The Cosmic Game of Thrones: Part 2 The Plan of the Ages

There is a profound geopolitical shift taking place in the world today that I believe is a road leading to WW3.  There are no prophetic ministries I know of dealing with it. In fact every prophecy book I read is absolutely fundamentally wrong on the times we live in.  That is why I am doing this you can understand the behind-the-scenes reality of the war now going on in the heavenlies...and your part in this great cosmic drama.  The endgame is in sight!

In this series I am going to give you a background briefing three sets of three as follows:

A. There are three spheres to the conflict: The Three Heavens

Paul speaks of his "near death experience" where after he was stoned he left his body and was taken up into the Third heaven where he saw things that were so wonderful but that it was unlawful of him to reveal. But he did say after coming back into his body after seeing the glory of the third heaven that "eye has not seen, not has it come up in the heart of man what God has prepared for those who love him".  meaning you cannot begin to imagine how wonderful your homecoming is going to be one day!

So lets divide up the three heavens:

1) The first heaven - The physical universe which we now inhabit.

This realm is given by God to men to fulfil the work that has been given for man to do in the Genesis 1:26-28 Dominion Mandate. Our support scripture among many is
Psalm 115:16 "The heaven even the heavens are the Lord's but the earth has he given to the children of men."

This realm given to man consists not only of "earth" in the sense of our planet earth but also all the resources of our solar system and the resources of the billions of galaxies in the physical universe. This universe recently discovered is on a trajectory of endless expansion.

This first heaven is severely restricted.  It consists of 4 dimensions of three dimensions of space and one dimension of time, it consists of material to work with consisting of 92 physical elements and four elements of energy (gravity, electro-magnetism, the strong nuclear force and the weak nuclear force).

Mankind is given a very weak and limited human body with which to face the challenges and problems of his physical environment.  He is limited by time, energy, knowledge and needs.

2) The second heavens:  The spirit realm of Paradise

This realm is given to the angelic hosts,  The angelic hosts are beyond human descriptions. We call them "angels" which means in Greek "messengers" and some seem to look human like but perhaps that is just to make us more comfortable.

All indications in scripture are that there are indescribable sentient creations of God who are also called "sons of God" that are simply described as "living creatures" which our Bible translators call "beasts around the throne" simply because they cannot be described with attributes like hands, feet, eyes or other human characteristics.

The Bible in giving descriptions of Christ in heaven describes him as "one like unto a son of man". Meaning that God took on the shape of a descendant of Adam, or human form.  There are other beings described variously as "Seraphim" and Cherubs.

The Hebrew words used for "Seraphs" are a phrase that says "flying", "fiery" and "serpent" but the word for "serpent" is "Nachash" which although used for serpent also has other uses.  It is these "flying, fiery, nachashes" that all ancient cultures call "Dragons".  They are very powerful creations of the Lord who also excel in both strength, beauty and wisdom.

In Psalm 82 this is what the Lord says of them....
"God stands in the congregation of the mighty he judges among the gods....I have said You are gods all of you are children of the most High. But you shall die like men and fall like one of the princes."

And so the picture we get in scripture is that the hosts of heaven have rulers who have vast kingdoms in the second heaven.  The second heavens of the spirit realm are even greater in extent and power than our first heaven of the this physical universe. The great beings who we call "Seraphs" or "Cherubs" the Lord most High our heavenly Father calls them "gods" and children of the most High. 

The powers of the second heaven are beyond our imagining and the rulers of these realms and their abilities are also beyond our comprehension.  But what we do know of those who have died and returned from near death experiences are that a lot of these realms are very similar to earth as to wonderful landscapes that are familiar to us in the form of trees, flowers, rivers, animals etc but of an entire different quality as to sense perception.

3) The Third Heaven : The Throne Room of God

This is also known as the City of God, the mount of assembly, Zion, This is where God is enthroned and from where He rules all of creation. There are regular meetings there when all the children and family of the Father meet there to fellowship, love and praise our Father and report back of activities in all spheres of creation.

It is also the place where the general assembly of the Family of God gather to take decisions and implement strategies for the endless growth of His Kingdom which is the universal endless enterprise of the family of God.

All children of God have a right of assembly and entrance to family discussions and while in assembly all have special accommodation in the Father's house.  All family members have right of petition where they can ask for favours, actions to be taken and needs to be met.

