The Cosmic Game of Thrones : Part 1 The Division of the Nations

Game of Thrones has become one of the most watched TV series of all time. I believe that is significant because the Lord still speaks to each generation in parables they can understand. In our case our "end times" theology as currently taught is totally incorrect because we are not taught to understand the cosmic Game of Thrones now happening in the spirit realm around us.  Using the TV series and scripture I want to hopefully give you new insights as to what is actually going on and open your eyes to all the signs around you.

I am going to be sharing with you just some of the research I have been doing for an upcoming book and I must tell you there are some truly bizarre things going on in the highest reaches of world politics and business which if you do not understand the underlying warfare going on in the hidden realm of the spirit world then none of these things make any sense.

Let me give you a recent example....

I listened to a recent portion of a speech by Jean-Claude Juncker given in the EU parliament on 28 June 2016. He was speaking in native French and they have the English subtitles underneath. This is what he said with regards to the crisis in Europe they were debating:  (Youtube:

"You must know that those who observe us from afar are worried. I met with (saw), heard and listened to several leaders of other planets who are we must reassure those here in Europe and those who are observing us...from....afar."

This statement was so bizarre that the EU in its official transcript changed his French statement “dirigeants d’autres planets,”  meaning "leaders of other planets" to "...I listened to several executives".

Now the reason that Mr. Juncker could actually be speaking to alien entities and let the cat out of the bag inadvertently is to be found in several interesting scriptures that gives us a good introduction to the idea of .....

The Cosmic Game of Thrones

Here is what Moses tells us in Deuteronomy 32: 7-9...

"Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations: ask your father and he will show you; your elders and they will tell you. When the most High divided to the nations their inheritance when he separated the sons of Adam he set the bounds of the people according to the number of the angels of God.  But the Lord's portion is his people; Jacob is the lot of his inheritance."

Now in your King James Version that second verse says that he divided the nations according "to the number of the children of Israel".  That comes from the Masoretic text of about 900 AD.  The text I am quoting is the original Septuagint text of 230 BC that Jesus and Paul and the Apostles used as their I'll stick with that ancient translation because it reveals a great truth.

Here is the truth that Moses wanted to teach Israel about their origins and their destiny which is this:

After the flood of Noah when the people of the earth once again rejected the Lord as ruler of the earth the Lord divided the people of the earth into nations and set angelic powers over them.  Since they did not want the Lord as ruler, they will serve other gods.  But the Lord kept a small family as His lot, His inheritance and made promises to Abraham and his descendants, I will make you into a great people of God, I will make many nations out of you and I will bless and prosper you if you will obey my laws and through you will come the Messiah and all families of the earth will be blessed.

But He gave a warning as well about these fallen angels called the hosts of heaven...
Deut. 4:19:
"Lest you lift up your eyes unto the heavens and when you see the sun and moon and stars and all the hosts of heaven should be driven to worship them and serve them which the Lord has divided unto all the nations under the whole of heaven."

And this is the Cosmic Game of Thrones:
God tells Israel I have divided up all the peoples into nations and set their times and boundaries and I have given them over to the angelic hosts of heaven to rule over them and they serve and worship these "hosts of heaven."  But you Israel are my people, you are not to serve their gods, nor bow to them, I alone am God there is none like me and I have chosen you to be my people and be a light to the world...and liberate these lost nations from the rule of evil powers!

This is what the Lord says in Isaiah 43:12...
"You are my witnesses that I am God"

The people of the earth are being ruled by fallen angels who are in rebellion against the Lord.  The great "Archons" have territories that they rule from. The rule in politics, in economic spheres, they rule in the media and the religions of the world. And just like our Lord speaks to us in these days so these dark powers speak and communicate to those they rule over. God tells His Israel people "You go out and prove to the world that I am God by your testimony and life style".

The Israelites of the Old Covenant failed in this task.  So the Lord made a New Covenant with a New Israel the Church made up of "whosoever wants to be part of God's family" and placed His Spirit in their hearts and anointed them with the Holy Spirit and power and sent them out to disciple the nations into His Kingdom and out from under their old gods.

Which brings us back to Mr. Juncker....

Are we surprised that he speaks to "leaders of other planets" or aliens?
Are we surprised that world leaders are using occult powers to gain secret intelligence about their enemies and rivals when God's prophets in His Word demonstrated how they could gain secret access to the plans of the kings of Syria coming against Israel?
Are we surprised that Wall Street hedge fund managers with billions of dollars at stake on the commodity futures markets would seek council from mediums and familiar spirits to find out if there is going to be drought or energy disruptions or economic collapse in order to short the market or to leverage stock positions?

This is how the Cosmic Game of Thrones operates.....

In the TV series there is the Iron Throne.....

All the various powers and rulers are fighting among themselves to sit on the Iron throne to be ruler over all....but in the Cosmic Game of Throne the Archons of the earth all want to rule but there is only one Lord destined to rule over all....the Kingdom of this world will become the Kingdom of our God and of His Christ!

The various houses of power have their banners known as sigils to show their followers who they are and where they rule....

In my series I am going to show you the meaning of the various "sigils" of the Archons here in the world and how they show where they will be surprised at many of the common logos you see everywhere and their hidden meanings.

There are dragons....

And in scripture there are clear references to "fiery flying serpents".  I want to reveal to you what and who are these "dragons" and where and how they operate with the great powers given to them.

There is a woman who rides the dragon, called the Mother of Dragons in the show...

I scripture we are presented with a great mystery "The Whore of Babylon" that rides the dragon.  I want to reveal to you who she is in the Cosmic Game of Thrones, what are powers are and why she rides the beast.

There are giants and the walking dead (the white walkers) in the TV series...

And in the Cosmic Game of Thrones we are being confronted with giants and the spirits of the Raphaim and Nephilim.  God's warriors need to know who they are and how to send them into the Abyss for judgment!

I present this series of teachings to you because the Lord is using the media parables to waken us up with all these images that resonate with scriptures that we know...

We are being called up to join in the great Cosmic Game of Thrones that will result in the glory of the Lord covering the earth, His enemies defeated, Christ seated on the throne and the nations of the earth serving King Jesus.

But I also will be sounding the same warning that is repeated through all the Game of Thrones TV series:

Winter is Coming!
The great deception is coming.
The "white walkers are rising up", the living dead are rising up, the demonic forces are being let loose in the earth.
We are not being given a free pass out of here.
We are called upon to rally to the Banner of the Lord and fight to enthrone Him over all the Kingdom of the World.

The games' afoot.....

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