013.  There is a lot there in their prophetic vision for 2013 that I agree with and but one section caught my attention...what the Lord is saying about Israel.  So what does the Hagel nomination have to do with prophecy and Israel?

Well if you have access to the American media sources on the internet you will notice that the Jewish Lobby in American politics has been very vocal against Sen. Hagel's nomination and this has been echoed by a number of Republican Senators (as well as Democratic senators) even though he was a Republican senator.  What angers them is Hagel's public comments on Israel, namely "I am not the Senator from Israel, I am the Senator from America" and his complaints that the Jewish Lobby has undue influence on Capitol Hill. He also was against the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and wants to negotiate with Iran calling a war with Iran as "crazy".

So for Pres. Obama to select this outspoken Republican ex-senator as this nominee for Defence sends an unmistakeable message to Israel: I will not support another war in the Middle East. 

Which brings up the prophetic word from the UK Prophetic Council which says the Lord wants us to "...pray for your nation's alignment with Israel".  Obviously Pres. Obama has decided not to align America with Israel's plans for a bombing of Iranian nuclear facilities and the start of another war. He wants American troops out of the region. But not only him. The entire EU nations in the coalition are pulling out of Afghanistan. They have had enough. No nation in the world wants to align themselves with Israel. In fact if you look across the revolutions of the last year in the Arab world and one thing is clear...the old dictators are getting swept out of power and in their place are the Muslim Brotherhood who have no plans for Israel peace treaties.

 Which makes the word of prophecy very problematic. No matter how much anyone prays I do not see any nation aligning itself with either Israeli domestic policies or foreign policy.

In fact the only groups now still supporting Israel in their policy aims are the evangelical churches in America and the many Jewish lobby groups in America. Well you might say, Who cares if Israel stands alone, as long as God is for us who can be against us?  Well yes, but here is the problem ahead....what if the Lord is not with Israel?  What if they launch a bombing campaign and it unleashes what every commentator I have read says is inevitable: an all out war across the Middle East that will result in the destruction of the oil facilities of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait etc and the plunging of the world into a major economic collapse of unprecedented proportions?  

To make such an attack work on Iran, Israel desperately needs American support. But Obama has sent a clear signal that he will not support such an attack as it will lead to another war with far more terrible consequences than anything seen up to now. And it is not only the Hagel appointment but in the last year there have been a string of removals of American four star generals under mysterious circumstances, the most visible being Gem Petreaus as head of the CIA....generals that could be expected to have support Israel's fears about Iran.

So how does Israel get America's support? Well here is where the conspiracy theorists get very creative. If America is attacked by what looks like  a missile from Iran that sinks one of their aircraft carriers in the Gulf (of which there are three inviting targets) would this enrage the American public to join a war with Israel against Iran? Of course it will.  Will Iran be crazy enough to attack American carriers? Of course not. But can the Israeli Mossad make it look like it was an Iranian attack...what is known as a "false flag operation"? Of course they can.  To fool the American public is simple. Most of them still believe, for instance, that a huge passenger Boeing 757 flew into the Pentagon when it is obvious from all the photographic and forensic evidence that it was a missile that struck the Pentagon and also since no aircraft debris was photographed at the site. (where are the enormous engines, the tail section, the wings? Remember the Pan Am Lockerbie crash debris?)

The Israeli's are having a general election this month. Prime Minister Netanyahu called a surprise snap election to consolidate his ruling coalition around his call for action against Iran.  He is determined that Israel faces an existential threat from Iran. Part of that assessment is the deep understanding that the Israeli intelligence has of the eschatology of Shia Islam.  They believe in the second coming of the 12th Imam the way evangelicals expect the return of Christ. And in fact under the same circumstances. They believe the 12th Imam will come to save the Moslem world in a time of world collapse....a real Armageddon!    So if their nuclear ambitions trigger a broad war...for them it is to be expected. And they are prepared for what they call "asymmetrical warfare"...that is they will attack any and other targets that they think will harm America and Israel. And that includes Saudi Arabia, Kuwait etc as well as stopping the flow of oil through the Gulf region.

So for evangelicals the question then becomes very serious....is the Lord with Israel and will He support Israel in what is looking more and more like an inevitable war against Iran that is coming down the line? That is the issue, because if the Lord is for Israel then it does not matter who is against them.

And that is why the warning in this blog...I don't believe the Lord is in this. I think this whole situation is deception in the church. I have given extensive reasons in my book as well as my articles to prove the following (which I won't repeat now):
- The real Israel of God is the spiritual seed of Israel, not the physical seed.
- The real fulfilment of Ezekiel's prophecy of the return and re-establishment of the nation of Israel to the land happened 400 years after his prophecy in 141 BC, not 2500 years after his prophecy in 1948.
- There is no Russian invasion of Israel coming as Gog and Magog as that invasion prophesied by Ezekiel already happened in the 37 BC.
- The current occupants of the land of Israel are not there with the Lord's blessing but are instead fulfilling the prophecies of Malachi that Esau's descendants will one day take the land but the Lord will throw them out.
- The current occupants of the land of Israel have not fulfilled God's command through Moses that God will bring them back from the nations to posses the land when they serve the Lord (Deut. 30:1-3) Which by the way is why the Lubevitche Jews do not support the state of Israel.
- The current Jews in the land are as antagonistic to the gospel of Jesus Christ as their forebears and therefore have no blessing from the Lord for their actions.   

But beyond all the various arguments you need to understand the very core of what it was the Lord called and created Israel for and on that basis decide if you can be "aligned" with the present occupants of the Land.

Israel has a two fold calling to the world:
- God called Abraham to be a blessing to the people of the word and that all the families of the earth will be blessed through his seed.
- God made this declaration concerning Israel's purpose in the earth; "for you shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all the people: for all the earth is mine.  And ye shall be a kingdom of priests and an holy nation.." (Exodus 19:5-6)

Israel was created by the Lord to be a nation of priests to minister His Word to the world, because all the earth belongs to the Lord.  The Lord's plan is to bless all the people of the world and for this ministry He created Israel.

They failed in this ministry and therefore Jesus told them "the kingdom shall be taken away from you and be given to nation bearing the fruits".  To whom was it given?
Peter gives us the answer to this...
"But you (the Church of Jesus Christ) are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that you should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light." (1 Peter 2:9).

Now be brutally honest with yourself...who is God's peculiar people in the world today? Who is His holy nation? Who is His priesthood to the world today? Is it the Jews of Israel or is it the Church of Jesus Christ?  Who is a blessing to all the families of the earth, the Church or the Jews?

It is vitally important that you understand the reality of the Kingdom vision...the Kingdom of God is now spreading in the earth. The citizens of that Kingdom are the Israel of God, a people who are the spiritual seed of Abraham, not the physical seed of Abraham (Rom. 9:6-8; Gal. 3:7-9). God is working through the New Covenant, not the old covenant, He is building the New Jerusalem, not the old Jerusalem.    

There is a disaster coming in the Middle East. Its going to not only be an economic and humanitarian disaster but a prophetic disaster for all those false prophets in the church calling for you to "align with Israel", "stand for Israel" etc. You are the Israel of God, you are His priesthood in the earth, you are His peculiar treasure and your Promised Land is all the earth. To "stand with Israel" is to deny that reality.

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