B. There are Three classes of Beings active in the Cosmic Game of Thrones

1) There is God who presents Himself to His creation in the form of three persons:
Father, Son and Holy Spirit

2) There are the Angelic Hosts in their myriad forms and functions.

3) There is mankind in their various forms and functions.

It is very important in our study that you understand the office and legal status of each participant in the cosmic struggle. What are the powers of each. What are the goals and jobs that all must accomplish in the cosmic drama.

I will especially want to teach you the difference between the powers and functions of the angelic hosts and man and the difference between the powers of the Second Heaven and that of the Third Heaven.

For instance when the Bible describes Stan as the "prince of the power of the air"....this is very important for you to understand. Satanic forces can only wield the powers of the Second Heaven. But God has given mankind through Christ access to the power and authority of the Third Heavens.  This distinction is vitally important to understand. 

This distinction will help you to for instance understand the difference between how spirit mediums operate and how true prophets of God operate.

The distinction between the inhabitants of the Second Heaven and the First Heaven is also important for you to understand demonic interference and what the "gates of Hell" are all about. That means that God has expressly forbidden angelic beings to cross over into man's territory in this realm and forbidden men to try to cross over from this realm into the spirit realm.  Unless express permission has been granted by a court order from the Throne room of God!

There are enormous implications here to unpack as to how the rules of the Cosmic Game of Thrones are being played out and I sincerely believe I can help you to better understand what is therefore unfolding around us, how this affects your life and the destiny of the world.

C. There are Three Levels of Conflict in the Cosmic Game of Thrones

You are whether you like it or not invited by the Lord to be a participant in the great Cosmic Game of Thrones on three levels:

1) The fight between the Lord God Most High and the rebellious angels

In my last blog I introduced you to a very important statement the Lord made in Isaiah to His people, "You are my witnesses that I am God".

Have you ever wondered why does the Lord just not wipe out Satan and end it? God is obviously all mighty.  But here is where I want to give you insight to a very important conflict that goes back in ages past.  It is this:

The Satanic rebellion against God by rebellious angels is a legal challenge as to "What right does the Lord God have to be obeyed and served as God".  And the amazing thing I want to reveal to you is that this legal challenge to the Lord is going to be settled here on earth and you have been invited to be a star witness for the Lord. When I reveal to you this works you are going to see that "witnessing for Jesus" is not a matter of handing out tracts and convincing others that Jesus is Lord (that is a different issue and is important).  How your witness of the Lordship of Jesus is going to be used in the court of heaven will surprise you.

2) The Battle between you and the Satanic Forces of the Second Heaven

Read Psalm 149!  I am not going to write it out here except to say from verse 8.9 that the Lord has called you to bind the kings and execute the judgement written on them...that refers to the rebellious angelic gods...and then the psalm ends with "this honour have all his saints. Praise ye the Lord".

God has given you the honour to be His champions in the battle against the rebellion.  The Lord is using the weak things of the world to confound the wise and the mighty. His power is made great in the weak. 

The Church is not training the people of God for spiritual warfare.  All Dispensational 'end time" teaching is geared in the opposite direction.

The Antichrist will win out. The Church must retreat to the safety of heaven.

This is all defeatist propaganda infiltrated into the Church by false prophets and false teachers. I will show you the exact opposite and show you how we defeat them and execute the judgment written and chase them off our world and send them to the Abyss where they belong!

3) Your Dominion Mandate over all of the First Heavens

You and I have a job to do apart from fighting Satan and winning souls for the Kingdom of God.  That job is making new souls!  That means children and family and Church to train those children in the Lord's ways. That means a productive economy that will support the growth of families and the support of more children.

This first heavens of our physical universe is God's natal delivery room to bring new life into the Kingdom of God and train those new children how to be God's children and then when they have finished their training here in the limited nursery of the first heaven they get transferred to the Second and Third heavens to enjoy forever the wonderful family of God.

This level of challenge has to do with Kingdom economics, family, children, dominion over the resources of this world and shifting the resources of this world int he forms of corporations, money, governments to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Well that concludes our introduction to the Cosmic Game of Thrones. I hope you will find the series enlightening and I hope to help you in finding where the Lord wants your participation in this great and wonderful plan He has for our glory and blessing.

In the weeks ahead I will be referring to this roadmap of levels of conflict and areas of conflict and the participants to the conflict to help you better understand the Word of God and His plan of the ages.

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